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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear America,

Is Psychiatric Care covered? That's what I want to know. I am about to go insane and just want to be sure there is a rubber room waiting for me free of charge.

These last couple of days have been intense, haven't they? There is much going on, seen and unseen, and it is clearly a case for making us all a bit crazy. Things are up in the air, in doubt and down right hazy to say the least. And when faced with so much uncertainty we humans tend to either hunker down deep to uncover all there is to know about something in order to come to the best possible solution or we escape.

I actually escaped. Not in the glorious sense of running off to Cancun, nope not me, mine was more closer to home.

I cleaned out my refrigerator. Threw out the jars with a tablespoon of dressing. Tossed the last remaining pork chop (cooked two week's ago) that somehow got lost behind pickles and salsa. I cleaned every nook and cranny to a sparkling new glow making anything that remained look that much more appetizing, always helpful when faced with eating leftovers.

While through the course of the afternoon, I returned to the scene just to gloat at my wizardry...it was a beautiful thing, my fridge so squeeky clean I could eat off of it and I knew it even from sitting across the room. It also prompted me to make homemade lemonade from the slew of lemons found underneath the ruins of broccoli. Perfect for rewarding my escape efforts.

There is something in cleaning, housecleaning specifically, that is just so energizing; it whips a dish towel of renewal smack in the butt. It's like the modern day comparison to a day on the farm. It feels good to work hard and labor, getting your hands dirty, especially when it comes to one's homestead. Much like breathing life back into the home after a long winter's slumber in the Spring; within the confines of just one day we can satisfy that inner urge to clean house, start fresh and maybe even start entirely over. The same thing applies when you have pancakes and eggs for dinner, there ain't nothing better for pretending an entire day didn't happen.

Health Care, as the debate continues, is not one of those times we have to start over -- nor do we want to. Everyone, except our dear President, seems to get that. Yes, it's about reform. Yes, it's about getting rid of the waste and all that is hidden in the back of the fridge. But it is clearly not the time to go out and buy a new fridge, whether a government rebate or energy saver discount applies or not.

Americans were not born yesterday, unless you actually were, but we KNOW that there is no such thing as a free lunch! It is going to cost us, and cost us big.

And there has to be a message in the fact that this little health care plan, that sits all yummy on the plate from Congress, is serving up indigestion before we've taken our first bite. We are experiencing so much unrest and uncertainty as a people, searching for answers in town hall meetings where the prevailing attitude amongst our representatives seems to be of condescension and arrogance, and we are coming away with this nauseating overriding sensation that something is not quite right.

Because it isn't.

As I was reminded in reading letters to Congress from fellow citizens, America is paying attention now for a myriad of reasons. We are not the cookie cutter, right wing activist speaking up, we are just Americans. The hot buttons for most of us are many and stem from worry about the just plain economics of it, to more pointed questions of who's paying for it (US), to what am I actually paying for...illegals, abortions, other people's issues. We just don't know how it will ultimately change the fabric of the American Health Care system -- and yet one thing's for sure, it will be changed forever.

Unfortunatley, the prospective plan is unable to make any solid connection as to how it will affect the current free market health care system; and the uncertainty remains regarding how employers will respond to the availability of a Government plan along with the requirements and penalties that follow suit. Of course there is also the concern of how private insurance will keep up, the possibility of a budding government monopoly, lest we forget to acknowledge the mere angst of knowing how long it will take to see our doctor when faced with something wrong with us.

I just wish the Government could take the time to clean up not only what it already has on it's plate, but also look to the back of the fridge, check under the day old bread, toss out the federal waste and take a little elbow grease to it's innards.

It is almost commical in a warped sort of way how our representatives are trying to feed us, for the loss of a better word, crap. They are trying to stay on point with President Obama's message -- whichever message of the hour that is, as it seems to change from day to day, contradicting messages from a few months ago, let alone dismissing his campaign platform and responses entirely-- yet they are forgetting one thing.

We the people have the power. Amen!

And even though I spent the better part of today with my head in the fridge, I not only have a sense of satisfaction for time well spent and a gorgeous fridge to show for it, but I have come to the realization that I am not alone. Perhaps the wiping of ketchup bottles and jelly jars created a vehicle of meditation through which my uncertain dispostion was calmed.

I clean out my fridge every once in awhile just like the next guy; and just like the next guy, take exception to how MY Government is responding to me and everyone else who is speaking up against this scheme. But I know I'm not alone; I know we are for real.

It is hard to believe that our government can be so naive to think this is simply about Health Care. The dispute is deeper; hidden underneath the ranting and the raving and the letter writing, it is about our FREEDOM in AMERICA to live the way we want without government intervention, control, waste and fraud. We have seen government; and the likes of it is getting moldy, green and smells of stinky cheese.

We are standing up in a way that only Americans can do. I know deep in my heart that we will prevail; not just prevail, but we shall overcome! In the end, it is our fine Democracy that will live to see the fruits of our labor and it will feel so good... like a day under the sun, our hands in the dirt and a glass of iced cold lemonade waiting for us.

We are a blessed nation, with the richness of good people, who only want to do the right thing, and more importantly wish every citizen the equal opportunity to succeed and the ability to fill their fridge with all the bounty this land has to offer.

"A government big enough to give you all you want is big
enough to take it all away."

Barry Goldwater

Make it a good day, G

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