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Friday, February 26, 2016

It's an Arab Spring, American Style, on the Catwalk Thing

Dear America,


cut many things

cut so much your head will spin

nobody --  nobody on this stage that's done more for Israel

he's a liar



i will -- and i can tell you it will be 10 feet taller now

not going to have people dying on the streets

you'll have so many different plans

make America great again

Is this America's next president?  For real?

He says very little; and when he speaks, it comes out with an air of condescension, dribble, a finger pointing, personal attacks, and not a speck of substance. 

Greatest line of the night was a tie:

"I watched you repeat 
yourself five times just five seconds ago." 


"Can somebody attack me, please?"  Carson

so funny

Now, as soon as Cruz and Rubio figure out which one of them will settle for Vice President, we're golden, send in the crowns (wait. stop.  we don't make kings).

From there, Carson can be put in charge of Department of Health and Human Services, repeal Obamacare, and continue to do community outreach to heal, inspire, revive America from sea to shining sea.

And Trump -- he can start by building the "fucking wall"  and maybe even pay for it --- and when he's done, maybe dabble with commerce...job creation....and in all of his spare time in-between his need to tweet, he can make deals on trade...China...bringing companies and fortunes back to America; choosing to use only his strong suits to reform government, and leave his character flaws, his dirty laundry of adverse loyalties, and his worn out one-liners to explain his weak set of plans to lead an entire administration, in the closet.  

And Kasich...well, let's just have him go back home, to Ohio, he does so well there, right.

One thing I DO NOT understand in this Day After the ugly, rather ignoble,  disgraceful affair aired in front of millions, is how The Drudge Report shows Trump having won that debate. It's like, huh?

You kooks have got to be kidding me.

If THAT performance is a win and shades of  GREAT things to come -- then I want NO piece of it, not even the lapel pin.

Trump did not win that debate.... unless of course, you are one of those followers who are simply blinded by the emperor's roar, his tower of babble, fully dazed by now from the shiny things that mesmerize and hypnotize and totally dismiss the things that matter.

This girl just isn't buying it; not seeing it either.

And even though I have said this before, I will say it again -- if push comes to shove, I will close my eyes and vote for Trump....please, Lord, don't make me.

 At the very least, you can all be grateful this girl is not piling it on while in cahoots with Glenn Beck, right?

Can you even believe him?  
Did you hear his latest?
NO, not that one, the other one...

“There is a storm coming of biblical proportions, a storm coming beyond your recognition,” The Blaze founder warned in a blog post on his personal website. “When the economy collapses, when our currency is worth toilet paper, who do you want, who do you want handling our nation? You want somebody who has divide us, who is grooming Brownshirts?”

having just crossed paths with a few of these "Brownshirts" and was so moved to characterize the Trump supporters as simply, “rude, vile, nasty.” 

“I don’t want to say all of them. But there’s enough of them,” he added. “And the ones that I met that were nice, I don’t how you can stand in the same room with them. I don’t know if you look — how do you look at those people and say, ‘Wait a minute. That’s what my guy is encouraging.’”
so that's kinda funny, no?

In one breath he says he doesn't want to say "all of them," but in the next, he connects the dots and sews up the seams in such a way that completes the entire ensemble as one in the same.

Nice job, Glenn, nice job.

Did you happen to discover this displaced anger in the hamper alongside a lost smelly sock and pair of boxers?

This is so disturbing.

And by the way, just who's in charge of your wardrobe these days?  Sure -- it is neither here nor there about town -- but really, what's come over you?   Here's the Roosevelt shot.  And just love the intellectual, bow tied warrior mixing it up with the cowboy home on the range ....here.  One page, same guy, many different hats...
But it's this shift, this not so subtle sign of desperation in being behind YOUR GUY that has me befuddled.  For your approach to beating up and taking down the opposition is by taking the very same approach as the "rude vile nasty' Trump supporters, and even The Donald himself --  and that being, in a word, ridicule.

Makes me think that everybody's designer must be the same...

...oh darling, it's an Alinsky.

 [Rules for Radicals, see Tactics, see also the Thirteenth Rule]

But of course.

Now isn't that rich and aren't we a pair.

Beck Beck Beck Beck Beck
Let's pull it together, man.

The only reason why we are here now is because the GOP in Congress did not do what they were asked to do by the voters!  They kissed the ass of the king -- over and over and over again -- bending over to every whim and fancy --  and so this is what we get.

THE PEOPLE HAVE NOT ONLY HAD ENOUGH, they are desperate for a change, leaving wide open the very conditions for another con against America to take place.

But the thing is -- the thing that is truly vile  -- is the lack of duty, to God and to country, run amuck within the walls of Congress.  The people elected a body of representatives to control the Obama Administration, to restrain the abuse of power, to repeal the abomination of Obamacare, and for all intents and purposes, redress the nation.   And what did we get for our money?

There was no restraint.

There was no reform.

There was no redress.

The irony, Glenn, is in the fact that both Cruz (your guy) and Rubio were well aware of all of this angst within the party.  Oh sure, they both left a mark -- but what a calamity of errors, design, and approach; it wasn't a good thing.  And therein lies the rub, rayon against polyester; nobody associated, or even remotely associated, with the establishment could make the grade.

The thing is,
it's too late.

It's all too late; spring has sprung and the new line is fresh for the taking.

Americans can't seem to get enough of it.  They don't even care what it costs.

Blame it on the emptiness inside -- the shallow, the weak, the disenfranchised, the spiritually broken, the unemployed,  the pissed, have come together to stand in line, "Brownshirts" and all; give credit to the Want of Winning over substance, as the hole was simply there.  It needed to be filled with something.

We can thank this hopeless hollow... this short-sighted desperate nature of desire to look good, feel good, and display greatness, at any cost, to an overwhelming decline in general.  As a culture, we are lost -- growing more and more insignificant around the world, having systematically diminished the importance of the pillars of character and substance over the latest fad, trends, memes, facebook posts, immediate gratification, opinions of millennial billionaires, ping ping ping...

Individually and collectively -- acts of diplomacy, large and small, don't stand a chance.

Trump may have the capacity to win in New York City, and even win the nomination for the GOP -- but then what?  His label will immediately be trashed from the left, from the media, for the opposition just waiting in the wings, crossing their fingers for the chance to have at it on the easy pickings...send in the critics.

What we are witnessing, really, is our own little Arab Spring, American Style, on the catwalk.  [think about it]

And it's UGLY.  Violating to the senses.  We are so depraved.

Having destroyed our true identity, having reduced the natural born wide appeal of generations to come for all the right reasons, we have done nothing more than cheapen the brand in every possible way known to man and back again.  Fashions repeat, don't you know.

Wake up Kmart shoppers, it's a blue light special...America is up for grabs.

Make it a good day, G

you know, a long, long time ago -- little g was campaigning for a Trump/Christie ticket.
Granted, it was circa 2011, if my mind serves me well -- but now, having grown into myself just a wee bit since, it makes me cringe just thinking about it.  Makes me also wonder what else messed with my good senses...tee hee.   But times change, right.

But just maybe I was ahead of my own time -- sprung for a season too soon...

Which should make us all wonder..........is this a sign of next season's vibe.....would he take him under his west wing as VP?   stay tuned...time will tell.

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