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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear America,

Snippets in time from around the world....

so it went something like this,

"...[granted] nightly news can't cover an humanitarian crisis that didn't happen...but thankfully...[we jumped in with both feet just in the nick of time]."  says THE Hillary, some time mid day Wednesday, PST.

so THE Ladies, on THE View, entertained a possible presidential candidate, THE Donald, and he said something like this,

"...just show us the [GD America] birth certificate [that's a blending of Trump and THE Rev Wright]... there is something on there THE president doesn't want us to see..."

and then finally this morning, giving THE nod to things always happening in three's, THE prime minister of Portugal, Jose Socrates, said that if his austerity measures where not approved, he would resign -- and HE DID -- just yesterday...I have no quote to account for it other than my own little thought in my head...

'... wish that would happen here...wish we had a president drawing firm lines in the sand, taking serious austerity measures to heart and to task, adding of course, a personal liability factor that he would resign if such measures didn't pass...wish we had that...' (hold up, on a second thought...I am so funny)

It all boils down to the individual perspective, doesn't it? We all lead, or follow, according to our already, deeply ingrained, vast array of experiences, attitude, education, ideology, belief systems, and of course, if we are really really going to be honest, all they way down to what we really really want to believe -- what we trust to be our truth -- the whole truth -- and nobody else' truth.

Rest assured though, TRUTH, in and of itself matters; and like the great GB always says, it never picks sides -- it doesn't have an agenda -- truth is truth and never lies.

Fascinating is the article (along with the commentary, as expected) of an article on Yahoo! of all places -- and I point that out, as normally Yahoo's collection of writers leans left nearly every time; but this morning came a surprise piece, featuring a conservative viewpoint out of  THE  Creator's Syndicate, written by  THE Honorable Larry Elder, who happened to make apples to apples comparisons between basically then and now, in THE "Anti-Iraq War Bush-Haters Squirm to Justify Libya."

He was clear, and concise, and unemotional about it -- he simply laid it out, left and right, respective of the clear and present danger of the conundrum meeting the minds of lefty's everywhere; it is becoming a true humdinger to behold, that's for sure.

THE Elder, spins a tale, making even noses grow, and rattles off the rational of then and now with an ease and fluidity compared to none; in classic fashion, and only leaving us wanting more, he finishes with this:

"Call Libya the Obama doctrine: non-national security, non-congressionally approved military attacks are perfectly legitimate for humanitarian reasons. Except not for Iraq under President George W. Bush — who awaits his apology." 

...fine tuned by THE experiences of an Elder, everything gets down to how you look at it, and who's side you're on -- even if that means you have changed sides altogether (a.k.a. that's politics).

Who's side are you on, and why?  Do you even know anymore?  Which is the side of real truth -- inquiring minds really want to know....?

Just a couple of weeks ago, Gadhafi gave us this:

"If Al Qaeda manages to seize Libya, then the entire region, up to Israel, will be at the prey of chaos, " he said.
"They recruited our youngsters and told them 'you're on your way to heaven'. The young kids were brainwashed.
"Those who are deprived in their personality, their education, the way they were brought up or in their family, those who exhibit weakness were targeted.
"The international community is now beginning to understand that we have to prevent Osama Bin Laden from taking control of Libya and Africa."

and that, was posted on ABC.net! Considering he is still an evil man -- all I'm beginning to think is perhaps, maybe, it takes one to know one.  just sayin'

and as The King of Hoof and Mouth disease himself, Joe Biden said this in 2007:
"The president has no authority to unilaterally attack Iran, and if he does, as Foreign Relations Committee chairman, I will move to impeach"

And of course, when questioned further, THE Joe stands by that.

whatdaya say now, huh, Joe boy ? (not to be confuse with another Joe Boy whom I love and adore)

what sort of lens are we choosing to look through? huh?  HUH?  are we looking for THE whole truth, The real truth, and nothing but THE TRUTH, so help me God, or what?  Or, do we just see what we want to see, end of story?

Hillary wants to see herself on the right side of The Truth.
Trump wants to see himself on the right side of The Truth.
Socrates wants to see himself on the right side of The Truth.

[just a quick side note: looking at the list there, gotta love THE power in a name, no?]

even Gadhafi wants to see himself on the right side of The Truth (and good luck with that, right?).

Obama, most definitely wants to be on the right side of The Truth, of history; question is -- is it the right side of AMERICAN HISTORY or WORLD history; the thing is, that is THE question of the day.

Make it a Good Day, G

even though I do not consider myself "a birther" -- I go along with THE Donald on this one -- if it's no big deal, just show us already...WTF

because, to go along with Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radical tactics -- if they can keep the subject "a subject" ...to use against the other side...as in ridiculing... as in making fun of the whole notion he's not really an American President... then it works in their favor; they can use it to energize their base, as a case in point; as in, ya see, the other side is simply a bunch of loons, fanatics...bigots...racists...nazi's...astroturf...

if it actually came to pass that one day they actually gave us the real goods, the story would be over. no more to talk about. the end.  aww

AND FOR ANOTHER GREAT TAKE on He SAID, SHE SAID and HE SAID, SHE SAID only this time it's different -- read this from THE Patriot Post.

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