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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's BE Your Own Caucus Thing

Dear America,

Be Your Own Caucus

and then there were three

 (oh, plus the other two bozos...but who's counting the race-baiting, income inequality propagandists...the social re-engineering leftist/socialists/progressives, who are now equally, hellbent on undermining the nation's Constitution while eviscerating American traditions and values , right?)
Now let's get down to the brass tacks, shall we?

Be Your Own Caucus

Last night was enlightening; and this morning, having painstakingly arrived at my inner-pithy-girl core -- let me just say this:  every candidate who did not achieve double digits needs to bow out gracefully right now (and thank you, Huckabee).  The tea leaves have left the building.

Of course, we could just sit tight and see if New Hampshire causes any more stirs, but this girl just isn't seeing it... and my chakras were re-aligned just last Tuesday, so you can trust me.

Be Your Own Caucus

Being your own caucus is not an easy thing to do--  you know, given the depth of distractions, the variance of perceptions, and the intensity of political maneuverings in which we are surrounded in the every day.

A good example of this is found immediately following the last Republican debate -- if you did not watch it with your own two eyes -- the pundits just may have led you astray with the thinking that Jeb may have had one of his best nights and may have given his campaign some life.  Not.  (Sorry, Charlie Krauthammer)

Now -- for me, G -- having watched every maniacal minute -- Jeb did no such thing.  Matter of fact, this girl would be hard pressed to even acknowledge, let alone remember, if he was even on stage, to tell you the truth.

So let's just speed things up a wee bit and skip right over to the Manipura Chakra (the third, if counting) -- it is the source of our personal power, and sits right about the belly button...

and breathe...find your inner faith hill and just breathe.

Be Your Own Caucus

so where are we now?

Now, in the beginning, God created Man...and eventually, we arrived at a place in history when our Founders asked of Americans to do our duty, to God and to country -- having laid the groundwork and poured the foundation and built the cornerstones that elevated the REPUBLIC over two hundred years ago -- in each new generation.

"A people must
 from time to time,
 refresh themselves at the well-spring 
of their origin, lest they perish."  

"Though, when a people 
shall have become incapable 
of governing themselves 
and fit for a master, 
it is of little consequence 
from what quarter he comes."

"A frequent recurrence 
to the fundamental principles 
of the constitution, 
and a constant adherence 
to those of piety, justice,
 moderation, temperance, industry,
 and frugality are absolutely necessary
 to preserve the advantage 
of liberty, 
and to maintain a free government."

Coming into enlightenment within the Universe of All Things Encompassing a Free, Limited Government requires activating our inner guru and educating ourselves, meditating on the truth, understanding the fundamentals, and enriching life within the collective by being responsible, self-governing, self-reliant individuals.   There is no other way to get there.

Read The 5000 Year Leap, and you can be one who knows, too. [btw above quotes from The Leap]

Be Your Own Caucus

Let's get through what happened last night...

Marco Rubio - -  aka MR President -- was brilliant. xoxo

Sure, he finished third, but you would never know it by listening to him.   LISTEN NOW.  IF the election were right now, he would get my vote.  Take my word for it -- he had THE BEST SPEECH of the entire night.  Pithy.  Good.  Preaching Conservative everything in perfect pitch.  A little slice of nirvana, through and through...  The thing is -- he is electable, like yesterday.    (I know, I know...that's like two days in a row where I crow about Rubio....weird.  Let's just call it some new found faith for now and move on...)

Now, The Donald ducked out of his speech as quickly as he could, having come in second place, and clearly not winning like he said he would do... because that's all he does, wins.  'We're gonna get sick of winning', he said.  

He looked small... as in itty bitty.  Just a speck in the universe.  Which amuses me a bit, you know, given he thought IOWA would be such a cake walk and all...

Allow me to paraphrase his second place acceptance speech:    me, me, me, I love you Iowa, me, me, me, I love you Iowa, back to me...And then he promptly ends his three minutes with a bribe?   

Are you kidding me?  He didn't say one thing about being conservative, or the nation's fundamentals, or anything.    Nothing.  Nada.  He's like, gotta go.  Is it just me?  He's not a natural...conservative. (and fyi...about 60% of the country can't stand the guy....this is a problem.)




and being a real follower of his -- it just pains me to say this...

no. stop.  no.

you're killing me softly, ted.

First, you begin by sounding like a television evangelist.....and you dragged on and on about nothing and yet, too much, simultaneously, in some kind of spontaneous combustion...and then... when you went to your mom... my fifth chakra, Vishuddha , nearly choked me into a sudden death.  

And you weren't done!   

Next up,  Cousin Bibi...Dad...the American people stories...and then finally to the people of New Hampshire and talking to the camera directly....seriously? Newsflash:  You've only just begun, Ted; you're acting like you won the big one when it was just Iowa -- and a primary!

You, kind sir, carrying on like that, hypothetically have not a chance in hell in the big election IF that election were hypothetically held today.  Just sayin'.   Namaste.  No, really, namaste.  

[Before last night, Cruz was only at 37% unfavorable rating, if anyone is keeping track.]

Be Your Own Caucus

This is so hard.

Isn't there a pill we can take for this?

...just breathe...

What I would give for "a thousand petal lotus" right now.  [if scratching your head on that, then may I recommend you head up to review the Chakras link above one    more     time     ommmmmm]

From Alexander Hamilton:

"The fabric of American empire ought to rest on the solid basis of THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE.  The streams of national power ought to flow immediately from that pure, original fountain of all legitimate authority."

yes indeed.

And just in case you missed it -- we are that one pure original fountain, now simply effervescing upon our legitimate authority, as we speak.  Iowa just so happened to speak up first.

You do your part and I'll do mine; transcending the mundane, reaching into our own soul, and getting to the truth is all in a day's work, boys and girls.  It takes courage and strength of conviction,sure  -- but it begins with an open and spotless mind, anchored in something far greater than ourselves, and then educated, like the wind... softly blowing against our cheek, on a beach, with the sun shining down upon our shoulders, in everlasting peace.  deep intelligence is mine. And can be yours, too, if you respond in the next......

In God we trust.

Make it a Good Day, G