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Monday, February 8, 2016

It's a Rain or Shine Thing

Dear America,

Matthew 5:45
little g watched the game saturday night, as well as the big game sunday afternoon...and in between, as my usual routine includes -- watched church over a sleepy sunday morning.

In case you missed it:

Joel Osteen's message went something like this --  God knows how to take our mess and turn it into our message...that through tough times, times that we believe test our patience, our strength, our will to survive and thrive -- we are being prepared for something.   As painful as it may be, our true and highest character comes out on top to achieve our destiny IF we learn the lesson, if we transform ourselves with right thinking and ultimately find our true purpose in life...the very thing we are on this beautiful creation called Earth and were called to do, by God.

From the Heart of the Nation -- and televised outreach of the Catholic Church -- "God wants to see our potential come to life."

And now to a short spot during the pre-show leading up to the Super Bowl...and this comes courtesy of Deion Sanders, who is just a boy this girl has grown to appreciate and admire.  He was asked for his take on the day, when he made a comment going something like this:  'you see the dance, the high step...but you forget what all I did to get there!  Using all of what God gave me...'  Lots of TIME, practice, strength of character, determination, humility, comes along with the natural talent -- God's gifts -- before we experience the celebratory moments or the moments that break us apart.  In other words, rain or shine, our character is revealed. 

And who knew, looking back at the outcome of the game, how Deion would eventually double down on this notion of how much character counts.

As you know -- yesterday's blog, It's a Cam Jam Thing -- highlighted a wee bit of the current Cam controversy.  Well, it has continued to plague him in the aftermath of the big black quarterback game (and I can say it like that because CAM built it up like that; don't hate the messenger).  Anywho -- after WALKING OUT of the presser after the spectacle, sulking, annoyed, and clearly dis-spirited...Sanders, in the company of others, said this (and bear in mind, this is also the day after Cam was named the NFL's MVP:

"You are the face of our brand right now, you can't do that," Deion Sanders said after the game. "I understand the emotions of losing, but you can't do that. A Manning, a Brady ... all these guys who are a prototypical type of quarterback in our game, they're not going to do that ever. Would Drew Brees ever?""You're opening yourself for more criticism," he said.  Because everybody is going to say you're dabbing and smiling and smiling and styling when you win... and so this is how you go out when you lose?"

AND ON twitter:

You're the favorite to win 
the game of life 
& all u have to do is show up,
live with faith,
treat people kind,
forgive & love & u win 

Rain or shine, our character is revealed in the every day.

Before we stop talking football, let me just say this -- this girl is SO HAPPY for  Peyton and the Denver Broncos xoxoxo  So happy xoxoxo   While the promos before the game exposed something quite interesting...

The team motto on the day, for the Denver Broncos: "United as One."

The team motto on the day, for the Carolina Panthers:  "Keep Pounding."

Now isn't that something...

Very revealing...

Carolina was all about the take down, while Denver was all about coming together as a team to win it.  In hindsight, as I finished the day yesterday, you may recall my wish  -- may the best team win.


And finally, to a few tight ends on the game day:

This girl was screaming at the TV, calling for a defensive turnover in the 2nd quarter and it happened!  And I was screaming "JINX" during the Carolina field goal attempt in the 3rd, when it hit the goal post and missed!   you're welcome...but honestly, this girl is well aware it had nothing to do with me.  But let it be known that I have no doubt of my abilities sitting in the arm chair...tee hee
And NO, I am not going to discuss Beyonce and the Formation cremation that occurred in front of an audience of all ages...  Feel free to hook up to the links on you're own account, it's just not pretty or lady-like in the least bit, so be forewarned.
Lady-like IS Lady Gaga, who sang the most beautiful National Anthem, and I just loved how she softly added, "God Bless you, America" as a final thought on her own.
Favorite commercial:  Super Bowl Babies!  so sweet! and love how the message continued to build throughout the game.  Second fave:  Pantene's Football dads doing the "Dad Do's" on their girls...love love love it...and the message:  "Strong is beautiful."  

Now about saturday night's game...

United as One was a no show and sorely missed; they must have all taken an early cue from Carolina, as in keep pounding...just sayin'.  [It's like, I know I got a concussion from just watching it.]

First take away:  RUBIO may be a bit robotic, but he is RIGHT about Obama!
 (and by the way, I don't really think he is being robotic, the pundits keep pounding him with that label; but calling for his beheading is not quite the way this girl would take it, Donald Trump -- way to fuel the fire under the Left, dumbass).

Here's the thing:   Trump and Christie are both WRONG about Obama.

The issue at hand -- whether Barack Hussein Obama is just being incompetent, or whether he knows what he is doing ...in the fundamental transformation (the wrecking) of the United States of America.

And here we are --  in rain or shine -- we all experience what this administration, led by a community organizer,  is doing to America, every single day.  Each of us have our own take.

But let's have a flashback to eight years ago, during the 2008 presidential campaign, shall we?

Breitbart, here, for the back story.

National Review, here, for an update.

We elected a community organizer for president.

This community organizer followed people like Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky and Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

This community organizer had every intention to wreak havoc upon our Judeo-Christian roots, ripping them up from our foundation,  in order to RE-form a more perfect union, according to every progressive, leftist, dream.

This community organizer is who Marco Rubio is referring to when he claims this truth: President Obama knows exactly what he is doing.  When Barack Obama told the crowd in October 2008 that "we are five days away from fundamental transformation" -- he meant it --  and not only that, he knew just what he needed to do to get there!  And according to his purpose under heaven.

It's not incompetency, Donald.

It's not inexperience, Chris.

For being two guys who think they are better suited and experienced to be the next leader of the free world, it's alarming the level of naivete on this one,

Oh, and in case anyone is keeping track -- Trump deserves a pounding for how he responded to Rubio on not only this incompetency stupidity, but also for his views on universal health care, and the dust up on eminent domain, with an honorable mention going to his answer of what makes him a conservative.  He simply started with this, "well, because I think I am,"  exactly.

Rubio can keep on pounding Obama's evil fundamental transformation intentions all night long, every day, from now until November, for all I care.  GO ROBO-RUBIO!

To be fair and balanced, Trump nailed his response in support of the police force across America; and his answer to how he would create jobs -- brilliant. And spoken like a guy who just might know a thing or two about it.  good job.

Cruz and Carson and Christie made no real gains, according to me, G -- but what difference, at this point, does it make, right?

Kasich can kiss #limpywimpy and  #gobacktoOhio like #rightnow.


Rain or shine, our character as a nation is revealed in the every day.

Rain or shine -- the just and the unjust, good and evil, plays out; every question, every need, every concern, every known and unknown, every day, every tomorrow, every future comes in the form of how we individually, and in turn, collectively, respond.

And it works just so every single time, without fail, and many times within seconds...like on twitter.

and rain or shine, little g will always have a say on the day. 

oh happy day...

come back again real soon.

Make it a Good Day, G

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