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Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear America,

so it's my birthday today.

it's either the last year of my forties, or the first year of my fifties, decided clearly by my attitude, of course; difference being whether the glass is half empty, or half full, right?  Believing it to be a time marking the beginning of a brand new decade rather than the end of another seems to be the way to go this time around -- especially considering the last ten have been a real doozy.

But let me tell you, I am clearly not amused by the timing of a certain urban justification to add a few modern day slang and phrases to the Oxford English Dictionary, only to have them google searched and the focal point on the day as if it's some kind of sick and twisted universal message to me; what in the world am I getting at, you say?

Sure adding "LOL" and "OMG" seems rather cool and harmless -- given I have plugged these in with free abandon from time to time; but "MUFFIN TOP"? 

not even close to finding this a wee bit funny.  Why today?  Why now? 

You would think these questions could be just as easily asked of the Libyan civil war that the entire world has meddled into almost by accident, or at best dragging their international elite feet -- but noooooooooooooo, I am talking about that little roll of fat that begins to pour out over the top of one's jeans, whether mom jeans or low rise sexy boot cuts, any flash of skin bellowing out above the button and the fine stitched edging is grounds to be defined as the "muffin top," and it isn't in the least bit pretty, nor is it in good taste.

So all I have to say to that, now at the age of forty-fricken-nine o'clock, is OMG Ms. Universe above and below -- LOL -- you, my dear, are sooooooooo funny -- while your timing is somewhat surreal, the sarcastic nature of this little play seems almost beyond words...just what are you trying to say? huh? spit it out, say what you mean to say, girlfriend.

muffin top; that's a good one.  way to make me really truly laugh out loud on this brand new day of this brand new year. hardy har har

And while picking words and the day apart -- who decides what we call the things that look like a war, but not really?  Even The Patriot Post questioned this one this morning, duly noting that choosing the word "odyssey" within the mainframe of the main name almost begs for the darned thing to last for years and years. OMG!


my first thought was why didn't we include the word "space" -- as in, it doesn't appear we have a clue as to what we are doing there and why; we are so confused in the mission itself, we could truly be labeled space odyssey cadets, launching missiles at things that go bump in the night, and only hoping and praying we're on the right side of the moon.  Now, I LOVE MY BOYS in UNIFORM, but those deciding the Odyssey Dawn strategy, day in and day out, planes in and planes out, seem to be answering to a number of hidden agendas at once.

and the other thing, it sounds so happy  -- "operation odyssey dawn" -- like, wake up, Libya, it's a brand new day, this is your day, the sun is shining, a new day is dawning...I mean, at least Operation Desert Storm made it sound more like what it really is -- a hot, parched, attack, with all elements raging, stirring chaos and military strategy, forecasting efforts totally unhinged and unmatched.  But noooooo,  here, in Libya, we get hi x good morning boys and girls, the sun is rising, a new day is dawning, here's a little missile in your shissile, cue the music.

let's see, what else today...

I did spend a better part of my morning watching the video on www.endofamerica1.com -- anyone else look into this?  Talk about a video odyssey -- warning, not only is it "controversial -- viewer discretion advised" -- but it is rather loooooooooooooooong.  And, just as you begin to think it is wrapping things up, getting to the proverbial point, and all the ways you need to prepare for the approaching doom and gloom in the days to come for America, it kicks in a round of sales pitches -- all free -- offering pamphlets and reports all made to help protect one's assets (not to be confused with the muffin top hovering above).

Fascinating is the beginning, and when I say "beginning," I mean, like the first 30 minutes -- but for that -- I believe the "endofamerica" guy -- Porter Stansberry, an investment strategy firm -- should be commended; he methodically and painfully paints a rather vivid, ugly picture of our dooming future, and mainly the fall of our dollar, and how, in the not too distant future, the American dollar will no longer reign as the world's reserve currency, leading to a time when all the world no longer  revolves around us....

and just when you think there to be a way out, he tells us, in reality, we are already too far gone (in debt).

So on that note, celebrating another personal journey around the sun, realizing the end is near in one way or another, it might be worse -- I might actually have a muffin top; for that, I am eternally grateful to the very people who gave me life forty-fricken-nine years ago today (LOL) -- answering to a higher authority, that a good pair of genes does indeed go a long, long way. IMHO (also joining ranks with LOL and OMG), I would be nothing without the two of you.  xoxoxox all around.

just in case you need futher explanation on the IMHO...it stands for "in my humble opinion" or, "is my hearing aid on?" -- take your pick mom and pop.

Make it a Good Day, G

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