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Friday, March 11, 2011

Dear America,

Anybody else get the feeling we are a walking contradiction at almost any time?

“We’re going to prevent bullying 
and create an environment
where every single one of our children 
can thrive."

But on the other hand, we will teach our children how to get along with others, subconsciously, by not saying a word when it comes to making death threats, promoting clashes with police, encouraging waging terror and intimidation upon opposition lawmakers, and otherwise, go to great lengths breaking through windows, doors, however necessary, to further the cause for solidarity...to wreak havoc; taking the art of bullying to the next level.

we will bully governors, like Walker in Wisconsin...we will speak ill will of the character of a woman, and her family, just for her conservative beliefs, like Palin in Alaska...we will discredit the nature of news itself, if coming from a source that moves forward to a different beat, like Fox News...taking the art of bullying to the next level.

Skillfully, the left would have you believe when bullying is done with the right motivation, whatever means necessary, from their point of view, even if somebody gets hurt -- it is simply democracy at play.

(Again) Where is the president on this one? 
When it has been just barely a couple of months -- when he was imploring civility and an opportunity for this country to come together after a tragedy -- as in the days following the Gabrielle Giffords' shooting -- how could he not speak up already?
After hearing of clear and present danger in the words of the protesters in Wisconsin, advocating such an horrific response -- as in real bona fide death threats against another person, simply because they are lawmakers of another color -- how could he not address this just one more time?

DEATH THREATS -- to lawmakers and their families?

Is that where civility has moved?

Granted, the middle east is used to this type of mob mentality and making verbal threats against "the enemy."  
But are we really okay, as a country, moving in this direction?

How can a president one day say bullying is just wrong -- when in fact he encourages it, in a very big way, in the larger sense of the word...
...in order to get things done, 
...to make fundamental transformation, 
...to nudge the people in a certain direction, 
...as a means to an end, 
...never letting a crisis go to waste
...through ridicule...lies...terror...intimidation...character assassination...just by organizing people into one great big crazy mob...
and in a word, bullying.
Even if with sound reason, he has bullied: the oil companies, specifically BP; dictators, most recently Mubarak (really not sure if he is bullying Gaddafi, time will tell); a white police officer -- against the black professor; people who, generally speaking, "cling to their guns and their religion"; fox news...having his own administration claim it not to be a "real" news organization; Wall Street; Banking; Chamber of Commerce; Health Insurance Companies; free enterprise; capitalism; small business owners; the taxpayer...

This president has turned bullying into an art, and yet he speaks of it with disdain when confronting the issue of bullying front and center in our schools -- something is not quite right.

All I ask is that we -- and when I say "we" I really mean the president -- be consistent, if nothing else; is bullying wrong, or not, Mr. President? 

I guess this morning, the thing is, the hypocrisies that surround us really make us who we are -- like it or not; and this morning, I want our president to stand up against bullying in all of its forms and actions; he came in on the dream of making peace, even riding that wave so far, it brought him a Nobel Prize on a silver platter, but what have we really gained from it?

All I see is a greater divide, more partisanship, less civility, and a sense of unrest and insecurity like never seen before (aside from the valleys of history we will never forget).

It seems to me, bullying is being modeled by our children, for sadly, it is what they see as the norm.

Think about it.

Think about the number of views on television, video, and youtube, when someone is being bullied, tormented, tortured, ridiculed, harmed, and even killed.  Think about the world in which we live, and what is freely displayed on the evening news, bullying in all forms; disgruntled lawmakers who can't even come to the table to discuss things, or take a vote, even if by law it doesn't spin your way; Muslims and Christians clashing in Egypt, even after immediately following "a win for democracy" for all intents and purposes (and over a love affair no less); we have pirates tormenting and killing people on the open water; we have entire governments bullying citizens to work; we have parents assaulting their own children; we have husbands and wives bullying each other; we have sisters and brothers bullying each other, while parents sit back letting them just handle it; and we have had bullying in school as long as I can remember...only usually the principle takes charge...and puts a stop to it... or else --

we are living in a powder keg -- but this thing simply called "bullying" somehow seems to be inter-related to nearly everything we do and touch and see.

I watched Oprah yesterday; her audience was a room full of men who had been sexually assaulted when they were just boys; led with the help of Tyler Perry, Oprah walked the audience, and her viewers, through the lens of a young boy tragically affected by unspeakable horror,  most often at the hands of someone they trusted.  ONE in SIX boys are met with this abuse; ONE IN SIX!

Please, tell me, America what the $U#K is going on?  Has honor, integrity and treating each other with respect totally gone out the window... along with the protesters?  
Now it is beyond my comprehension to understand how a parent could sexually abuse their own child -- there are not words to describe...but it leads me to believe a few things...
Beginning with our children -- they are powerless, aren't they?  Their lives began  in the care of those who were supposed to have their best interests at heart, someone who gave them life, someone they grew to completely trust, unwavering; to use a child's love as a tool to do the unthinkable -- bullying -- sexually abusing --  a child who simply doesn't know any better.  How can this happen? This is so sad; these boys grow up to be broken before they have ever had a chance to live.
I have long felt Oprah to have this great gift -- but honestly, the things she opens our minds to be of witness can be so heart-wrenching; but sometimes I think, where would we be without her breaking through some of our day to day illusions of the world we live in; broadening our awareness is the first step for creating real change. In sincere gratitude for that, let's move on....
We seem to be epidemically dealing with a whole host of issues stemming from how much, or how little, we value each other -- if we value anything at all.  
Perhaps it is because, as the more time goes by, we become more and more anesthetized to the evil that surrounds us, even if we know it is there; it becomes simply too much to handle -- denial creeps in, allowing ourselves to be okay with things that are really not okay;
or perhaps, we find we have so many other things to worry about, how can we take precious time to take action against things outside our immediate realm, as if, if it's not my problem, we stay out; we fear getting involved, even when there were "signs"; we don't speak up, even when it is the right thing to do, fearing more of what others may think of us; we let our lives be shaped by outside influences that are totally and recklessly and undeserving of our trust...chock it up to endless stream of bad reality tv...

Oh what's a little incivility over there...

Oh what's a little name calling over here...

Oh what's a little threat really mean...it's just words...

Oh what's the problem with a little in your face bullying ...whether it is a child, a teenager targeted for being "different", an oil executive, the Tea Party... a lawmaker who leans in the opposite direction....

IT IS ALL THE SAME; and more important, our children ARE watching. 
We better learn pretty darn quick to stay on message -- the same message -- a loving compassionate message that clings to our convictions -- to be good, decent people no matter where we are, who we are with, or who in the audience might heckle us if we dare to veer in the direction of calling for real civility -- and really, truly, mean it.

Make it a Good Day, G

and then, nothing can really prepare us for the unexpected fury and delivery of not one, but two, of nature's bullies...as today, our prayers go out to Japan; may comfort come to you soon as the world rushes to your aid.

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