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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's Where Have ALL the Real McCoy's Gone Thing

Dear America,

from The Axe Files to Breitbart to G Thing:

“There was a time when we all got the news with the same facts, if you will,” he said. “We had three networks we watched for the evening news. Most of us got newspapers. Everybody in the middle class got a newspaper, so we got the same facts whether we agreed or not with them."

yeah, and there was a time, that, whenever we had to make a phone call, we had to talk through a curly telephone cord, that was connected to the wire in the wall, that was connected to a zillion other wires all over the planet -- and, at one time, it even cost us a whole dime to make that call across town.

And what about that part, "so we got the same facts whether we agreed or not with them?"

really, Romney?

Where do we begin with such idiocy?  

So this is what Romney blames, in part, for the rise of conservative insurgents in the Republican Party...the proliferation of conservative radio, news sources, blogs and what not, that stir a fair portion of us Americans to rise up and put the old cog in the wacky wheel of government. saying "we're just not gonna take it anymore" -- and thereby, as he puts it, end the spirit of collaboration and compromise.

What's so funny about all of this, is that Romney worked so hard to convince many of us on the  right that he really was conservative, and that he really was the man, who not only AGREED with us on so many things, but that he could turn things around for all us -- to stop this gravy train of bureaucracy, to put a halt to the trillions in spending lunacy and take seriously the growing debt,  and to, dare I mention,  reform the country by taking us all the way back to some of our founding principles of governing  -- by Rule of Law -- which is, just for the record, neither right or left!  It is just law; and just you never mind that run-on sentence.

It is simply hilarious, isn't it?

It's as if nobody is safe anymore; nobody is a sure thing, a safe bet, the real McCoy.   Which is funny in and of itself -- for there isn't really a firm account as to how that age-old phrase originated.  Go figure; I'm quite certain if we handed it to congress to figure out, it would cost a whopping 535 billion dollars -- rounding conservatively to about a billion per soul (not to mention, a year's worth of work by "the insurgents" within to put a full-stop to the nonsense).  What a bloody hell waste of time that would be.

And here we are -- on the verge of ringing in a new speaker -- and once again,  the right gets pounded by hard realities of how one Paul Ryan is not All That (speaking in terms of his shaky conservative record meeting up with his boy-wonder-progressive-ideals...no wonder Romney picked him). 

[By the way -- that link there on comments made by Mark Levin on Paul Ryan -- is generated on the progressive think tank Media Matters.org. -- nobody can say little g doesn't take turns and plays fair here.]
Over the weekend, a preacher on television was reminding his congregation how the "old world" worked under the rule of kings -- and specifically dating back to the age of Daniel in the Bible.  Anyway -- long story short -- it was just something that he said in the middle of this story that struck me spellbound.  For in the olden days, Kings could just write law and declare edicts all the day long.  Nobody could just say, well I don't agree, I don't think that's a good idea, nobody could even think about changing a thing -- it was the law...albeit according to this one man, the "king."

Now of course, this isn't something new to me; but you know the old saying, when the student is ready the teacher appears...it's kinda like that.

In the olden days, nobody would dare step up and become "the insurgent" within -- because it would make the king appear stupid, like he had made a mistake.  Everybody just sat back and took it, no matter how idiotic or how wrong or how oppressive the act, the edict, the law was.

Now wasn't that stupid, am I right?

The thing is today --

I declare that even though going back to the days we had to use the old-fashioned telly was in some ways liberating and wonderful in it's own way, dare I add, the reality is our world is expanding and evolving quickly and ferociously and with an operating system built in that never really stops.

And might I add the unseen dimension to the naked eye -- our American system of governing was designed with the cog in mind, "the cog" being the center of everything, really.  For that cog is the citizen; that cog is an opinion, a voice, an experience, and illuminated and made whole through the magic of becoming a representative in government.   And this "individual,"  this so-called "conservative insurgent" cannot, and shall not, be stifled, muted or even totally distinguished.

Government was originally designed to make writing new law and changing old law difficult, laborious even, for a reason -- to save us from a wayward, wanton king and his minions!   to save us from tyranny and oppression! to save us from ourselves!

Considering all things within the political climate these days -- we are running out of good cogs -- for it's the progressive left, the liberals, who seem to be writing ALL the laws, making ALL the changes, and running ALL amuck -- like KINGS.  Where is Romney whining about ALL of that?

Earth to Romney -- where in the world is THE LEFT making any compromise?  The right has done nothing but compromise -- compromising on our principles, compromising on the debt ceiling... the open border and sanctuary cities, the burdensome healthcare system, the new norm of compromising upon our national defense....and on and on and on.  The Left hasn't had to compromise on anything.  

It's called getting everything they want; where is the compromise in that?

And you, Mr. Romney, lament the growing conservative insurgents?  The loss of the evening news? 

Are you for real?

[it's rhetorical]

This morning, old G thing is lamenting the growing pit in my stomach wondering where all the real McCoy's have gone.

Let's just say, my faith -- in my fellow man and my country -- is feeling a wee bit domestically challenged today.

Make it a Good Day, G

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