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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dear America,

Government 101:

Homework today includes the viewing of a YouTube video featuring a clear and simple explanation of why the United States of America is designed the way it is...

....and to the Republic for which it stands...

What we are experiencing in Washington today, with our government blatantly behaving badly, is the loss of all common sense and sensibilities on what our dear Republic's true nature and purpose is supposed to be as defined by our founding fathers. Our government is capitalizing on it's liberal use of power, overstepping the boundaries of a limited government written according to the law, pleading its case to the citizens for democracy's sake, all the while, little by little, their actions take away the mainstay of our land -- our freedom.

Here's the thing, our overhead is just gonna kill us.

I pause today, given it being Saturday, to take care of the homestead -- my overhead. Its time for weekend chores and taking care of the annoying little things we all need to do to keep order in our lives. I feel good having mailed out bills and picked up around the house. But my point is, and simple logic will tell you, the simpler the upkeep and overhead the easier it is to take are of things. I know it's not rocket science; and who am I anyway, what do I know?

K.I.S.S. should be our new platform; or we can kiss America good bye.

I'm going through a phase that borders on O.C.D. I'm sure; my dishwasher died about a month ago so I've been manually washing dishes since. I can't seem to keep a dirty dish in the sink. Kinda weird, huh. I have to wash it immediately or else the dirty dish starts to get under my skin, annoying me to no end, and forcing me to pay attention to it and just clean it already.

This is kind of what I'm feeling right now when it comes to all the attention that Health Care is getting -- just clean it up and be done with it already.

I don't understand how it got so complicated really. Most of us in America have felt-- for many years I might add -- that a universal governmental health care takeover is NOT an option. WE have never liked the idea; have never wanted to entertain the idea of any system remotely similar to the European Socialist Medicine, having insisted on keeping Government out. This isn't anything new. We have never liked it.

Just the amount of exaggeration alone is staggering, let alone asking the taxpayer to swallow the Trillion dollars needed by this administration to cover it.

And yet, we're still talking about it. Blah blah blah blah blah.

If I were in charge of the world I would begin by any method available to simplify everything. Which honestly, was the reason for Obama's clean sweep on election night. We all thought he was about cleaning up Washington...saying no to lobbyists...bringing both sides of the aisle together...going "line by line"on the budget to eliminate waste...cumbaya. Maybe we were all a bit naive being so desperate for a change, desperate for some semblance of moral decorum, desperate for public officials worthy of the ideals, power and position. And then again, maybe naive is not the right word, perhaps totally unrealistic is more like it.

In the beginning, you know, it was all about the public service for the public good and the gift of carving out a new era in society; the ideals of which have stood strong on so many levels, for so many different people, for so many years.

But now look at us.

Certainly, the first area of business, Washington needs to clean House (and the Senate). My belief is that once they start to clean up a couple of things, the dust bunnies in an another area will pop up begging for attention...and with any luck a little O.C.D. may kick in. And before long, a simple government, based on we the people and the law, can return to order.

If we can simplify government, our lives will be more in control. With our lives more in control, we will have more freedom to find our happiness, allowing the means for all of us to govern our own lives peacefully and independent of one another. It is through our own successes we find the means then to help others, from the goodness of our own heart; not the government telling us who gets what from where.

Our entire Constitution was impeccably written in a manner of just a few pages; the HR3200 Health Care Bill is 1000 pages, with the near entirety of it incomprehensible with legalese and congressional mumbo jumbo, while some of the important topics of interest --abortion-- are purposely not included or not elaborated enough -- as in the panel available to discuss end of life concerns.

Its the fraud that needs to be addressed, not the actual health care. Its the waste that needs to be controlled, not the doctor. Its the cost of higher premiums that follow after the real cost of being a nation who allows illegals, or anyone else, to seek emergency care with no questions asked. We already are this country with open hearts and an open door to any hospital for anyone. How dare you, Mr. President, to insinuate that we aren't.

But a new paradigm is needed; our government is not doing the people justice as it stands today. We are so busy trying to divvy everything up in equal proportion that we are no longer concerned with raising our people to be strong, self reliant and free. Self-government is the only way to get there and in it's simplest form, the surest way to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all.

Like O.C.D, its all about restoring the dysfunctional patterns of behavior with a new way to live; substituting improved patterns of behavior in order to reframe the mind to overcome an action that seems to have more control over us than is rightfully due. Entitlements and government programs begin to backfire on society rather quickly if left unattended, its a numbers game and just a matter of time. This Health Care bill is just another example. The reality we are faced with today is simply the cold, hard truth -- we have to get off the crack and clean ourselves up right now, cold turkey. And to be sure, a little obsessiveness about it may not hurt a bit.

All of which may well take the presence of a Higher Power indeed.

In the last couple of days Obama has turned to religion to help clean up the controversy and impress upon the minds of all of us to turn to our brother and pass this vital legislation, for the good of our community, out of necessity of course. Typical. It is fascinating how a liberal can turn to God in public but not the true blue Conservative... but I digress. As Obama chooses his words of faith so carefully these days, part of me appreciates the mere act of turning to God for help (Lord knows we need it), but just how transparent can you get? Geeze.

And for Obama to pointedly use the WWJD against the 50% of the people who happen to not agree with him is a travesty; we just see it as a matter of common sense is all -- we don't agree with Obamacare, we don't want it, but most of all, we can't afford to even be talking about it! So get over it already.

There are areas to clean up first.

What I would give to see a politician with a compulsive desire to tidy things up; get in, get it done, and get out.

Make it a Good Day, G

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