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Friday, August 10, 2018

It's from One Silly Girl to Another Thing

Dear America,

summer composition numero dos


signing in.

and it's gonna be a scorcher; oh, and we have an excessive heat warning running until 8 p.m. to boot...

And before I say anything else,  my thoughts and prayers are with the finest fire fighters in the nation, battling umpteen fires, with no rest from the weather pattern in sight.  God Bless you guys.

Though isn't it ironic, that as the state of California goes up in smoke, following years of a second round of Governor Jerry Brown, solidifying another round of reckless policy, sealing a trajectory ending with bankruptcy all but a done deal....eventually, while living out every leftists wet dream  -- the entire state is literally on fire.

BUT one thing is for certain -- fire should never be used to fuel political arguments.  And with that premise, let me fire you up with a smart analysis from Investor's Business Daily.....here.  And from another angle, this post is also good.   And then there's this guy....suspect of the Holy Fire in Southern California...adding the arsonist dimension to the mix of elements and elevations.

and yet, I really don't wanna talk about California.

Maduro making a few scorching observations of his own party is an interesting turn of events.

And considering it comes just as America's socialists, large and small, are beginning to heat up, it is a wonder how any of them can catch so much as 30 seconds of air time....

And can't wait for the debates to begin with this girl...."I think absolutely right now..she is the leader of..no no, um, she is speaker..or rather leader Pelosi..hopefully we’ll see..she’s ah..she’s the current leader of the party and..the party absolutely does have its leadership in the House and Senate." Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, responding to a question on CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" show....gauging Nancy Pelosi's leadership presence...um, like, past, present and future.... and sounding like an idiot.

you know the next thing you should run for, Alexandria, is Miss America, just sayin.

Who also said this -- -"We only have empty pockets when it comes to the morally right things to do, but when it comes to tax cuts for billionaires and when it comes to unlimited war we seem to be able to invent that money very easily," Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says...

She needs to get her facts straight; not to mention, this girl is so sick and tired of hearing the worn out cliches against Defense spending...especially when it doesn't add up.

SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICAID and MEDICARE and other mandatory, extra  INCOME support programs -- like food stamps, Unemployment Compensation, Child Nutrition, Child Tax CreditsSupplemental Security Income, and Student Loans [attached links coming from a place on the web called, "the balance"]  make up two-thirds of the Federal Budget.

And so, if you do the math, all the rest of the budget comes out of the remaining one-third, okay?  That means, Alexandria, the entire Defense Budget, including added war costs, comes out of the discretionary side of the balance sheet, and it is LESS than all the social programs put together. As a matter of fact, the Defense budget gets less than Social Security all on its own; and far less than the Medicaid and Medicare combined.

And guess what, Alexandria, the most important element of our economy is having the wealth, and those who are wealthy, amply supported by an economic system that motivates investment in order to EXPAND...even if that sometimes appears like "tax cuts" to "billionaires."   Who puts up the financial risk to build the business, the corporation, in the first place?  Every large corporate entity started with an itty bitty idea and somehow ends up employing a lot of Americans; all the while, added to the other half of America who are either owner/employed by small business, and we have ourselves a blazing environment (if not cut off at the knees through oppressive government policy) to not only meet the needs of our 300+ million people, but have the ability to be very charitable people in private.

"We only have empty pockets when it comes to the morally right thing to do?"  Seriously?  It takes nearly 3 TRILLION DOLLARS just to cover the expenses of social security, medicare, and medicaid and the miscellaneous, but mandatory, "other".....And the ugly reality of the BIG PICTURE is really only seen behind the scene -- as in the over 100 TRILLION DOLLARS IN UNFUNDED LIABILITIES within the Social Security and Medicaid entitlement programs.  In other words, we can't afford any of it.

And Besides:   It's not the government's money!  It's the people's money being held at the people's house.

Government does not produce anything but a bureaucracy of departments, coming complete with expenses and automatic increases year over year!  Ironically, one of the only departments with a leg to stand on, is, in fact, the one that falls directly under government's primary responsibility -- that being, our National Defense....providing a National Militia, for the safekeeping and security of the entire nation and its people.

Funny, too, that we could go all the way back to the another time, and another New Yorker, to the 1930's....and consider that to be our first mistake....but I really don't wanna talk about New York, either.

BUT THAT LINK right there, although from nearly ten years ago, explains the problem with Social Security (and entitlement thinking, in general) so well, I had to use it -- it's a must read.  Thank you,  Doug Bandow, and the Cato Institute, for the easy to read lesson on where America went so wrong...even if feeling the policy to be so morally right at the time.    Time's change.   And how.

I want Ben Shapiro to have a chance to debate this girl only to witness her go up in flames as fast as her sudden national notoriety, albeit rooted with socialist gimmicks and perhaps a "she's cute" mentality, right Michelle O?

But now going a whole 'nother direction, it would sure be kinda wonderful if President Trump tackled the Social Security ponzi scheme, and when he's done with that, fix Medicaid, and when he's done with that, fix Medicare, and when he's done with that, start slashing through a forest of bureaucracy, with branches that extend to the far-reaches of the earth.  It's all such a mess. And I do recall that he was the guy who said he could fix it, drain the swamp and everything...

yeah yeah, let's fire up some ponzi demolition and see what happens. see what happens.

Oh politics.  Some days we like it, some days we can't stand the heat...

but don't get me wrong, it's always the perfect kindling, whether up for national debate, or just some silly girl's  blog.  I mean, look at today, for example....pretty much just one silly girl to another, making a pretty point.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

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