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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dear America,

I just ran out of postage stamps. My last book of stamps was really pretty; I'm drawn to the love versions and this one did not disappoint as it was swirly and colorful and looked like an artist painted it, almost like a little mini Picasso. Truly a work of art.

Too bad our fine US Postal Service is going broke, huh. Who would ever in their right mind imagine that? Seems the Post Office is taking the slow boat to China and good old fashioned snail mail won't even be an option pretty soon.

This is part of our federal government. They are federal employees being supplied a federal paycheck with a federal pension and benefits. And it's not working.


And what makes our government think they can manage and oversee and operate and license and insure health care?

Social Security will be broke, by 2030 is it? Medicare is hurting big time. We have bullied our way into partnership with the auto industry and managed to somehow subsidize sales to the tune of what will be 3 billion dollars just to give it a boost when we're looking in the mirror. While we sit as Americans with our head in the sand (or is it) knowing that the federal budget runs in the red year after year; this year taking it to extreme deficits and making commitments to programs we just can't keep.

Geeze. We can't even control the value of our dollar! The sale of bonds to other countries points to the grim fact that we don't own our country anymore. Is this not a problem to speak loud and often about, or what? To say we can't even speak our mind to the people who are there to SERVE us without being demonized as a bunch of fanatical, right wing extremists, is simply outrageous and out of order.

It is precisely this kind of response and serious concern that our fine representatives are receiving in their townhall meetings in this congressional doldrums of August. While they, or rather the DNC and the Obama administration, have the nerve to call us an "angry mob;" that it is our duty now to report to the government the names of our friends, family and neighbors who's actions may be deemed "fishy" or anti-Obamacare. Are you kidding me? This all sounds so out of Hollywood; no, more like reminiscent of that McCarthy guy who was before my time. Ohmygosh, I just wikipedia'd him and he died at 48 -- that was so young! If you are following along you'll understand what I mean...

Anyway, now I haven't read all the details and am not entirely familiar with what happened (sounding like something a President might say to censure his own liability) but I don't know, me thinks this Joe "the Activist" McCarthy may have been onto something in a twisted turn of American fate. We are called an angry mob now when simply exercising our right to not only free speech but when speaking with clear disdain towards an administration gone amuck or even so much pause to question? Say it isn't so.

As it is written we have inalienable rights born unto us as Americans. Those rights are never severed, transferred, sold, or negotiated with terrorists, they are OUR rights all the time.

How dare an Administration tell us to stop speaking up. Amd how naive were we to really believe that Obama and his campaign rhetoric of transparency and ethics and cleaning up DC -- that won him the election -- would ever come to fruition. He is so not that.

We wanted it so badly, didn't we. We could taste it like a lick to the back of a postage stamp, it was so right there, recovery was on the horizon, on the tip of our tongue, and we were primed and ready no matter what the weather; through snow or rain, on back country roads to high rise landscapes, inner city to the elite government official, we wanted change to believe in and trusted that change to arrive like the morning mail.

I say, something is not only fishy, it downright stinks.

But hey,
Make it a good day, G

How does it go...
give someone a fish they eat for a meal, teach someone to fish, they eat for a lifetime.

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