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Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear America,

"The sacred gives everything we do a powerful and expressive
Without that holy reverberation, we suffer a sad, deprived,

Thomas Moore, The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life

As you know, I'm returning from celebrating my parent's fiftieth, having been smack dab in the center of Yellowstone Park, gazing at what should be considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world-- OLD FAITHFUL -- given its ability to faithfully entertain the minds of man every 90 minutes since its birth with such effervescence and magnetic charm.

The rustic joy in finding a true separation from the world begins as you start to make the drive into the park; the meandering road begins at the foot of the Tetons, travels by streams and falls, moose and elk, and for us, ending deep in the forest and at the heart of the park. You share the drive with locals and visitors with the same thirst for escape, everyone is happy, relaxed and feeling free.

There is something about that shared experience of pure and simple connectedness with people who you will never see again, have no clue about how they voted in the last election or what they think about health care. In that moment the only real concern is in the beauty that surrounds us and nothing more. The land and it's natural antics spewing scalding hot water 80 feet up in the air is where its at and everyone just sits in amazement with a sentimental smile.

We were out there in the boonies as they say and spent a couple nights in the original section of the Old Faithful Inn, looking at log cabin walls, a sink and a bed, in what could very well be the most authentic experience I have felt in a long time -- even the shower and toilet was down the hall and shared. There was no phone in the room to call for club sandwiches or more towels; while cell service from the lobby was negotiable, once out the threshold you were cut off.

The real world was all gone.

It was beautiful, I tell you, just beautiful. There was nothing to do but take it all in with the family. And speaking of, my girl who at 13 going on 30 was rather reticent on attending in the first place, decided if you can't beat 'em join 'em. She took 488 pictures over the course of three and a half days enjoying every minute of it as I deduce from her grin and lack of opposition on just about everything.

But don't get the wrong idea, wasn't all trail mix and hiking boots. The majestic old-fashioned dinner hall welcomed us into her arms to celebrate the reason for the season, sipping on champagne and eating cake. We also lunched over what mom considered the best cold beer she ever had...an all American Samuel Adams Amber with ice crystals floating on top to be exact. Of course, maybe having a few of her babies around the table along with the man she loves had something to do with it, I don't know.

I felt like I was gone a long, long time. I hardly noticed that the world kept on ticking around me; I lost touch with Fox News, didn't receive my daily email from the Patriot Post, and even a newspaper was outside of my grasp. Yet, the automatic pilot of the rest of the world never fails.

I think I'm getting to what I want to say here, slowly but surely I will make my way to a point today. I guess my mind is having trouble getting off the curves to overlook the scenery, challenged by the return to my neck of the woods and the call to focus my attention once again on the road ahead for America.

So the world keeps on ticking, doesn't it, and not at all like a good thing in Old Faithful, but more like a time bomb. And as many of us are now aware, this didn't just happen to us overnight; its happened over time, with interest. Almost as if we've all been on vacation and have lost our way in our own little worlds, trusting that those in power will watch over us and protect us.

Wrong again.

We may think our government is to blame for all of our woes right now -- and then again, some may think the government hasn't done enough (save that for another day) -- but where it all begins is with each and every one of us.

The dysfunction of our government is but a symptom of the dysfunction we find in ourselves, our families, and ultimately experienced all together in society. Grown from generations showing a clear lack of reverence to anything but ourselves, exhibiting a loss of soul and understanding of what is sacred, leading us down a path of un-attachment to the principles which made America truly great.

"Thus we will ascertain how far their avowed faiths were crystallized into
organic laws, and to what extent they were enthroned in the life of
communities. We have a right to expect that men so aggressively religious
as to encounter persecution, and so rigidly conscientious as to become exiles
rather than submit to ecclesiastical tyranny, would embody their convictions
in the government they constructed, and stamp their characters upon the
legislation they enacted."

Charles B. Galloway, Christianity and the American Commonwealth

The good news is we are back from vacation. The bad news is the yard needs to be watered, a couple loads of wash awaits, an empty fridge is beckoning attention, while the alarm must be set for in the morning to slap a dose of reality into the mix. We must awaken to the responsibility of taking care of each other and our lives, minus the ever so annoying big brother in the back seat.

The more I know about the life and times and circumstances we created as a people, the less I want any intrusion from our government. And knowing I'm not alone in this sentiment, I am momentarily relieved and reminiscent of the mountain air. But the real trick is educating those people who want our God forsaken Big Government to micro-manage our lives through taxation and control, in which the ultimate price and sacrifice is our freedom.

Coming home from moose country, those are the people who need to remember our roots, our struggles, the rugged land and the Divine Providence in the creation of a new world. It was all accomplished in the name of a loving God and christian heart, to allow for all people of all faiths to walk together in a civility and grace.

I haven't touched that much on Obama seeking guidance from religious leaders, a luxury only a liberal President could ever enjoy in this secular, misguided, separation of church and state only when its a conservative, double standard sort of world, but this may be a good time to interject.

Referencing Charles Galloway again,

"The reformation wrought the emancipation and exaltation of the
State. It abolished the false distinction between the sacred and the
secular, and invested magistrates with responsibilities and functions as sacred
as those of priest or apostle. An early reformer insisted that 'the
distinction between ecclesiastical and profane laws can find no place among
Christians.' They were not to have two consciences, one for the State
and another for the Church, but were to be alike loyal to a divine
integrity in discharging both the high functions of citizens and

So too, if in a time that challenges are spirit, all of us have a right to turn to a Higher Power to find solace, strength, and determination to keep up in the battle of wills and liberties. We are back from vacation, rested and recharged. It is a time to stand up to a modern day tyranny, and having been down this road before, I trust we know how to find our way through it.

While if it's good for the goose, good for the gander; and I'm speaking of Divine intervention. God is watching over us, no need for the"little g" to takeover anything, especially not God's place. Our reverence to a government which no longer serves us-- over a God who in spite of it loves us and forgives us-- is doing us harm. As we have seen, even Obama knows and respects that at some level or why else would he seek God for direction during these trying times.

Our life is one and the same in everything we do. We are a free people who revel in a life under God, at least 90% of us that is; the other 10% then have found their God as themselves, or within their things, or not at all, out of their own freedom to believe, or not, given to them by the grace of God by way of our Constitution and great foresight shown by our Founding Fathers.

Perhaps as we awaken in our own beds again, we find the Light shining upon us to bring us peace. We may search the world over, but time and time again, we know our true north, and where our heart lies as a people, and I say thank you God.

These days bring us the blessings of awakening; we are home, coming out of the fog and into the light to rebuild our America. Yes we can.

Make it a Good Day, G

PS My apologies, coming off the mountain I'm a little long winded. Forgive me.

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