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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear America,

G was a no-show yesterday...
would you believe there was nothing to talk about?  (say it like Maxwell Smart...and puleeze don't tell me you don't know who that is)

we loved Get Smart growing up in our house; agent 99 was smart and beautiful...between her, Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda, all of them modeled a behavior worthy of mimicking one day when all grown up.

Yesterday, was International Women's Day; some of you may have already heard how Cairo celebrated...attacking women.  Wow, just how is that budding democracy working out for you?

Given it was the first time I ever heard of this day of celebration, I had to look into it a wee bit; low and behold, it's roots are nestled into the propaganda created out of the minds of socialists and communists, in a workers of the world unite -- for women -- kind of thing.  Isn't that fascinating? It started back in the USSR...early nineteen hundreds...

From Hillary, some time yesterday:

“They've risked their lives; they've served in prison; they've been harassed and oppressed; sometimes their own children's lives have been at risk.  They have been insulted, beaten and tortured.  And yet each of these women has found the strength to persevere in the face of fear, isolation or repression.  And they've done so not just one day or one year, but day after day and year after year."

 adding in this,  “We intend, working with Goldman Sachs, to make sure that these scholarships help women receive world-class business and management training”  (ah, so Goldman Sachs is our friend now).

Please read more, by hitting this link, to read about the women being celebrated this year (couldn't help but notice not an agent 99, or an American in the bunch...hmmmm...guess we aren't that daring or remarkable...you would think Lara Logan might have been able to slip in there at the last minute...as it would seem, just the reporting of the breaking news, and the waves of democracy around the world, raging in places like Tehrir Square, can be just as risky)

I haven't heard too much, coming out of Washington, concerned about the injustices to women just yesterday, or even a mention of the escalation of clashes between the Christians and the overwhelming majority, Muslims, also going on in Cairo over the last two days...democracy?  anyone?  The violence was set off following the Christians marching in protest after a church was burned to the ground...no, hold up...that was after the Muslims reacted to "a love affair" between a Christian and a Muslim; thirteen people have died so far...and hundreds injured.

and we think Egypt is ready to make nice?  ready for democracy (whatever that is)?

In light of recent events, it got me thinking as to where politics just doesn't belong: Here's what I have so far:

  • SCHOOLS: case in point, Wisconsin, and protests everywhere, and the visibly apparent lack of enthusiasm by teachers and administrators to truly embrace real reforms (i.e. we should be celebrating the idea of school choice and vouchers, get excited about the idea of pay based on merit, and recognize the beauty of all thought, even the thought that seems different than one's own; the immediate curtailing of union influence controlling the taxpayer dollar must happen -- for this is adversely affecting productivity and change for the public good, while adding an element of separation and divide, through improper use of funds supporting only the liberal ideology and a left wing education, a.k.a. indoctrination.)  THIS should NOT be political.
  • OIL/energy CRISIS:  case in point, Libya; what happens in Libya should stay in Libya, and other than voicing our immediate humanitarian concern, pleading to Gaddafi to take care of his own, at the very least, this should not be our problem.  It is a total gamble either way America chooses to proceed here; let the EU take the brunt of the responsibility, we are over committed elsewhere, and the only thing we should be doing is making a proclamation to resume ALL DRILLING, using our Nuclear Energy facilities at their highest capacities, getting to our natural gas, clean coal, and of course, adding in the solar, wind, and hydro-electric everything under the sun; we must celebrate every resource we have and flaunt it, make it, find it, revel in it, and maybe even roll in it, if it seems appropriate (just thinking of the ample sunshine). THIS should NOT be political.
  • Defending America against Radical Islamic Terrorism (even within AMERICA!); go PeterKing go!  you are doing the right thing for the right reasons, and please know, in spite of what you see going on in and around the mall, you have a majority of America's sincere gratitude; this action is not Islama-phobia of any kind; it is purely for the protection of our assets, and our children (considering many of the adults around here are in total denial). Ask yourself, why is it that our federal government (really just the White House) is keeping out of the conversation, established Muslim-American groups that really have our best interests at heart?  The one's who love America and respect America and celebrate America for all that she is MUST be at the table... are you kidding me?I have been following Jasser for awhile now ...read more here.  THIS should NOT be political.
  • and NASA: just throwing this one in, in celebration of the last shuttle launch, of Discovery, and her safe return today. Yay Space!  so thank you NASA for bringing our men and women home safe and sound this morning. The final frontier...THIS should NOT be political.
  • Public television and radio: either you stay neutral, and live up to the industry's standards celebrating both sides of an issue, fair and balanced -- or, you don't get any federal funds.  THAT'S it; of course, since you have made your decision a long time ago, going the left wing intellectual snobbery route, then more power to you on your own; I'm sure you will have no trouble getting advertisers and donations from Michael Moore, Bill Gates, and George Soros, and on and on and on.  IF you wish to remain in the domain of the public good, THIS should NOT be political (sorry to see you go, buh bye).

 That's it for today; my top five 'this should not be political' list on the day; wait a minute...hold on...

One more -- WOMEN!

 Now for AMERICA, and America only, I believe I am sick and tired of "women" being labeled...including, having a day distinguished as a "day of celebration and remembrance" at all; for me, this idea is soooooo left brain.  Why can't we just model good behavior, be of strong will, carry with us ambitious goals, exude confidence beyond measure, and grow up just doing what we were meant to do, without constantly thinking we deserve more attention for it -- or think there should be a prize for it in the end?  BUT above all, how in the world do "WOMEN" continually get lumped in under the categories falling under the left column -- how can something so wide and wonderful be categorized at all really...cuz I know! we aren't all the same.

But somehow, somewhere between entitlement funding and women's liberation, the left has taken over as chief marketer and manufacturer of what women really really want, and need, and believe, and even achieve -- and how (not necessarily in that order).  It's as if the left has commandeered the conversation, and for any woman to go outside those lines...that's like a foul against all women; of all things, the party long thought to be the one which stands for inclusiveness and the taking down of barriers, I shudder at the thought of how some women speak against other women  who simply stand for another ideology, another school of thought, another way of looking at something. (and given this one is currently in the news, G will never think like a Vivian Schiller, who, just yesterday, is stepping down as CEO of  NPR...see also Ron Schiller, unrelated...and the atrocities that came out of his mouth.)

But the left would like us believe women are all the same, and sometimes even victims, needing extra help or something -- when in real life, we are the MAJORITY of the American population, and raging! @ 157 Million (men @153 m) -- we are 55% of college graduates -- we are 66% of voters -- we are now 39% of workforce in management/professional positions (with 33%,  male) -- 5 million women are actually stay-at-home moms, compared to only 154,000 fathers (and if you think stay at home moms sit around eating bon-bons all day, you are sadly mistaken..take for example all the bloggers @ asamom.org...we're talking moms working from home, home schoolers, activists, you name it and the sky's the limit)

Now certainly, areas around the world need a little help; and America, can always find ways to improve; but the politics of women -- stay out of it!  Women, generally speaking, cannot be trivialized, generalized, or even canonized JUST because we have a couple of things hanging out on top; we don't belong to one side or the other; we cannot be taken over, with someone speaking for us or against us, as if one rule of thought dominates over another; we can't be laid out on a sheet pan, expected to bake at the same temperature, for the same length of time, and expected to turn out all the same -- the variables are simply too great; and isn't that the beauty of it! It is so great being a girl!

All the more reason pointing to this country's first truths -- self-reliance doesn't bow to gender (or a color for that matter), it works for everybody, equally and fairly.

As we see "democracy" unfold in Cairo -- let us pray for the women and children, and the men hell bent on misbehaving; let us pray for the Christians and the Muslims, to find a way to live together in peace; and let us thank our lucky stars, here in America, at least for now --

May we can consider ourselves privileged citizens, living in a nation in pursuit of our own happiness-es, respectful of the opposition in every way -- and may we grow to learn how to come to the table and talk about things, like grown ups, when we need to...without immediately lumping ourselves into a column either way; for the politics of some things just have no business whatsoever...schools, drilling, national defense of radical Islamic terrorists, NASA, NPR/PBS...little women...

Are we moving forward, or slipping backwards, just because we are so hung up on the politics of 'IT', whatever IT may be;  remember, way back when, in 2008, we all thought we were bringing in a guy who we had every faith would be different; with a true democracy working in over drive, he was supposed to be the guy promising a new America, and to help us all blend --  the moderator, the orator, the peacekeeper, the unite'r...nope, just a man, as always (no offense... it would work the same for a woman in power).

Make it a Good Day, G

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