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Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's Old is the New New Thing, Revisited

Dear America,

“My definition of a free society

 is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.” 

Adlai Stevenson

so apparently the 1930's called last Tuesday night...
for the rally cry, nearly in unison, and crafted to move the audience from deep depression to standing ovation -- is that it's time for a new New Deal.  And if it was said with a shrill, even better, right Hillary?

Obama phones and shovel-ready jobs got nothing on the deal we have for you, if you vote for me:
  Bernie - Hill .
Free public college for everyone, free healthcare for children, women and old people,  free education for illegals, free healthcare for illegals....even mandating  a raise in minimum wage from sea to shining sea...AND increasing taxes on the greedy, wealthy, God-forsaken top wage earners, Wall Street, and especially those nasty hedge fund guys. Free Free Free everything ...for everyone...except, of course, those at the top.

Gosh, do you even remember that near trillion dollar stimulus package of 2009?

You know not one republican voted for it.  Not one.

It was this stimulus package (just a wiki link) --  along with the horrific direction the "Affordable Care Act" (just another wiki link) legislation was taking -- that prompted THIS little miss thing to come to life ...in living color, creating
-- It's a G Thing -- 
 Just a Girl. 
Her Name is Gretchen. 
A Day in the Life of an American Girl.

That was July 2009.
And now look at me.
Here I am,
still --
even with a boat load of haters/obstructionists jumping in from time to time --
755 blogs later.

[you know blogs are not only an equal opportunity industry, it is a totally gender neutral realm...to the point of near irrelevance, if choosing anonymity ...Unless of course, like me, you choose to build a site around it (giggle)...  But it's hard to believe that Hillary considers her best qualifier to be the next president is the fact that she is a girl and there hasn't been a girl president yet...It's like c'mon Hill, you're a feminist and want to be treated equally across the board until you want to use your femininity as a qualification?  Affirmative action, hear me roar. And shriek.]

Besides echoing the NEW NEW DEAL philosophy of redistribution governing, the democratic players on stage each angled to outdo the other in "outsider-ship."  Which is funny -- considering the combined total number of years dependent upon a government bureaucracy paycheck of one sort or another and paid for on the backs of tax payers is obscene; what an embarrassment.

What do we, the tax payers and dutiful citizens, have to show for it?

For this near 20 trillion dollar debt, and the over 200 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities (funding things...things large and small..... things dating back to the thirties and  still going, going, gone and  way beyond comprehension) is already crippling us AND  stifling our every move.

Our economy is no longer free to be -- whether it be under free enterprise or under "free" federal stimulus.  We are choking on debt,  and this group of yahoos, I mean, dimwitted democratic candidates, insist the answer is MORE?

Nothing is free.

T  I  N  S  T  A  A F  L

There is no such thing as a free lunch
 (or free college, free healthcare, free food, free housing, free anything, freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!tee hee !!!!! ha ha ha.......That was just my screaming Hill coming out.  Did you catch the hackle at the end?)

Everything has a cost, a price -- whether it's a commodity, a property, a service, a soul, or a future.  And everything has to be accounted for -- in other words, paid for, in the end.  Or else, clearly bankrupt, it IS the end.

Everything is "paid" for on the backs of taxpayers...you; or everything is not paid for, and is promptly tallied into our National Debt.    FEEL    THE     BERN (and thank you to my morning muse on that little number xx my baby girl didn't make it up, but she told me xx).

But it's the ideologies that take advantage of the poor, the hungry, the faint of heart, the downtrodden, the desperate, the uneducated, the minority - especially by voter block -- in order to keep the power -- that poses the greatest threat to America (if not the entire free world).  For it's these ideologies that lie, beg, steal, borrow, and promise to fulfill dreams of the populace without disclosing the details, the true costs, the fine print, and inevitably, the certain challenges and constraints we place on all future generations to make these dreams come true.

It's fraud.
And quickly, a  bernie sanders becomes no different than a bernie madoff.

Oh FDR was so well liked, in the beginning

Hey Bernie,
facts are a sticky thing.

So let's use FactCheck.org, shall we?

  • Sanders wrongly said that the U.S. had “more wealth and income inequality than any other country.” The U.S. ranks 42nd in income inequality and 16th in terms of wealth held by the top 1 percent.
And if we look at the top 10%, U.S. ranks in 7th place, with the upper 10% holding 74.6% of the wealth -- with Russia (1st place) Turkey, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, falling in above us.

Whether we look at the top 1% or the top 10%, the answer's the same: we are not guilty of having "more wealth and income inequality than any other country."

But Bernie --

Given the 'compound interest' upon the welfare state we've made (to date),  add the exponential rate of raising dependency upon government (absent the intentions of our founding, built upon a citizenry of independence, self-reliance, and true liberty) --  America has grown less wealthy, enjoys less liberty, and is LESS FREE with each inauguration since the New f@%& Deal! (ahhh that link takes me back...)

All things considered -- you still say a new New Deal is your answer?...And it's Hill's answer?...Is that with or without a conviction on keeping a private email server and transmitting confidential top secret information on it, and then lying about it, and then, after two years,  finally turn over emails, only to reluctantly admit you might have made a mistake...and all in all, have Bernie's blessing to let it go, claiming nobody really cares.

Wrong Again.

Nearly 60% of Americans take issue with the level of dishonesty and lack of credibility; and 54% of those polled believe Hillary put America at risk.    That is a problem; a problem, I might add,  NOT created by the republicans leading the investigation (republicans being her self-proclaimed worst enemy), but by Hillary, herself.  [Just gotta wonder why controversy follows Hill and Bill with everything they touch......it's rhetorical]

And We haven't even begun to discuss all the climate change chatter.  Oi Vay!

How ignorant -- making such dumb ass claims against a basic, organic, life-force such as CO2,  And Bernie even went so far as to call it the biggest National Security Threat!?  Have you lost your mind?

Maybe Bernie should be the one to take the president aside and have a little heart to heart about the planet and all of his Air Force One joy rides....like the one just last weekend.   The president left Washington last Friday and went to Oregon  -- to talk to the families who lost a loved one at Umpqua Community College about gun control -- before then running off (in his plane) and making stops in San Francisco and LA for some fundraisers, and making a stop here in San Diego for a round of Golf @ Torrey Pines and a couple of good night's sleep in a 5-star resort, Rancho Valencia, before returning to Washington on Monday afternoon.  [take off about 1:45PST...ask me how I know...I happened to be looking up and in the right direction at the time...and lo and behold, there he was, taking off from Miramar! He was right there! Spilling CO2 all over the place!  I tried to look away, but I just couldn't...the plane was simply breathtaking.  I was mesmerized.] 

Here's a post from The Daily Caller, going back to the President's Earth Day celebration  in April -- and choosing to celebrate the day by flying down to Florida and back....For the trip of of 1,836 miles round trip, his plane would spill 90 tons of carbon dioxide emissions!   Or, as The Caller points out:  To put this into perspective, it’s the same carbon footprint as 17.2 cars driving for the year. It’s also the same as burning nearly 88,000 pounds of coal or burning 190 barrels of crude oil.

Talk about being on the wrong side of an argument, read this.
Or talk about taxpayers funding the wrong side of an argument, read this.

Climate change policy is just another method of redistribution; it's just tapping into the fears, using tactics available to create change and re-organize communities by lying, stealing, and transforming America's fundamentals.    Same old, same old. Blah blah blah.

It's fraud, too.

But from the New Deal to the Real Deal,  allow me to steer you to Nate Jackson's take, on the debate, at The Patriot Post:
Democrat Debate Lowlights.
(Because it's good.)

You know, if Bernie's not careful, he may prompt a visit from the Department of Homeland Security...for all his talk against the man, the status quo, (throwing in Citizens United for good measure), to the extent of inciting, and actually calling out for, a "political revolution."  For a guy in congress since 1991, that is hilarious.

But back to my new, new link:  Did you see this stunning new announcement coming out of the Department of Justice?

Here's a peek...

While he spoke about the threat posed by the Islamic State terror group, he emphasized that law enforcement is focused on racist and anti-government ideologies, and that such ideologies may pose a more serious threat than ISIS.
“More broadly, law enforcement agencies nationwide are concerned about the growth of the “sovereign citizen” movement.  According to one 2014 study, state, local and tribal law enforcement officials considered sovereign citizens to be the top concern of law enforcement, ranking above ISIL and Al Qaeda-inspired extremists,” he said.
hmm me thinks me is a wee bit a part of this anti-government, "sovereign citizen" movement...sshhhh

The thing is, this morning, and after a little bit of rain last night -- I'm feeling refreshed in a weird way.  I sincerely hope it comes down to Hillary -- because WE, the right, can take her! But IF Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren team up for another round of eight years (sixteen even, if she turns around and adds another eight) of fundamental transformation, it might be over for freedom and liberty in the good 'ole US of A.

Ugh just the thought of that is giving me a panic attack (so much for the pitter patter of raindrops on my little head lulling me into nirvana).

In the end, while this isn't NEW to gthing...
is the New 

according to the Left, too.

[remember, a while back I used this 
to support the American fundamentals...
context is everything...
don't ever forget it...]

And on Tuesday evening, the Democratic Debate showed us just how screwed up (from top to bottom -- from inside and out) we are...and half the populace is okay with it?

Make it a Good Day, G

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