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Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear America,


By definition this word brings up all kinds of negative thoughts, usually settling with the idea it's true exhibition is in the form of fliers being distributed on seedy street corners, dictators feeding the minds of followers and dissidents, and something definitely more third world. Not us. Not here. And never from our own government.

Having just recently subscribed to the Patriot Post I was caught off guard by something terribly disturbing; and what could be more disturbing than discovering that you're not in Kansas anymore? Silly me. Just when I truly started to believe I was a beginning to be a big girl -- being more closer to 50 than I am to 40 -- and then smack, "G, aren't you the most gullible girl in the world" starts its mantra in my little head...all because of something I read.

I have had some difficulty understanding the negative impact of speaking up in these town halls. I look at the audience and I hear the desperation in their voices, and I see real people. I even witness real representatives responding in their condescending, it doesn't really matter what I'm hearing right now, I'm still gonna vote for this stupid bill, as my worshiping Obama is more of a concern than anything else and this should all be over come 9/15, it doesn't matter if America loses her soul kind of response.

But low and behold, in black and white there it was. What was brought to life in this morning's Patriot Post expose' calls out the fraud within the confines of what you think you see is not actually what you think you see. Talk about propaganda. Talk about gullible.

We have observed town hall meetings for what, nearly two weeks now, and the mass media only wants you to know one view and one view alone. And it is all part of the big master plan to scam Obama's health care system into place, because you know, everything you hear on the nightly news must be true. We have Walter to thank for that.

I had no idea that it would be even remotely possible to have the "supporters" stand in these town halls acting as "opponents"...no idea...thought never occurred to me. That somehow the guy holding the Obama poster with a Hitler mustache (like the lefty's did to Bush) was actually a plant (can you say ACORN) set in place to just make us concerned Americans look bad. Had no idea. I used to believe my gullible nature was a sweet thing, now I'm not so sure.

Truly masterful, if I dare say.

It doesn't just happen in the third world. It happens all around us. Every day.

I was quite taken with the definition found in The American Heritage Dictionary of Propaganda:

The systematic propagation of a given doctrine or of allegations reflecting
its view and interests...The Congregation of Roman Curia that has authority in
the matter of preaching the Gospel and of establishing the Church in
non-Christian countries...Dissemination, as of a belief; propagation of the

And the left believes itself to be the poster child of separation of Church and State? Oh, I get it, it's just a matter of what you are choosing to use as propaganda. Lord, have mercy on our souls, we know not what we do.

Or for that matter, know not what is real and what is make believe.

Yes, my own personal health care and the future of it's accessibility and cost is of great interest me; but it is the Big G, the GREATER GOOD, that I'm concerned with more. America has much at stake.

And as I saturate my days with web surfing and blog reading and picking a part the information available, observing all of us responding to what is for certain a life or death matter when it comes to America, I ask that each and every one of us chooses our propaganda carefully.

We all speak. We all talk to our neighbors, our grocers, our congregations, our doctors, and our kids. Be aware of what part of your stories to each other are true and what could be construed as simply propaganda.

What I have come to realize is that I don't want any form of Government health care. It doesn't even matter if the numbers work, or if a panel is inconspicuously involved or not. I return to just say NO (blog 8/10). No amount of propaganda pro or con will change my mind, and it gets very simple to figure out from here.

Remember a few things.
1) Obama wanted all of this a done deal as of 7/31/09...rush rush

2) The actual number of uninsured started out 47 million, but breaking it down...12 million illegals (they can walk into any emergency room, like the rest of us can, and get immediate care), roughly 18 million have incomes over 50k and choose not to get insurance, around 8 million are children (and their parents can get public insurance today no questions asked), with about the same number of the invincible age of 20-somethings who just plum don't think they need it, while those remaining uninsured have simply not sought public assistance through any number of bureaucracies currently available. We're just crazy folk to not care about other fellow Americans aren't we...

3) Obama has not "misspoke" as his Press Secretary Gibbs likes to say in reference to any of the umpteen times Obama has justified universal health care and is willing to wait as long as it takes to get us there. That is what he wants. He said it; and has more than once, lectured on it, campaigned on it and has grown a career from it's universal health care socialistic roots (that is not propaganda...look it up!).

What do I know, I'm just a girl who's losing her gullibility, rushing to replace it with good ole fashioned American Common Sense.

Make it a Good Day, G

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