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Friday, August 7, 2009

Dear America,

It was Paul Harvey who begged the question,

"If pro is the opposite of con what is the opposite of progress?"

If anyone is actually still listening to congress you would think there is nothing good about our health care system at all, even though the majority of us like it very much. Yes, we all believe in taking the proper steps to reform the system; but not at the cost of losing our grandmothers, or starting the reform from scratch.

I am not sure I understand how we got to this "all or nothing" mentality that the President and Congress seem to be shoving down our throats with this package we should have ratified yesterday; but even if it is all or nothing, I would dare say the cons have it when it comes to the argument of a government health care takeover, there is simply too many of us unwilling to go all the way.

And since when does it make sense to rush a 1000 page bill through for signature when it doesn't speak on behalf of what the majority wants? Even the first week of September is too soon!

I have made available the entire copy of this proposed bill for your own review, while at my first glance sit alarmed in fear needing an emergency Heimlich's maneuver. What a mess. I guess creating enough bureaucracy around anything it appears complete and fortified to us simple folk. Of course, since lawyers are the most common profession in congress, litigating and writing new law comes naturally and surely a testimony of how well Washington serves the people...

Why is it all or nothing, black/white, pro/con, republican/democrat? Why? How does this work for us? As a people, it is high time to tear down the wall that separates us with absolutes and prevents us from creating true, honest to goodness American success, no matter what the subject matter. The kind of success that creates and re-creates the ability for all people to live a life in freedom and liberty is what we should be frantically seeking--first week of September would work just fine. And I hate to break it to you but the reality is congress is not the starting point; it requires us to start with ourselves. The nation will fall in quite nicely thereafter simply by our creative, intelligent force back behind it.

Remember, America was founded upon simple ideals and profound principles illuminating the way. The very foundation we seem to be falling off today, allowing America the freedom to grow into what is still considered the greatest nation in the world, was entirely built from a life in relationship with God. Even though we have been taught in America a clear separation of church and state; this one character element of America stands largely misunderstood.

For it was through religious persecution and tyranny of Europe -- specifically Rome -- and England (the Church of) that projected the entire reformation movement to seek a land where all people were free to not only believe in God; but more importantly, to live a healthy, happy and prosperous life under God, any God, in any way you so choose. If you go back to anything written in the 1700's and 1800's you will find it all over the place. God this. God that. Faith in the Almighty was a cornerstone to how we made America. An easy read to pick up today that magnifies this period is found in Christianity and the American Commonwealth, by Charles B. Galloway.

And with all due respect, President Obama, we were born a Christian nation. If you studied American history this would be a no-brainer to understand and respect. Shame on you.

Our country's foundation is shaking right now in what appears from the naked eye simply a breakdown in communication on health care; but under closer scrutiny shows a deeper spiritual imbalance and disconnect. The only reason our democracy has lasted this long, and has remained so prosperous, was due to the pure fact that each and every one of us came from a place of God in our hearts and minds. We lived a life of character in virtually every aspect of our life. Not to say we were these perfect Christian people, but we took the time to consult with a Higher Power and listen to what God speaks within our soul , individually and collectively, and that has made all the difference in the world.

Thomas Moore writes a modern account to these principles in The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life:

Enchantment needs its own specialist, and mystery its own
lobbyist. A theology of daily life, practiced by us all, would open our
eyes to a dimension solidly sealed off by the modern secularistic imagination,
and it would restore soul, because soul is fed by the eternal and the spiritual
as much as it finds nourishment in the temporal and the physical. Our
universities and political institutions could begin to take theology seriously,
placing it in the middle of the village rather than on the fringe, releasing it
from sectarianism, granting long-withheld life to our society, which confesses
its hunger for the spirit and its longing for the soul.

With the way they have responded to us in town hall meetings, our Congress and governing body is battling with us as if we are the cancer, or the devil incarnate, God save our soul. They are sucking the very life out of us under the con of bringing us everything we need -- at a price of course. Logically, we can't keep up the pace of the top 1% paying 40% of the taxes. There will just come a time then when nobody does anything.

Nowhere in the Consitution says we have a right to health care (among other things) paid for by the government, which in actuality is not the government but by the hard work and ambitions of the able-bodied citizens who happen to have a real job. Nowhere. Socialism is not the new Democracy. The men who wrote the Constitution recognized the follies inherent to both a governing body and it's own people, and protected us in every word, and every word written according to the grace of God. Take the time to look it up yourself.

And to think, there was a time when we paid 7% taxes and still raised a family; we went to church on Sunday, sent our children to school and made a visit to the family doctor, paying for things as we needed them or we went without.

Make it a good day, G

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