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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's a Nation of Pussies Thing

Dear America,

"Let a man then know his worth, 
and keep things under his feet.  
Let him not peep or steal, 
or skulk up and down 
with the air of a charity-boy,
 a bastard, or an interloper, 
in the world 
which exists for him." 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

so this girl is fit to be tied (what else is new, right)

and considering my general inkling to string one day to the next as seamlessly as possible -- and in spite of possibly a day or two or even a week in-between -- with that in mind, we will spin the last thing...the Open Castration of Glenn Beck into a one-sided discussion of a certain, and painful, squeeze happening throughout the land.   

We are turning into a nation of pussies.

Too vulgar?
Did I offend?  perchance
Or is that just some Trump supporter screaming fuck yeah  heard as a fuck you?

Let me pause for just a moment so you can alert the media of my filthy mouth...
yeah, you're right, it probably won't even make the cut of concern, given the rude, lewd, crude, salacious nature of the general population.  The competition in that arena is huge, isn't it?

But what about this nation of pussies?

Let's begin with the brilliant idea -- masterminded by a cadre of left brained, doctorate toting, transformation activists --  to give every kid a trophy.

Wrong; way to chisel the art of competition down to a nugget of irrelevance, people.  If everyone gets a trophy, how does carving out one's personal ambition have a fighting chance? Where is the will to create an atmosphere of growing true courage... to dig deeper, train harder, overcome loss, and start over, if not for a real separation of winners and losers?

This is where 'taking one for the team' takes on a whole new meaning.

This philosophy of even-steven wreaks havoc on building a strong, able-bodied, independent mind and carries the strength to single-handedly destroy an entire generation. 

Oh, what?  Too strong?  Too general?
...then congrats, you're a pussy, too.

Let's move on dot org to when these kids go to college -- and truly, they are still kids, having been wrecked, ruined even, by the upper echelon of teachers, coaches, collaborators, and worst of all, their own parents,  in the full-on take down of self-reliance;  for the very experience of failure, hunger, offense and strife of any kind, is a motivator!  Can I get another fuck yeah!?

Let's see, now where was I ---

right...when these kids get to college now -- what happens?  THIS: read it!  From Megaphones to Muzzles.  Or THIS:  read it!  as Tolerance and Free Speech Collide... And THIS..for students afraid to debate feminism....ugh what a bunch of pussies.  literally.

The protected, coddling of a generation continues!  

...and somebody still expects us to fill the armed forces with this?  oh that's rich... what a farce in the fine use of force.

What has happened to us?

For a more discriminating observation reveals it isn't simply about getting out feelings hurt, now is it? Common sense tells us this thing is more about a clear and present danger to liberty.  It's a smack down, a squeezing of a certain belief system, an ideology that just so happens to run counter to the ever-evolving, rolling tide, of a nation.  And it is motivated, driven, to quiet the opposition by way of the Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky tactics of intimidation, and a full court press to oppress in order to fundamentally transform America from her roots.  [Early G thing was all over this...but you'll just have to take my word for it or go to vintage G to read all about it.]

Speaking of arming our forces...let's about face for a moment.

The United States of America is at a turning point.  The Blue Coats are not coming, they are here.  Can I get a 'oh no, we're fucking screwed' ?

THIS Commander-In-Chief ------  the thin-skinned, two-faced, ideological Leftist, who enjoys pina coladas with the Castros, un-diplomatic relations and negotiations with terrorists, diminishing and demolishing our armed forces,   and quite possibly, siding with an enemy if push comes to shove...  GO Here.   GO here  (THIS is a MUST READ, btw)    GO here ------ is a disaster!

But worse, when it comes to the international circle of weasels and wild cats and wolverines, oh my, Obama is demeaned and discredited as a world-class pussy, a child.

Hence, just one more reason
why Trump is WINNING

Americans don't like weak presidents.

And by the way, Mr. President 
for now, anyway, 
and just maybe 
until the end of time. 

And lookie here,
we go from an Open Castration of Glenn Beck to the Pussy-in-Chief fighting harder for his own ideologically driven, fundamental transformation WITHIN than anywhere else in the world. 

And in utmost sincerity, we can blame it on Obama's childhood -- raised by wolves in sheep's clothing with a mission to take America to the woodshed, castrating the very things which have made us huuuuuuugh!

Things like our true liberty -- free speech -- ambition to excel in everything!  -- our self-reliance -- our independence, not this fucking dependence on everything government doesn't have to give! -- our foundation of faith -- our traditions -- our competitive edge -- our free enterprising spirit and economy (not this fucking fake one from crony capitalism) that grounds us and sustains us to go out and DO Things, MAKE Things, even if we sometimes lose a few things in the process....

It's just that... in this moment... little g finds herself so very grateful, overcome in the realization that I wasn't raised to be a pussy.  Thankfully, having grown to excel at many things, at the top of that list is making lemonade.  

I can make it pretty much out of anything, thank you, God...

And it's pretty fucking good, if I do say so myself. 

Cheers everybody.

Make it a Good Day, G

And thank you, mama and papa, for little g was blessed with two really fucking good parents xoxo...and fetching the soap as we speak. tee hee

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