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Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear America,

He's not really a risk taker, is he?

Case in point, he picked the favorites to get to Final Four:  Duke, Kansas, Ohio State, and Pittsburgh.

And just who got there?

Risk takers, underdogs, countrymen of different colleges but same spirit, teams with heart and soul leading the way, if not tattooed in their brains; the teams arriving at the coveted Final Four spot exhibit the kind of innovation and magic that is only made in the USA.  I, myself, kinda like VCU -- any college with the word Commonwealth within must be cool -- aside from the fact that my Aries side loves that little ram connection -- either way, we'll see where that leads soon enough.

He, the chosen one, seems to be only comfortable taking the lead when in comfortable, predictable, situations -- associating with the like-minded, other radicals, people who believe and think in community with each other, justifying any means to an end; or if not in alignment with "predictable", he takes an aggressive stance, putting the boot to the neck, ridiculing dissension by the opposition party as labeling them simply "teabaggers," jumping to conclusions against presumed authority and calling it "stupidity" -- but painfully hesitating to make a sound when America's honor and glory are being attacked, terrorized even, from the inside...as in Fort Hood.

No, he runs with the party line all the way to the hoop -- even if he misses.

Apparently, following the pack is just something that we (america) do now -- feeling very much punched in the stomach, like the favorite, totally upended in the final bell, all of a sudden, we are reduced to nothing right before our very eyes.

Robert Gates admitted Sunday that there was no immediate threat to the United States; while Hillary Clinton (the same Hill that wants out in less than two years from now)  added that it was the perceived humanitarian threat we acted upon.   So with that logic, anyone who appears likely to do any possible harm against humanity, we should attack anyway, even if there is no eminent danger for America specifically?

How did we get here?  How in the world did the party of make love, not war, come out of nowhere launching missile attacks based solely on the perception of things to come?  huh?

We are part of the coalition forces now enforcing a "no-fly zone" for a country that doesn't even have an official Air Force. huh?

We are part of coalition forces now thinking about supplying guns and ammo to 'the rebel forces' -- who may very well be playing on the same side as Al Queda.  huh?

We are part of coalition forces now turning our military over to the strategy and agenda of NATO, allowing even the United Nations to have the ball, allowing our sovereignty to sit on the bench for a long, long, drawn out campaign for all we know -- because, after all, who really knows, right (not even Clinton or Gates)?

...we have no idea who we are dealing with here, these are rebel forces meeting up with more cocky-and-nothing-to-lose rebel forces, and some with guns even!...sit tight, this seems to be anybody's game...


Our president hesitated on taking sides on this one for the longest time -- only being pushed into it by the new world order mandate, star player simply called, The UN; what was our president doing when the Libya situation was just beginning to heat up?  Oh, he was making his picks for the Final Four.

Let's review:  all of his picks (aka the favorites)... Duke, Kansas, Ohio State and Pittsburgh failed miserably.  Following the line of the favorites didn't really work for him, did it?

The thing is, this is HIS GAME we are talking about; this president, of all presidents probably to date, KNOWS, really KNOWS, basketball (and you thought I was gonna say foreign relations, silly...); this is what for the love of the game is all about (oops that is mixing baseball with b-ball, my bad); hoops -- this president plays it, breathes it, lives it and studies it in his spare time, for all I know -- probably talks about it while playing golf with the boys while half the world is going up in smoke...AND HE, oh chosen one, didn't get anywhere close to calling it right.  His final four crashed and burned.

How in the world does a guy with no military history, no respect for authority (really, let's be honest shall we, review the cold, hard stats all the way back... go to his own words, his books, his community organizer tapes of the game before he was president...), no experience with international relations, no reverence to America's sovereignty and exceptional-ism respective of how this franchise was built -- how could we ever have such highball hypocrisy in this position, being paid too much, for too little, and with such attitude?  Do I dare wonder, how does he maneuver a win for the home team, America, out of this?

Where is our true heart and soul?  Where is our will to win against all odds?  When will we get our game back -- and focus on the things that have made this country pretty great...

...saving umpteen questions as to why are we drilling in Brazil and not our Gulf and Anwar, why are we punishing Arizona for protecting our own security, why are we bankrupting our children with Obamacare, and why our president isn't leading congress on tackling the 1.1 Trillion dollar deficit, please pardon another play of words using the wrong sport....

...so many questions... and we're running out of time... good thing it only takes a nano-second in basketball to have the game turned upside down. I call for a miracle...a three pointer from the center...

It is a show of real character, and will, and self-reliance, that rises to the top in situations like the Final Four -- just as those same principles touch us all, equally and fairly, out in the real world.  America was built on the idea that it could be anybody's game, anybody's day, at any time -- as all things boil down to a wicked (and by wicked, I mean wicked good) combination of skill, knowledge, experience, heart, with a whole lot of good timing and the law of Any Given Sunday thrown in from the sidelines (and it wouldn't hurt to also carry the approach of consciously aligning with, not so much hoping God is on our side...but that we are playing on God's side).

oh, and at the risk of sounding like I'm dithering here, I wouldn't mind the Bulldogs to come out on top either, THEY COULD GO ALL THE WAY!

(darn it, you can take the girl away from the football, but you can't take the football out of the girl).

Now for Libya, now that things are totally stirred up -- democracy must prevail; but if the Wisconsin rebel forces/coalition/unions tell us anything at all...definition of democracy and what it looks like, acts like, is very much in question; as clear and present danger of the unknown wears us down, it is anybody's game, at any given time.

yea cloud.

Make it a Good Day, G

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