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Monday, August 24, 2009

Dear America,

One thing's for sure, from infancy America has been a safe house for the world. Our families arrived on her shore seeking refuge, freedom, peace, and maybe even a little prosperity. What sparked from fear, oppression and flight from tyranny grew into what we soon became characterized as the melting pot of the world; giving birth to a whole new life of opportunity and prosperity for all.

We came in all shapes and sizes and colors and beliefs. Certainly, if you look around today, we witness the richness of diversity converging from all points of the globe, along with the wants and needs of each and every one of us just as prevalent.

We are not a simple, homogenized, cookie cutter bunch by design; making the proposed Health Care Bill that much more difficult to feed and nourish the masses. Especially when in relation to very personal issues -- life and death issues --issues that lead to a multitude of ways of resolution and actions, both emotionally and physically.

One of the biggest concerns in the health debate has been the freedom we seemingly take for granted today to make these decisions personally and privately.

But what happens when addressing the issues that could almost be considered elective? The details are not being discussed, which is one reason we are running so scared. I said I was going to get to Obamacare and women's issues a few days ago, and this just might be the day.

I got to thinking about really private matters of "choice" that women bare; what would happen under the government option if faced with infertility? It took seven years to make my baby girl. What would have been my options under the government plan?

It is an highly emotional time; between hormone levels and weighted decision making, we begin with the baby steps necessary to come to grips with what could well be considered the first, real medical dilemma in our life. And if it wasn't enough to share our private romance with doctors and tests and treatment, let alone keep the natural miracle and spontanieity of baby making as a couple, we may now be faced with bringing in the government?

What happens to surrogacy or Invitro Fertiization capability, or even just basic testing and diagnostics to determine what may or may not be wrong with the government by our side? What happens when they factor in the huge costs to the infertile couple and the value they may or may not place on fertilty assistance? Will the conception of a child be made just as available as the adverse, as in abortion?

Speaking of...and naturally, why should my taxpayer dollar be used towards something I can't morally or whole heartedly support? This argument has gone round and round, and again is nothing new. And usually somewhere in the mix the liberal will point out the clear disdain for having their taxes used for war...an easy target it is after all.

Only they forget (or never knew) that the design and function of our military--especially being highlighted, the Navy-- is written in the CONSTITUTION! With sound reason our founding fathers elaborated stipulations within the Constitution as our honorable duty to uphold a National Military, for better or worse. They understood the value of an Armed Force even then; recognizing that there is a cost to defend freedom, and our liberty and civility requires it nonetheless.

Our country was designed in the hands of a revolutionary and visionary few. The Constitution and Bill of Rights articulated only what was absolute and necessary with respect to protecting the freedoms of the American people. Without question, up until now, we have not flinched or faltered. While over time, America's humanitarian and military efforts to defend the rights of other people unable to protect themselves when faced with tyrannical and evil forces has been unsurpassed. Rightfully so, we do not have a choice when it comes to the military.

Point is: abortion is not in the Constitution, nor is it written within one's Bill of Rights -- just as infertility.

SO returning to my question, will infertility be covered in the government option? It is elective so to speak. But more importantly, do they even address things like this in the 1000 page bill?

I know what my insurance covered and what it did not; but really, this is just one more thing I do not have the energy or the time to worry about! Hello...little hormonal here...and now we have Uncle Sam in bed with me too?

I heard recently that Health Insurance is for the healthy, if you are actually sick then its gonna cost you... There is a cost people, through insurance premiums and overall treatment, because, for reasons like, oh I don't know, like it actually costs money to take care of people! Uhm.

Do I think government can use its muscle to correct the issues of fraud, waste and insurance costs? You bet. Does it take a total takeover, like GM and Wall Street, to do it? Absolutely not.

As we started here today, we are a diverse people. My issues are my issues. Period. My issues are not your issues and your issues are not my issues and I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours will not work.

And most of all, Big Gov should be no where near me and my health issues, especially when hormonally challenged... I am woman, hear me roar.

Make it a Good Day, G

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