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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dear America,

So the Free Market used to be something we valued, cherished, and more or less, became the very thing synonymous with the word AMERICA.

The whole idea of collective bargaining itself, really began with the mandate enacted by our founders:

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."  Preamble of the Constitution...
With John Adams chiming in to make it very personal:

 "to see rising in America an empire of Liberty, 
and the prospect of two or three hundred 
millions of freemen, 
without one noble 
or one king 
among them."

So being quick to point out the obvious, we got to the 300 mil part --  oops-y-daisy, how about that, and we're back to being run by the power elite... the powers that be within the institutions of banking, governing, regulation and trade...a.k.a. those far nobler and wiser than I.

Can we be honest, the day things truly went belly up was the day the Central Banking System began babysitting our money  (let alone creating the methlab back behind the garage, fabricating the real stuff into a street drug of choice, attracting buyers from all over the world...it looks like money, acts like money, it must be money).

But of all things to do...leaving it, our money, and thereby us, in the hands of basically strangers like that...

...ever since then, the seeds for planting even the slightest indiscretion, to leaving room for salacious falls of human nature, give rise to what we see happening today...the pointing of fingers, the hiding of the paraphernalia, the ability to look back and rationalize what we have done, just plum opening the door to bad influences... on what otherwise is something chock full of good character,  and then, just when we realize we know we're in trouble, only begin to entertain thoughts that  make our hole even bigger -- tell another lie -- let's just make more of it -- making things only worse.

America was never intended to operate under any other regulation other than good, sound, principles and values -- beginning with the integrity of each and every person; the "collective" was each one of us individually standing for freedom and liberty for all of us.

As always, one of my favorite places to hide out, to figure out what's up, down, backwards and sideways, is via The Daily Bell and this morning is no exception; a fascinating conversation is going on right now, combining elements of terrorism, the power elites, espionage, hush money, play money, inside job, outside influences, sub-prime characters and big time pushers -- you name it, it's the reason for it -- all to describe the "2008 Crash..."

Central Banking was, and is, the worst idea ever to step foot in this house -- and it shouldn't be invited back -- along with the host of ill advised characters hangs around with it; while this gets back to our thoughts of yesterday, and the day before, who do we let our children hang with; what do we let them to listen to, where do they go all day long, and just who is keeping them in their safe care?

okay...so it's a roundabout way of bringing the conversation closer to home...whateverrrrr...

How about this news you can use, and coming to you by way of ASaMOM.org:  "instead of teaching the Preamble and Constitution as it is written, schools from coast to coast are indoctrinating children to Socialism thanks to a company called Teacher Created Materials."

The featured article "as a mom" instinctively redirects us to, is currently being unleashed on  THE BLAZE.com; and...all of a sudden, still feeling a little woozy...

...with wounds fresh from the culprits and shenanigans of central banking running amuck, within and around our house of reasonable calm and order,  principle and honor...as if that weren't enough...

...I think I need to sit down...

[after taking a moment for a few long, sweeping  breaths]

things seem to be getting clearer; I get it now;  we're no longer in Kansas anymore, booboo; for not only do we have to worry about the roof over our head, but the very foundation laid to rest -- no longer safely nestled in our bosom, for it's in the arms of total strangers near and far.

Our children are being used to create a new america, by indoctrination;  going so far as changing the meaning back behind the words of our very own Constitution, adulterating the preamble with the tinge of social justice reforms; is nothing sacred anymore?

Long gone down the road, the utterances of transcendentalists, like Emerson, elevating individualism to a life force far beyond it's measure in gold -- who in good turn,  leave their mark, a lasting impression, upon the hearts and minds and futures of a budding generation; no, our children never get a chance to understand the deeper thought, the truer, richer, collective meaning behind a preamble such as ours, with enough strength and conviction to build a nation, if we truly let it rip for even so much as a minute.

That 'general welfare' now includes "all basic needs" (housing, transportation, health care... and labor laws...)  That THIS is being TAUGHT to our babies... is just enough for G to totally OD for one day.
If it's not the outside, it's the inside, wreaking havoc upon the lifespan of America; will we ever be able to get ourselves clean in time?

"For every thing that is given something is taken...
Society acquires new arts and loses old instincts"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Make it a Good Day, G

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