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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dear America,

Happy Saturday.

Always a good day to go out and wash the car...as a spin-off from yesterday, that brand new car sitting in the driveway. Some of you must be so happy this morning!

I had this dream last night...that I saw my hard earned tax dollars being strewn about by what appeared like my government, but can't be sure. It was odd. I was watching this guy, who I believe was a man of color but I don't want to jump to any conclusions, and few other guys around him who I absolutely believe to be white... and strangely only one woman, also white, and they were just all throwing about money.

These people, in my dream, thought that buying a clunker worth no more than a tank of gas for perhaps 500% more than it's value would be an excellent example of not only stimulating the flow of goods and kick starting the auto industry, but give us fellow Americans a stronger sense of security, making a foothold on a foundation that our government is always there for us. That part of it was really sweet.

And then it hit me waking up into a cold sweat, I (and you too) paid for that old, clunky 1986 Chevy Blazer, albeit in fairly good condition -- the kind of condition reminiscent of the sensation "they just don't make cars like that anymore"-- to be traded in for a new one to the tune of up to $4,500.00 for each one of these! Are you kidding me?

I'm telling you, it took me awhile, but then it hit me; I hit this tree which came out of nowhere, and am still in shock, actually, in my government, my very own government acting so stupidly if I dare say.

We, thanks to Uncle Sam, are already proud partners in GM and what not, but now this. WE are actually subsidizing in a weird, twilight zone sort of way, the profits (or losses) through purchasing cars overvalued and from dealers underwater.

I just don't get it. Is it just me?

Happy Saturday...my old 2001 Jetta wants to play in the water.

Make it a good day, G

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