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Monday, August 13, 2018

It's a Day Under Par for the Common Good Thing

Dear America,

it's still summer; so that makes this summer composition numero tres.

signing in.

did you happen to watch the golf this last weekend?
good stuff
good stuff

seems everybody loves a comeback, and that goes double if you're Winona Ryder (that reality only based on some hair commercial, by the way); but after Sunday, especially if you are Tiger Woods.

He was playing some goooood golf and almost pulled it off, too.

The greatest thrill, though, was just watching it.  In your heart, it felt as if the whole country was rooting for Tiger; it was as if this huge collective ovation was happening time and time again all afternoon long.  All the while, of course, Brooks Koepka kept his cool, his biceps in perfect formation, and kept on swinging in near anonymity...and after a long day's walk, took home the grand prize.  Even though all eyes were on Tiger, indeed, and that seemed fine and dandy for that fine specimen of eye candy. [oh wait, can I even say that these days...]

Still, it's a good day when you lose and still make over a million dollars...see the sweet list of dispursements here .  Did you see what I did there...I know, sometimes I even amaze myself. teehee....doink....oops I did it again....stop, G, just stop.

Thing is, I got to thinking about this idea of everybody loving a comeback....and it usually works, except if that "somebody" is the United States of America in the macro, at the swings of a Donald Trump in the micro.  That kind of a comeback is just ripe for creating pure, unhinged hysteria.

You would think -- and now, taking a moment to do what I do so swell....that being, thinking out loud and being just silly enough to put it in writing  -- that if things were happening that actually protect the common good....things like, improving the economy by merely taking command of it, getting more people (especially minorities) back to work, securing our Constitutional Rule of Law by adding a "purest" to the Supreme Court, and more recently, earnestly seeking out prison reform, and most importantly, following through on a campaign commitment to secure the border on behalf of National Security....that in the end, after a long day's walk, everyone would believe they wound up a winner.

For these are the things that are beneficial for the COMMON GOOD; the common good being, that which supports the health and welfare of the entire nation, as a whole -- and certainly not dissected into groups, led by activists, with, ironically, a penchant for destroying what the nation has in common from the ground up, actions of crazy, stupid, groundhogs notwithstanding.

We became known as the melting pot, because no matter who came to America and where they came from, they gave their allegiance to this country, this economy, this leadership, this common good and general welfare, and to this liberty; it is the kind of overarching liberty that could one day, potentially, hopefully, manifest all the happiness one could ever dream....albeit, EARN, fair and square, with a pencil and note pad to document it,  from a magical mixture of hard work, natural talent, time, and ambition, and just maybe, a college degree (and maybe not).

It is takes hard work to succeed in most anything; it takes honest to goodness time, toil, tenacity, and a certain tirelessness.  And that's just the hard truth.

Did you happened to have listened to Tiger being interviewed, not long after his long day's walk?  The first thing out of his mouth was his appreciation of the overwhelming amount of support surrounding him.  And it seemed sincere; after all that he's been through, he sounded mature...finally.  It's almost as if, during the first half of his career, he took much of it, and himself, for granted.  But now, he speaks like he has reached some deeper region of his psyche; that, after all he has done to get back on the greens, and to get his game back, to qualify each and every time, that he not only understands the complexity of his talent better, but is willing to bring that level of maturity and grace into play to finish his back nine, to see him finish his career as only a Tiger Woods could. 

And guess what, the people noticed.

It is impressive, to say the least.

In a long about illustrious way, Tiger is teaching the common good, by example. [eh hem priceless]

Perseverance when the going gets rough (badump ba) is not easy, but oh, how glorious it is to witness a fellow American making it back from what seemed like total defeat.

All of these thoughts are just winding around, over the hill, and across a wee pond, landing hard, into a hazard worth reading; it's found in the latest issue of IMPRIMIS, from Hillsdale College: Does Diversity Really Unite Us?  Citizenship and Immigration by Edward J. Erler.

So to double back....we are paying attention to the common good today...k
Yes, it all started with a little story of second chances, but hey, you should know G by now -- this is blog #946 -- and this is just how "just a girl" does DC and all that's connected to it; try to keep up.

Erler says,
In the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump appealed to the importance of citizens and borders. In other words, Trump took his stand on behalf of the nation-state and citizenship against the idea of a homogeneous world-state populated by “universal persons.” In appealing directly to the people, Trump succeeded in defeating both political parties, the media, political professionals, pollsters, academics, and the bureaucratic class. All these groups formed part of the bi-partisan cartel that had represented the entrenched interests of the Washington establishment for many years. Although defeated in the election, the cartel has not given up. It is fighting a desperate battle to maintain its power.
That,  in essence, explains everything, right?

going on, he adds this:

Progressive liberalism no longer views self-preservation as a rational goal of the nation-state. Rather, it insists that self-preservation and national security must be subordinate to openness and diversity...

and this:

In support of all this, we are asked to believe something incredible: that the American character is defined only by its unlimited acceptance of diversity. A defined American character—devotion to republican principles, republican virtue, the habits and manners of free citizens, self-reliance—would in that case be impermissibly exclusive, and thus impermissibly American. The homogeneous world-state recognizes only openness, devotion to diversity, and acceptance as virtues. It must therefore condemn exclusivity as its greatest vice. It is the nation-state that insists on exclusive citizenship and immigration policies that impose various kinds of restrictions.

and this:
Our progressive politicians and opinion leaders proclaim their commitment to diversity almost daily, chanting the same refrain: “Diversity is our strength.” This is the gospel according to political correctness. But how does diversity strengthen us? Is it a force for unity and cohesiveness? Or is it a source of division and contention? Does it promote the common good and the friendship that rests at the heart of citizenship? Or does it promote racial and ethnic division and something resembling the tribalism that prevents most of the world from making constitutional government a success? When is the last time we heard anyone in Washington talk about the common good? We are used to hearing talk about the various stakeholders and group interests, but not much about what the nation has in common.

oh there is a whole lot more to read...and it's all good.  But here, today, the day after Sunday, we -- I mean me, G, is speaking of the common good in all its glory.  You will just have to read the rest of Erler for yourself...perhaps in place of watching football right now...I mean, its only pre-season; who cares about that, right?

Though rich with contradictions and weaknesses, everything this president does is for the common good -- I believe that (not that it matters); his actions are what he considers to be best for all of us, together, standing united on the sidelines and from time to time maybe even witnessing something to cheer about (and sometimes not).  In simple terms, it's just part and parcel of every good come back story in the making, like reality TV but only better, because it really, truly, uncomfortably,  is as real as you can get.

America has had her share of moments that ain't too pretty, indeed.  But our roots, the fundamentals, the things we know to be true and just, with fairways that run long and wide and high and deep, are under our feet and running through our veins, from American to American.  And we are, still a sovereign nation, as of this moment....which is right about half past happy hour time, PST.

But, if I'm not mistaken, it is Trump carrying her clubs; and for that, I believe his experiences landed him into a time and place just waiting for him, as if destiny threw his name up on the board for one last ditch effort to make America great again, and again, and again.

Truth is, it is only the dividers and non-believers of our true American character and nature, that we should concern ourselves with, day in and day out.  The choice is rather apparent -- you are either for the common good or you are not; you are either for a united, homogeneous in American Spirit, commons, or you are not.

But let's end with a high flying nine iron, shot from the final tee, shall we?....America is abundant with examples of excellence in sports, and otherwise.  But this day goes to Tiger, my muse from Bellerive; you, sir, certainly gave this common girl something to blog about and more.

This is all I have to say, today.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

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