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Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear America,


it's a pretty strong word -- especially when well timed and stated with an intensity coming from the bellows of one's soul.

We know when we've had enough usually by an overwhelming sensation -- likely, in ways such as gas or heartburn, a knock at the door coming in tandem with bad news that sends us to our knees, a phone call demanding attention to something outside the realm of our control, and then, of course, plenty of tears to follow, a punch in the wall perhaps, or maybe even beating up on a poor, defenseless pillow within the immediate range. ENOUGH!

A familiar phrase growing up around the homestead was everything in moderation...too much of anything is simply too much; too many things... never value what you have; too much food...never value self control...and in turn, at risk of losing that girly figure; drink too much...just plain dumb, makes you appear dumb, and do dumb things, and at the very worse, may even hurt yourself or someone else;  spending too much...eating too much...working too much...playing too much...yelling too much...crying too much...watching tv too much...even exercising too much and sleeping too much...all of it can get to the point of being too much; only a step in the direction of moderation keeps the yin happy with the yang, and vice versa.

But now, in relation to all the world falling down around us -- enough! takes on a whole new meaning, doesn't it? Reaching a point when we simply say, not ONE MORE THING can happen...not one more thing...or else...I don't know what...but I just know, enough is enough and this is enough; I can't put one more thing on my plate.

Sort of like the straw that broke the camels back.

America, just so happens to be entertaining this sensation right about now; while personally, with another issue rising out of the engine of my car -- mind you, for the second time in just two months -- and this time falling victim to the shenanigans of a catalytic converter saying enough is enough, and right to my face, too -- I believe the overall sensation is more of a numbing feeling, than an outright blood curdling scream into the auto-sphere, testing my carma will.

But look at us, really; half of this country is screaming ENOUGH already! on nearly every issue under the sun.

Fascinating, if it weren't so frightening, the posture taken of late, dealing with a fiscal crisis in Washington -- how can anyone not realize that we are at ENOUGH?  How can anyone not understand, that even 61 Billion in cuts is not nearly ENOUGH?  Are you kidding me?  When we are faced with 1.6 TRILLION dollars in current deficits, and growing our debt another 5 T's after just a few short years, there are still congressmen/women who are still asking for more, please...having emphatically shot down the idea of a lap band, and utterly dismiss the new wave of "full bars," and even, all the while refusing to skip the extra snacks between sessions; self control and moderation long gone and bowing to extremism all the way.

Do they want to kill US (us, meaning the good ole US of A)?

If I were feeling more bold this morning, I might even call this behavior domestic terrorism -- I mean, that phrase seems to work for union members describing how Wisconsin is taking fiscal responsibility, anyway.

Now, a long, long time ago -- in the very years I was just a child -- I remember this country screaming about getting off our addiction to foreign oil, making our cars more energy efficient, altering our lifestyles to get out from under the OPEC arm, in order to become more self-sufficient in the area of our dependency on other nations, specifically, their good graces coupled with a healthy stash of natural resources (especially the ones that have the propensity for going a little rogue from time to time);  allowing for the very risk of THEM reaching the point of ENOUGH!  -- when it comes to relations with US --  that is just enough to keep us walking  the imaginary line of intimidation and capitulation and desperation, if you ask me; what kind of national security is that?

And yet, for forty or fifty years, those "in charge" never changed the way we operate, with In and with OUT;  sure, we have finally reached the making of a few hybrids worth a ride across town and back, but honestly, forty or fifty years ago, we were at ENOUGH already, with regard to our fierce disregard of our dependency upon foreign oil -- and look at us!  Nothing has really changed.

The reality is, we are STILL sitting on a wealth of oil and natural gas reserves in and around America's heartland -- only now with a host of alternative energies just waiting to blend in herewith -- as we watch us do the unthinkable; we stop deep water drilling, we put a hold on new drilling permits altogether, knowing full well that we have sat on ANWAR like we have had both hands tied behind our backs; we live in a land with a wealth of hot spots, just crying out for their day in the sun, to come to the defense of a nation  in dire need -- but what do we do?

basically nothing.

...except a whole lot of talk

...a whole lot of politicking from both sides of the aisle

...just a wicked combination of pandering, groveling, blaming, discrediting, lambasting, and the like... and that's just between this administration and America's oil companies -- and likewise, risking the very lives and livelihoods of those of us depending upon a healthy flow of good relations before the sun comes up, every day.  If I were in the business, I would simply drill; and then, tell my friends to drill; what, what are they gonna do, arrest us all?

Now Libya, only produces 3% of the world's oil -- and THIS is what happens when it's oil reserves are threatened  -- skyrocketing gas hikes, market mayhem, and for the most part, total anarchy against the western world?   This is what OPEC does to us after years of making them filthy rich?   If this is what happens losing little ol' Libya on the world stage, then God save us when Saudi goes down...everyone is screaming the sky is falling, the sky is falling...get a grip; who's in control?  what in the world are we doing?  Granted, we are all connected these days, but honestly, how can three percent take us out like this, and so fast?

With everything, really -- entitlement spending, cost of government spending, foreign oil dependency spending, overzealous unlimited congressional discretionary spending, bridges to nowhere and high speed rail to belly-up-ville spending, to Obamacare spending, to stimulus spending, to bailout spending, to Fannie and Freddie spending, union busing/poster making/protest spending....it's as if,  THEY -- the powers that be,  have been playing a twisted game of bringing the people to the buffet year in and year out, and  turning around and telling us they forgot their wallet each and every time; and now, all I can say is, ENOUGH!


we can be energy efficient 
and self-sufficient at the same time,
enough with this charade...enough.

seriously, we need to be thinking 
way beyond a measly 61 B's and so called "reckless cuts"....way; 
balance our budget with the money you have;
you can't have any more of our money...enough.

all radicalized Muslim activity here in America 
-- beginning with our colleges,
following very quickly with
organizations that are supposed to be our friend,
but are not...enough.

just create a true free market paving the way
for good, clean health care to operate fully and unencumbered...enough.

cease the choke hold upon the taxpayers of middle america,
modify the collective bargaining in place,
transfer power back to the people, 
for our future, everybody's future...enough

okay, me thinks that's enough.

that's where I'll leave you, with my top five ENOUGH-isms for the day... not too much, not too little, hopefully just enough to make you sense it's time to pull away from the table with me, before it's too late...

... returning to our personal power to control what goes in, what we swallow as truth, what we take for granted, and what we want for our future; as we morph into another realm of watching Washington lead us to the fountain of overindulgence in every way, or worse, the perverse over regulation of everything under the sun -- as we realize the mandate from last November, that enough is enough, is somehow getting lost in a sea of liberalism still very much in control... by way of lobbyists, union leaders, and czars still fomenting fundamental transformation, either by legislation, or regulation if we must.


now, if you'll excuse me, a pillow is calling my name; not sure if I will be crying in it, or hitting it with free abandon, either way, it's a means to an end.
Make it a Good Day, G

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