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Friday, March 18, 2011

Dear America,

as the world crumbles...

hey, this may be the last time you hear from me (yippy skippy, right?)  -- rumor has it, a ginormous cloud of radiation will be at my front stoop by morning...

...couple that glowing news along with the "supermoon" on the horizon and heading our way
...which, according to sound data from the best and the brightest, is bound to create the very conditions likely to set off  tsunamis and earthquakes some time before mid-afternoon
...which, ultimately, and very likely, have the capability of spiraling out of control before five
...which, very possibly, could cause most of California to be cut off from the mainland before sunset

-- life's been good -- love and kisses to you all -- fare the well -- arrivederci -- buh bye.

That, all the while, Moammar Gaddafi calls for a cease fire, yet keeps on shooting; while Japan struggles with a catastrophic PR fiasco, a nuclear energy disaster, and oh yeah, while about a half a million people didn't eat dinner last night and are struggling to stay alive in the midst of freezing temperatures; while Wisconsin has everything they ever wanted swept away overnight (at least for now) through the ever so popular rules for radicals means, perpetrating legislation from the bench, taking the idea 'elections have consequences' to a whole nother level; while the Saudi King is handing out 93 billion dollars to keep the peace, if not at the very least, trying to buy it; while our Secretary of State says she has had enough -- she's tired -- she will not be returning for a do-over, fly overs or not, if Obama gets re-elected (your timing is impeccable girlfriend) --

AND what is our fearless leader doing?

oh nothing much -- golfing, attending fundraisers, making his NCAA picks, motioning 4B's in spending cuts is good enough for government work, packing for vacation... in Rio (a-oh, he's leaving on the full moon).

Bombarded with mounting evidence that this country has totally lost it's marbles, I went to my happy place this morning -- The Patriot Post.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I love you, man...Are you not the tall glass of water this girl's been searching the world high and low for; just when I thought it was of no use, that no one could ever understand me, there you were, just waiting for me to turn the corner and bump right smack dab into you (oops, think you got peanut butter in my chocolate).

READ THIS from COLONEL Olly North.  it is really good and spot on.
Somebody -- hurry -- hang another star on this guy; c'mon, c'mon, we don't have much time...

and that's it; that is all you have to do today; I will not ask anything more of you -- considering, the end of the world is so near and all.

Make it a Good Day (for it may be your last...), G

wonder if going to Brazil has anything to do with making another money grab for SOROS...probably not, right?  we can't drill here...but we can drill for his friend george.  hmmmm

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