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Monday, November 8, 2010

Dear America,

So he's half way round the world and he's still messing with the press.

Not Obama; but the White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, who was in his usual meltdown posture having been trumped by the self-appointed king of correspondents in India -- he tried to pull rank on Gibbs, by disallowing "the White House 8" from entering the meeting room, with Gibbs threatening to pull Obama out of the meetings if the guy didn't back down (right, but it looked good), bringing it to crescendo of words and grimaces.

I just find it amusing -- but then I'm easy these days, nearly everything makes me laugh in a punch drunk sort of way, as my life is so full of 'woe is me's' --  I can just about find humor and cling to anything that moves, thinks, breathes, or is remotely disguised as funny in a heart beat.

Similar to my Sunday morning experience when I caught a bit of Meet the Press with David Gregory; right off the bat he was interviewing Jim DeMint, Gentleman and Senator from South Carolina, grilling him about the Tea Party -- and it came to me; the difference between the right and the left with regard to reading the tea leaves is a matter of whether the teacup is half empty or half full.

Gregory is so ready to throw hot water all over DeMint, beginning with taking the liberal stance asking something like this:  so like, is the Tea Party, like, controlling the republican party, or something?

What gives?  Talking to DeMint like they were all just a bunch of stupid puppets...

What could he say to that, right?

"Hardly" -- with a chuckle -- is how.  While I'm thinking to myself, what a stupid question.

The Left really doesn't understand the Tea Party Phenomenon at all.  They just don't get it.

Since the beginning, after constant degradation of the Tea people as "astroturf," "racists," "extremists," or "tea baggers" --  or at best, passing the entire movement off as having no credibility, validity, or future, dating back to the good old days when it began to take root and spread across the nation, like an annoying weed that keeps popping  up in between the bricks  -- our press has basically joined in and vilified the Tea Party with abandon.  Free, fair, unbiased press -- poppycock!

Let's just go into the second question, did the Tea Party cost the GOP the Senate?

wait for it...

"that is a very silly thing to say, David," with a fair amount of giggles added on for good measure.

Seriously, that's what DeMint said; moving right on in to remind dear Davey boy, and the rest of us watching the early morning stand up but sitting down routine, the real truth; the GOP was nearly DOA just two years ago.  David, did you get hit on the head recently?  What's with the short term memory loss?  Hello.

Yes, David, there is a Santa Clause, and it's name is "Santa T" to the GOP -- the stocking is half full here, if you haven't noticed -- the Tea Party saved the GOP from a well deserving death... given just how far this country has fallen away from our founding principles, our limited government, and our loyalty to the common man, and the party emboldened to protect it.

The GOP is supposed to be the actual party respective of this very element, fortified in understanding and ranking, in taking our rightful place; for just who sits on the seniority list trumping every branch of government?


The left brain think tanks and liberal journalists should have seen this coming; they should have been smart enough to figure this one out long ago, given our history (but heck, I guess it's only their nature, they can't help it, they are blinded by their own enlightenment, and bent on progressing, pressing forward, no matter what cost).

Instead of embracing the Tea Party, and celebrating the grassroots movement founded simply upon the idea that America has been "TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY"  -- one that embodies a feeling all Americans could readily share and support, I mean, who likes taxes? They -- the press -- moved in by taking the position of opposition, trying to show them in a bad light, attempting to highlight the ridicule and amplify an argument of class warfare versus simply joining in, in a spirit of one for all and all for one.

The TEA Party is for all Americans -- left or right, black, white or brown, young and old, for ALL, whether you accept it for yourself as true, or not.

No, the press decided they would rather be a wedge, a cog in the wheel, a manufacturer of untruths creating an atmosphere that only heightened a sharpened civil divide.  The press negatively impacted the mindset of America at the Tea Party's first blush -- and they know it; and unbelievably, they are still doing it!

DeMint just had to laugh, though...that's a good one, David, ha ha ha...

Just as the entire Tea Party is basking in the aftermath of the "shellacking."

The Tea Party is doing backstrokes; we've been whopping it up, splashing around, and having a good old time over the course of the last several days.  The Tea Cup is half full and we are swimming in it -- and sticks and stones might break our bones but words will never hurt us. nana na na nana 

The Left can make fun of the Tea all they want; but the best thing the press could do now is join us -- as to go against the founding principles of this great nation, to run counter to the high tide of enthusiasm in our crystal clear Constitution and Declaration of Independence endowed by our forefathers, is a stand defiant, going rogue, almost villainous, maybe even criminal; for when it comes to protecting the rights and liberties for which we stand -- WE, as in America -- compromise on nothing.

What is happening within our very own government is a high crime -- one of the highest kind; for it is a crime against country, our faith, and our future.

America is not a well worn slogan just waiting for a new image; our fundamentals have not changed.

What the Tea has refreshed in us is a link to our past, an understanding of where we have been, freely giving way to an expression of what we want in our future.  The tea leaves have spoken to a vast majority of us, whether or not the press is with us, or not.  We are not afraid and we know what we must do to save ourselves, our children, and most of all, America, as a whole, each and every one of us, as individuals, who are lucky enough to call her home.

There is simply no logical reason for the out of control taxation --  the answer, our only protection, comes by way of the people's representation.  What we realize, now, is that we were all clinging to the wrong things, for the wrong reasons, and without thinking.  We were careless with our liberty; but make no mistake, it won't happen again (another reason the press should hop on board).

We are America -- and by definition, it stands for freedom in every which way to Sunday -- even to Sunday's Meet the Press, after church, of course.  The Free Press should be lapping it up, the Tea, along with all the rest of us who know better these days -- for the Tea is akin to our authentic selves.

I am just now getting into a new book, by William Wilberforce, an Englishman from a couple of hundred years ago.  We'll get more into him, and the book itself, later, no doubt -- I don't want to spoil it and give away the name quite yet yet.  But one of his earliest realizations goes like this:

"It makes no sense to take the name of Christian and not cling to Christ.  Jesus is not some magic charm to wear like a piece of jewelry we think will give us good luck. He is Lord.  His name is to be written on our hearts in such a powerful way that it creates within us a profound experience of His peace and a heart that is filled with His praise."

The thing is, it makes no sense to take the name of American and not cling to Her like there is no tomorrow, especially right now.  We have reason and good sense telling us to hold onto Her -- for we are witness to life without authentically living within the boundaries of her kindnesses and offerings for far too long.

THIS is what happens when we abuse America's good graces, when we run amuck as human beings taking for granted everything under the sun.

The Left seems bent on believing it is some kind of backwards thinking; while the press continues to grant them some kind of weird higher authority through mass producing and elevating their liberal definition of America for all who will listen.  What they both chose to ignore, or discredit, is the groundswell building underneath their feet -- the House is only part and parcel of the foundation being laid; it is simply a sign we are getting our groove back, as Americans. 

The Tea Party did not cost the GOP the Senate; it gave them a taste for success to spill over into it; the Tea Party does not "control" the GOP,  "hardly" -- it speaks on behalf of we the people  -- and by the looks of things so far, only the GOP has taken a sip, sitting there waiting patiently now for the cream to come around.

...cream... in the tea, is an English thing, you know...

Only we, the people, are at the discretion to pass it on -- while, as luck should have it, the people give way to an even Higher Authority for direction (at least in their heart of hearts, time will tell if we will choose to improve in this area, or not).

on that note, gotta go (say it like a Brit).
G suddenly has an urge for some tea... so cheerio... pinkies out... good show old chap, Gregory, good show indeed.

Make it a Good Day, G

baby, baby baby baby...oh....thought you'd always be mine...
sing it Beiber...on dear America...for a lot of reasons.

 On a heavier note:
 You know what "extremists" the press should worry about, the kind that say this:
"Don't consult with anybody in killing the Americans," Anwar, the Yemeni Cleric, said. "Fighting the devil doesn't require consultation or prayers seeking divine guidance. They are the party of the devils," he added. It is "either us or them."  I think it was Sunday, the post American turned Islamic leader, Anwar said this, yeah yeah, it was Sunday, or does that mean it was Monday, in Yemen?  Does it really  matter?

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