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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Dear America,

so this morning I did something I have never done before...
I called every single Senate Republican's office one by one until done.


Little old g thing was doing her civic duty -- and bending the ear of any office that would listen, for as long as she could, on behalf of the upcoming vote in the Senate that suspends the debt limit and gives another two years of busting budget caps and big government run amuck courtesy of the everlasting disappointment, the disHonorable Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky  (DC office number: 202-224-2541).

It's a fascinating experience if you, yourself, need any encouragement to dive into the pig trough that is congress, the cutting edge of bureaucratic slop and entitlement gluttons and crony, conniving capitalists laughing all the way to the edge of reason and jumping in anyway. 

And because the experience is simply too good to keep to myself -- let me share the rapture that sometimes sounds like the person on the other end of the line couldn't give a flying hoot, as in, press one to leave a message, press two if you wish to speak to someone, press three if you request a letter back, press four if you even think we care (kinda made that one up). 

Now, to be honest -- MANY of the offices actually had a real live person answer!  What a wonderful world is that!    And even SOME really sounded like they did care, to the extent they wanted to even have the zip code from where I called in the great US of A... for the record, you know.

And the shock, when speaking to Sarah at Senator John Hoeven's office (the Honorable Senator from North Dakota:  202-224-2551).    God love her, she even wanted to know WHY little old g was standing firm against the measure.  We actually had a real live conversation (for about a minute and a half).  But it felt like she really was listening; but who really knows, anymore, right.

Another observation, and maybe it's just me -- but as I made the calls, the intimidation factor decreased.  For at first, when somebody answered -- I was like, wow, this is really his office...I was tongue-tied... tripping over everything I wanted to say.  Then, slowly, with practice, it got so easy.  By the end of the entire process, I was almost demanding the person listen to every bit I had to say on the matter -- realizing and enlightened by my own personal power.  After all -- they work for us for jiminy crickets.

So without further delay:  CALL your SENATORS, call all of them if you dare.  Tell them to stop; tell them to stop working together right now.  Seriously. Stop.  Not one more thing.

Here's a leg up and over the fence:  Senate Conservative Fund offers a perfect link to all the numbers, HERE. (highly recommend donning a pair of rubber knee-high boots before you holla, gets a wee bit messy).

And just in case you are wondering -- the House wasn't safe today either.  Those guys got a fax, courtesy of Grassfire!  Love those guys! They make it soooooo easy to roll in it without really lifting a finger or even getting dirty.

Now one more funny thing to share.

It was when I called Senator Charles (Chuck) Grassley's office (the Honorable Senator from Iowa: 202-224-3744).  And bear in mind, he has been in office over 30 years, right.   Well, when you call his DC number -- if he doesn't have anyone in the office, or if the lines are busy, there is NO voicemail,  It just rings and rings and rings (which, if you follow along with G, just yesterday we were lamenting the loss of the old-fashioned telly...not really...but let's just say, all of a sudden, the realization that there are some guys in office stuck in the twentieth century made me giggle a little.)

Anyway -- this is really all there is to say on the day.

CALL.  FAX.  Get on that shiny new Iphone6S.  Whatever floats your boat through the moat that protects congress from the dumb-ass country bumpkins like us (tee hee).  

And speaking of us --
and it's, yet again, a carry-over from yesterday's say, how about that David Axelrod?

Plucked from the political muck and mire at the disseminating pages of The Daily Caller, the world according to Axelrod begins with this honorable distinction:

Former Obama advisor David Axelrod says the Tea Party is “fundamentally anti-government, populist in its notions, and this is a direct appeal to that group that is very anti-Washington.”
yes, please.

In a weird, ironic, noxious way -- Axelrod understands me better than my own republican representatives.  Isn't that a kick in the donkey's ass.  

But just to be clear, Mr. Ass'lrod -- you left out a pretty big word:   BIG.   The Tea Party, the lip smackin' sweet Tea that it is --  IS fundamentally firm against BIG government.  Because Big Ass Government is fundamentally against the people (I mean, talk about hoof and mouth disease run a foul...) 

And when BIG ASS Government works fundamentally against the health and wealth of the people, we rise, and come together to defend all things that matter.  Even if it takes an hour out of our morning to make 54 phone calls to the Senate and send about an equal number of faxes to the House. We might even smoke some hay afterwards just to soak up all the rewards of doing the right thing.

And lookie there; what a perfect segway on to the campaign trail...

So tonight -- in hopes of clearing the field, we await the possibility that one of the republican candidates really steps in it; wonder who that will be?


It's official.

I've worked myself into a tizzy...a sticky wicket...caught in my own slop of annoyances large and small.

I better go.  Hate to put a hoof in the mouth.

Make it a Good Day, G

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