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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear America,

so anyone watch the video coming out of Japan about the dog...the pooch who can't seem to leave the side of one of his own; the video is in Japanese, so hard to know anything more than what we see -- a dog, in great pain, aside another dog in even greater pain; hard to also know which pain is worse.  here is the link to see for yourself...unleashed and nowhere to go.

Now, in direct contrast to that, I believe it was Sunday edition, where the creative genius back behind the strip, Pardon My Planet, Vic Lee, showed a guru sitting atop a mountaintop with crisscrossed legs -- assuming him to be face to face with a devotee, when the guru says to the guy: "No matter how dark life may seem, my son -- I have learned that great joy comes not from within,  but by feeding peanut butter to the dog."

For myself, in the midst of feeling Japan's pain, it struck me -- I believe also sometime Sunday morning -- while gazing over at my Boo Boo -- and now taking the whole canine connection and entirely new direction -- that there he was, sitting in the sunshine, nestled in his favorite chair, totally oblivious to the world around him, let alone the destruction, the despair, the humanity (including the dog-a-rama world, and beyond) thoroughly shaken to the very core.

Nope.  He had his breakfast, he's in the midst of his mid-morning nap, not to be confused with his early afternoon siesta, and all is right with the world. Don't bother me, I'm sleeping...again.

All of a sudden, I remember what Oprah told a pack mule she once road (when camping in Yosemite not that long ago); poking a little fun at the mule -- the same mule she has planted her big, bad self high on top of -- something to the effect of, 'ya know what you need to do, is come back as one of my dogs...' hardy har har.

heck, who are we kidding, I would come back as one of her dogs.

And that's when my revelation hit me:  I am willing to die, risk life and limb, for an energy policy that creates a a little less conversation, and a little more self-sufficiency.  that's a spin on Elvis by the way...thank you, thank you very much...

But seriously, I live about 50 miles -- as the egret flies -- from the San Onofre Nuclear Facility, which sits just up the coast from Solana Beach...and in close proximity of one of the best surfing spots around, too.


And I don't believe it is because my head is in the sand, or that I am just in between a morning nap and an afternoon siesta, I believe it is just a matter of understanding, in my heart, what will happen tomorrow may happen -- oh well.  Life goes on.  I have every faith that if I were to die, by catastrophe of this nature or of any kind, what is there to really be afraid of; I simply die; I am in heaven already, thanks be to God.

Does this mean we should stack up our liabilities and added precautions so high, with regulations and moratoriums,  and subsequently deconstruct the very foundation of energy self-sufficiency and efficiency already in motion, simply because we are afraid?

Does this mean there is no need to be vigilant, in order to prepare ourselves -- including taking the necessary precautions and making the appropriate engineering changes to the system already in place?  Of course not -- anyone watch GB yesterday?

Aside from the beginning of the show, when he bounced from being a wee bit punchy to all out unglued (funny stuff) -- he spoon fed us the real story back behind the Three Little Pigs -- and neither holding back on the grim, the grime or the sublime... bravo, GB, bravo (makes me wonder, again, how can people 'not get you' -- if not also find themselves at your feet from time to time with true affection, loyalty, and sense of calm); for anyone to be truly threatened by the ramblings of the great GB, one would have to question their motivations and intentions, if not also their education -- for hardly is it a crime in posing the what if's out loud, including the questioning of authority, and all that begs well for a looking after with a fine toothed comb. no?

which leads me to wonder, what is the NY TIMES really afraid of anyway?  that people might actually be drawn to the opinions not lock, stock and barrel connected to the hard core left and all of the insensibility that comes wagging along behind it?  Unbelievable -- changing the NYT Best Seller qualifications -- basically relegating the political pundits of the right brain to the back of the house, with the best of show now labeled under the 'How To' selections on the day; can you spell yellr'?  we can see right through you you know...

And along that subject -- and adding to the long list of being deemed worthy of something through nothing more than the miracle of smoke and mirrors -- the White House hesitated on taking a bow for "transparency" within -- having postponed the celebration until such time they felt more entitled to the hoopla and self-promotion.  and a big sigh of relief there...that was a close one...let us just go back to sleep.

Not to dismiss what is happening in Japan -- but a startling reminder of the devastation, very much still alive and well in Haiti, makes things hard to compare; 200,000 people have died there, in Haiti (that link leads you to further hindsight and forewarning from The Patriot Post).

Linked, in the chain of events around the world, is the macro-revelation of being held captive, as a citizen, under an administration clearly and totally unprepared for so much to happen at the same time. Or does all of this play exactly to their beckon call --  just another round of fetch under the great scheme for social justice and a new world order....  Read this from The Daily Bell: Ben and Barry... and read this too...it's not easy being green, but we'll get there, come hell or high water.

The thing is, today, I WISH I were my dog -- loved from head to toe with not a care in the world, with nothing more to do then melt the day away.

But as a girl-- sugar and spice and everything nice...made of the heavens... and chock full of human nature bursting at the seams -- my emotions are overflowing and then some; so much of our world is so far beyond complicated it's not even funny.

But the funny thing is, sometimes,  we make it so much more complicated than it ever has to be.

...just let us drill, let us explore, let us build, let us rebuild, let us create a world that does not rely on the kindnesses of strangers and frenemies -- is that asking too much? Let us take care of ourselves, and the ones we love, as if this were our last; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the cornerstone of our nation's fundamental principle for LIVING, not death; our lives should be expanding with possibilities instead of contracting in the doom and gloom of tomorrow, making our own restrictions rule the day.

come here my little boo, mama needs a kiss.

Make it a Good Day, G

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