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Friday, August 31, 2018

It's In and Out, Declaring My Big Fat Double Double Devotion Thing

Dear America,


this is summer composition numero nueve

signing in.

LIBS are the biggest freekin' collection of whiners and bullies ever.

Are you really going to get your panties in a wad over a privately held company, like the famous, cult-worthy, California born and raised, In-N-Out Burger, donating a whoppin'  $25 grand to the California Republican Party?  Seriously?  And even calling for a boycott?

Should conservatives begin boycotting Starbucks?  Popeye's?  And ironically, now Slim-Fast?  As some of you may not know, the founder of Slim-Fast, some S. Daniel Abraham fellow, has poured enough slim-fast chocolate shakes to support a hefty 1.25 MILLION dollars to democrats...and I don't hear anybody on the right shredding pounds and creaming their little heads off.  [And how about the millions of dollars from UNIONS donated almost entirely to the democrats...if I were a conservative teacher, construction worker, government employee, etc....oh my, there are not words....I mean, literally. As in, as a conservative, you have NO say, but I digress.]

What is with you people?  This is being so lib-tarted...

Should conservatives stop eating at Panera, or Chipotle, or DQ -- oh yes, the old Dairy Queen is bought and paid for by Warren Buffet himself....and how much does he donate year in and year out to the LIBS?  Oh sure, he may be waffle-coning on that a wee bit, being prudent to throw a few crumbs in Trumps's direction in circa 2016....but still, he leans left at the counter more often than not.

This is about the things we eat that feed our soul through food, glorious food!  I mean, the LIBS have already near ruined football, now this?  We have to choose our food by the red or blue neon lights?

Oh LIBS gotta love 'em

What happened to the "love trumps hate" people?  Where did they all go?

So the LIBS want to bully In-N-Out with a few days of bad press?  Have at it.

Oh right, it isn't the first time -- and just look how Chick-fil-A keeps on clucklin', keeps on cluckin'...and may I just add another side dish to that -- the owner, Dan Cathay -- has every right to wholeheartedly support the"biblical definition of marriage."  And just to be perfectly clear, this is his UNALIENABLE right!

OH LIBS, gotta love 'em

and speaking of LOTS of LIBS, if you try to find the stories of the umpteen republican senators and legislators  and supporters who went out yesterday to buy up double-doubles by the dozens, like, for the entire office -- you will have to ask Google specifically, by name, which republican.  Google has buried all stories that support IN-N-OUT under a bushel of french fried attitude and liberal bias at the level of a full-fledged crack attack.

go ahead, Google it...In-n-Out sales boost august 30 2018.... I'll wait.

do do dodo do do do, do, da dodo, do do do

yeah see what I mean?  Hilarious results...
  1. In-N-Out donates $25K to California GOP 
  2. In-N-Out Burger Donates To CA Republican Party, Dems Call For (boycott) 
  3. In-n-Out Burger Angers Customers by Donating to Republican Party 
  4. National Dairy Product Sales Report Give Prices A Boost 

it is shameful.
Truth is -- no need to snopes nothin' -- In-N-Out Sales DID get a sales boost ALL DAY LONG!

But hey, I have to love GOOGLE Here.  My Blogger depends upon it.  And therein lies the salty rub. kiss kiss salty kisses to you, Google.

.....and oh does this girl love her salt.  
(hmmm maybe I should double double check my blood pressure)

oh my gosh.  it's only 9 am and I'm so hungry, I could eat two double-doubles, some animal fries, and an ice cold coca-cola, like ten minutes ago.
OH LIBS gotta love 'em

Sarah Huckabee

Kirstyn Nielsen

For essentially being the creators of the "co-exist" bumper sticker phenomenon, LIBS sure have a hard time living it.

it's all namaste, namaste, unless you happen to lean right; then nothing but the deep fryer for you! 

The thing is -- I don't hate Starbucks because Howard is a big leftist.  Now, truth be told -- I prefer to make my own coffee with my little french press at home everyday -- and only partake in the purchase of an overpriced cup of coffee when traveling....and usually that is Starbucks; but to intentionally call for a boycott of the company simply because our politics don't match up ounce for ounce, really?

I would say some of us need to grow the f*&k up  -- matter of fact,  let's super size that request.

America revels in the middle, people.

We do really really well when we blend like a really good cup of joe  ...or a Neapolitan shake on the secret menu

But about this level of vitriol that has arisen from the LIBS -- with bully tactics, calls for boycott, yelling and screaming in public and college campuses, along with downright acts of violence through Antifa -- over our differences in politics and ideology is one thing, and albeit, an highly disgraceful thing to boot; but when simply exercising our unalienable right to think outside the leftist jack-in-the-box and make a political contribution to whomever we please....this uproar goes against every principle this nation was founded in large order.

You LIBS need to take a big fat chill; go get a greasy yummy cheesy double double and be happy already.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

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