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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dear America,

"It's not just going to be a photo op."
day after the day after

what a difference another day makes.

so, after yesterday's press conference, and coming out trying real hard to appear humbled by the new set of circumstances after he failed, miserably; we get another dial back and correction on the fly, posturing himself to be some kind of president, quasi mediator, quasi wizard of oz, offering to bring up both sides to the table on November 18.

so then, why do I feel like screaming "it's too late" or "you lie" at the top of  my lungs?

Ugh.  This guy is so exasperating.

While on Wednesday, just when we began to think he was leveling with us, he throws in this notion that perhaps it's our fault or that we may have misread something, or perhaps they didn't really communicate clearly enough..as if, silly people, you know, there you go thinking that this is my agenda or something...not to be confused with something really, really big, like responding to an emergency situation...

Please, allow for me to linger on one of the finer moments of the day:

Savannah Guthrie Question: Just following up on what Ben just talked about. You don't seem to be reflecting or second-guessing any of the policy decisions you've made, instead saying the message the voters were sending was about frustration with the economy, or maybe even talking about too a failure on your part to communicate effectively. If you're not reflecting on your policy agenda, is it possible voters can conclude you're still not getting it?  [you go girl]

President Obama Well, Savannah, that was just the first question [all snippy like], so we're going to have a few more here. I'm doing a whole lot of reflecting. And I think there are going to be areas in policy where we're going to have to do a better job. You know, I think that over the last two years, we have made a series of very tough decisions, but decisions that were right in terms of moving the country forward in an emergency situation, where we had the risk of slipping into a second Great Depression.

But what is absolutely true [here we go]  is that with all that stuff coming at folks fast and furious - a recovery package, what we had to do with respect to the banks, what we had to do with respect to the auto companies - I think people started looking at all this and it felt as if government was getting much more intrusive in people's lives than they were accustomed to.   
[you called it.  yes! you get it now]

Now, the reason was there was an emergency situation, [oh, I get it...] but I think it's understandable that folks said to themselves, you know, maybe this is the agenda as opposed to [just] a [logical] response to an emergency. [WOW did he really say that out loud?]  And that's something that I think, you know, everybody in the White House understood was a danger.

We thought it was necessary, but - you know, I'm sympathetic to folks [but I will continue to ignore you anyway] who looked at it and said this is looking like potential overreach. You know, in addition, there are a bunch of price tags that went with that. And so, even though these were emergency situations, people rightly said, gosh, we already have all this debt, we already have these big deficits; this is going to potentially going to compound it; and at what point are we going to get back to a situation where we're doing what families all around the country do, which is make sure that if you spend something, you know how to pay for it, as opposed to racking up the credit card for the next generation?  
[yes yes yes, yes yes yes]

And I think that the other thing that happened is that - you know, when I won election in 2008, one of the reasons, I think, that people were excited about the campaign was the prospect that we would change how business is done in Washington. And we were in such a hurry to get things done, that we didn't change how things got done. And I think that frustrated people.[no, let us be then a little more clear mr. president -- we are simply paying more attention these days to just how the sausage is made; we just never stepped foot in the kitchen before...and as for what we see...we no likey likey-- the recipe, the process and outcome, sucks]

You know, I'm a strong believer that the earmarking process in Congress isn't what the American people really want to see when it comes to making tough decisions about how taxpayer dollars are spent. And I, in the rush to get things done, had to sign a bunch of bills that had earmarks in them, which was contrary to what I had talked about. And I think, you know, folks look at that and they said, gosh, this - this feels like the same partisan squabbling, this seems like the same ways of doing business as happened before.
And so, you know, one of the things that I've got to take responsibility for is not having moved enough on those fronts.[only just now beginning to sound human...like he wants to get it, but doesn't really know how; he wants to sound like he is willing to change his direction, to change the course, but he really can't, because deep down he really believes that he's right, that he has more wisdom on his side, when it comes to pretty much everything]

And I think there is an opportunity to move forward on some of those issues. My understanding is Eric Cantor today said that he wanted to see a moratorium on earmarks continuing. That's something I think we can - we can work on together.

Savannah prodding further...cuz you know, he didn't really get it the first time: But do you still resist the notion that voters rejected the policy choices you made?

President Obama: Well, you know, Savannah, [painfully showing civility when he really wants to scream] I think that what I think is absolutely true is, [say what?] voters are not satisfied with the outcomes. I mean, if -- if right now we had 5 percent unemployment instead of 9.6 percent unemployment, then people would have more confidence in those policy choices. The fact is - is that, you know, for most folks, you know, proof of whether they work or not is, has the economy gotten back to where it needs to be? And it hasn't. And so my job is to make sure that, you know, I'm looking at all ideas that are on the table.

When it comes to job creation, if Republicans have good ideas for job growth that can drive down the unemployment rate and we haven't thought of them [already], we haven't looked at them [because we think they are stupid] but we think they have a [snowballs] chance [in hell] of working, we want to try some.[again, what are you really saying? are you just saying that to make it look like you want bi-partisanship, like it sounds good anyway...as if this is what the people want to hear you say? cuz the look on your face was a wee bit disingenuous and a whole lot of insincere]

You know, so on the policy front, I think the most important thing is to say that we're not going to rule out ideas because they're Democrat or Republican. We want to just see what works. And ultimately I'll be judged as president [like, I'll be the judge of that] as to the bottom line: results.

and then he went on to question number three...go to whole transcript, if you wish, here.
So, in the end, we, the people, will be the judge on that; and something tells me, you don't really get that or care, the means to the end is nearer and closer to your heart.

You know, totally unrelated, he says "you know" a lot.

Bottom line, this was just one question, from one reporter -- and as sweet as she was -- but truthfully, the entire hour could be picked apart like this; looking at the finer points, matching body language and expression with how he responded, looking back after all that was said and done, the bottom line is: this is as good as it gets for Obama.

No longer sheltered by a press hanging on his every word, and laughing the whole day through, because he's so cool like that, we are finally coming to the real deal; nearly every question was picking at the president to get the real dirt, the real feelings back behind the mid-term elections, and we never really got it; he held his emotions tight to his chest, piercing lips, and folded hands, fighting back his own demons to lash out and speak his mind.

But make no mistake, when it comes to the man himself -- it's not personal, it's business; we are just not buying what he's selling, but we sure like his suit and love his charming smile, you know, the one he used to flash to us so often and we would all go ahhhhhhhhhhhh he's so cute...just sends a chill all up and down the leg...

The thing is, the government is just making things way more difficult than they have to be -- seriously.

Times were all so simple back with less regulation, less controls, less laws even -- when it all came down to being a moral people of sound mind and loving heart, living from a place of doing the right thing as much as seemingly possible.  We had it good back then, even in the Great Depression -- cause we had each other, we had our will to overcome adversity, we had a huge faith in America, our family, our God, our future, our ability to make each generation better than the one before.

Sure, we hated banks then, like we hate them now, but get over it -- like government, it is a necessary evil; but at least money, believe it or not, makes the world go round; without money, or the impetus to make more of it, to earn it, to save it, to invest it, to allow for it to grow and build into long term security or provide a roof over our head or even buy a happy meal (just not in the S.F. area) is absolute to get around in this world.

Now, we are raising a nation of entitlement babies and regulation junkies -- whether for rich or for poor, we are spoiled little ingrates who have no idea anymore of what it takes to be a country of individual free spirits, reveling in free enterprise, and celebrating our liberty to be anything we want to be.  You know, call me funny, but I just didn't see this coming; just how did we go from the weekend at Woodstock to this...

We stopped working for it.
We stopped teaching it.
We stopped celebrating it.
We stopped truly understanding it, at the very core.

It, being the privilege of living in America.

Newsflash, the government does not create jobs -- only a bureaucracy we can't afford to keep any longer; you ALL should be ashamed of yourselves, equally and squarely, recalling and amending a recent piece of brilliance once said "no person, no party, has a monopoly on [the lack of] wisdom" either.
Just as this nation was raised on the principle of tithing ten percent (yes, we were, don't argue with me), so must we act, to save our souls and lift us out of this hole that took fifty to hundred years to make -- that is, give or take an administration's "agenda", I mean, their response to an emergency.

THINGS TO DO TODAY, according to Plan G:

  • Cut TEN percent across the board right now -- this year, tomorrow hopefully -- and again the next year -- and the next year; 
  • repeal the amendment, but immediately allow for states to sell health insurance across state lines in order to create a real competitive environment, just as we do for our autos, and change the paradigm overnight -- insurance companies will actually be competing for our dollar... wow, what a concept; 
  • return the Department of Education to the level of 1972 -- I was ten, and I remember this was a really good year...ah come on, that's logical, no? -- anyway, bring it back to the state control, who in turn, turn it more over to more local jurisdiction, as not every neighborhood needs the same thing, and how in the world can D.C. administer light years away -- not well, and now we have over forty years of proof; 
  • let companies fail -- it happens all the time, especially these days -- no company is too big; 
  • face the music when it comes to Social Security and Medicaid and Medicare -- make the hard changes now, otherwise they will be gone, change the new retirement age, grandfather in those over age 50 today, prepare future generations to cover themselves under new allowances, free market accounts, and encouraging private, non-governmental, programs; 
  • no earmarks, no slipping unrelated things into three to 3,000 page bills...ever; 
  • just start! for God's sakes, stop talking about it and start doing something now.

Oh, my gosh, almost totally forgot, start with keeping all of the Bush Tax Cuts, permanently -- we are already have the distinguished honor of holding the highest corporate tax rates in the world -- let families and businesses actually breathe, let them plan for the future, starting today. Change the name if you must to the Obama Tax Cuts -- looking forward, that should seal the deal for the man.

You know, this got a little long winded; but you know, looking back, I have no regrets, for "I think that what I think is absolutely true!"  Gosh, it feels good to be right, right, Mr. President?  (turn and smile for the camera now, yes you can look cool, calm, and collected...indeed. well done.)

and for the rest of us, let us revel in the notion our dear president is sympathetic to the folks, anyway.

Yesterday showed us a very different Barack Hussein Obama -- he was lifeless, somber, dejected and thoroughly annoyed by having to say anything or answer to anybody at all.  Except for that "Slurpee summit" moment, there was just no way of hiding it.

I guess the show's over folks; the look of  vigor and strength and grassroots passion we saw back in November of 2008 is nowhere to be seen -- correction, it seems to only come out in the cover of darkness, or when he is either campaigning or shoving unwanted, intrusive legislation down the people's throats.  Yesterday, the good will hunting young stud turned into old guy right before our eyes, and that just isn't something to smile about.

ugh.  we have such a long way to go.  everybody say cheese.

Make it a Good Day, G

love Louis Armstrong, and he's playing for you just a click away on Dear America...bless his spirit...wonder what he's singing in heaven today?  A little number from 1962, the year I was born -- talk about bringing me into a wonderful world...we are so very lucky here in America and just look how far we've come...

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