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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dear America,

Everybody knows when playing the game of Monopoly what happens when one person acquires all the railroads. You can be twelve and figure that one out. What happens is clear, unadulterated annihilation, any sort of competition goes out the window, and the conductor reaches the pinnacle end game shortly thereafter.

Like yesterday I once again use an innocent game as fiduciary support, but none the less I make my point.

Congress must think we are stupid-- especially that Barney Frank. Half the time I have trouble understanding what comes out of his mouth, let alone comprehend his actual answers.

Neither Congress or Obama will admit that after getting the Government's foot in the door the natural dynamic sure to unfold would be the loss of competition; but they can't just come right out and admit that kind of thing, now can they.

They are also continuing to try to re-package Obamacare; internally wrestling with what other names can we call it that don't sound as threatening as Public or Government Option. Oh yes, a Co-Op sounds good; less government tyranny more citizen cooperation, all for one and one for all. But we all know; its government intervention in a place where government has no place to be.

The reason we can't seem to get a real answer as to how they can promise us that this isn't about a full government takeover...eventually...is because we all know better, and they all know we know.

Of course, Press Secretary Gibbs had a horrible time today defending the administration's true belief that CHOICE and COMPETITION is essential and what the President wants. It was difficult because there is no proof of that in anything the President has said in his own words; because in his own words he said he will stop at nothing until he gets the Public Option. It may take a little longer, but eventually his game plan is all four railroads and full public participation in a federal government health care system. Period.

Did you know that by law and through age old treaties, our federal government already provides health care for all American Indians and Alaskan Natives? The annual budget is 4.3 Billion dollars and services 1.9 Million Americans of the Indian heritage. In this year, our government also allocated the release of additional funds through the Recovery Act Fund, in the amount of 500 million dollars. These funds constitute specific disbursements mainly for new construction of facilities, maintenance, technology and equipment.

I bring this up of course as an example of a fine government health care system, already in place which is a beautiful thing, but unlike Medicare and Medicaid, is a program that appears to be fiscally afloat. Or is it?

Ahhhhhhh Ah appearances.

Looking a little more closely, they have an old Indian saying characterizing health care on the reservation, "Don't get sick past June...cause there isn't any money to pay for it after that."

hmmmmm very interesting.

Health Care. Provided by the Fed. No workie workie.

The American Indian does not have a choice of doctor or hospital. They get what they get. The choice of treatment, the wait for services, depending upon the severity of illness and being given the only option available, taking what the government can give you. We wouldn't know the trouble of health care on the reservation because Obama doesn't seem to want to throw it out there as a good example, now isn't that interesting.

Now you would think with a budget of 4.3 BILLION, serving 1.9 MILLION, the situation would be quite doable, especially throwing in another 500 million for general upkeep...is it just me?

But I digress. The program has issues. Looking deeper than the numbers, health care on the reservation is not healthy. And looking into suicide rates and alcoholism and substance abuse will give you a whole 'nother world; reasonable and sound health care, promised by our federal government for the American Indian, is just no where to be found.

I find, speaking only for G now, the more I uncover about the debate on Universal Health Care the more reasons I find not to go there. I don't want a railroad tycoon to come in and takeover. I like that each station welcomes a new arrival with open arms, offering a choice of services not available on the other side of town. I like the independence built upon the integrity of the community of doctors, nurses and administration to create the perfect environment to fit my needs. I like it very much. And what I like in a plan, or a hospital or a doctor, you might not like. You may not need what I need. Which only brings me to this:

We haven't even begun the review of women's issues...that is the next stop.

Make it a Good Day, G

Here's a tidbit that I can't help but add to stir the pot, just today a judge landed a victory to Merck Pharmacuetical Company to block a generic version of Singulair to be produced by a rival. Singulair's sales amounted to 4.3 Billion last year alone.

I know we throw around billions and trillions and millions like its pocket change, but I love to see the comparison of apples and apples. Our goverenment supports the entire Indian Health Services organization with the same budget equalling the revenue of ONE drug.

And as luck would have it, Obamacare commandered the Drug Companies to be at the patient's bedside along with BIG.GOV.org too...amazing grace.

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