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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear America,

Just an everyday commoner. Yes indeed.

As you should know, I'm taking this as a sign.  Maybe even a sign from God, but that would be getting ahead of myself, now wouldn't it.

Go Kate; as in Kate Middleton, engaged to be the next princess of Great Britain.  Middleton, it just sounds British, no? The d's roll into the t's and it becomes this fluttering alliteration of sound and substance that permeates from the back of the throat through hundreds of years of history. I could listen to a Brit all day.

And they were so cute, the two of them, just gushing over their announcement of eight years and coming.  Diana must be smiling and crying all at the same time.

But let's get back to the commoner.
Isn't it brilliant that we are receiving her into our hearts when all points of light seem to rally around the common man.  And not just here in the states, but everywhere; the common man is either rising up against the travesties of an overzealous government, demonstrably and orderly, as in the Tea Party movement, or they are rioting in protest across the world's stage.  Either way, the commoner is king, demanding attention, forcing the government elite to change their wicked ways, somehow, some way.

However, a frightening reality is beginning to take shape; are we, as a world order, already too tied up together to make a break?

The common man questioned the timing and ability for America to make a break from the tyranny of jolly old England over two hundred years ago -- they agonized over making the decision -- and to think, things were all so simple then.

But now look at the world, one country goes over the nation-to-nation call allowance and we all know about it...as we begin screaming, those were my minutes!...how can you talk so long!....who are you talking to and what are you up to?  Get your head out of the I-phone and can't we talk about this first?  Can't we just talk, like two reasonable, mature nations all wanting the same thing for everybody else, but you know, privately, on our own, without peeking on the text messages back and forth?  While, with all that being said, you know how the game of telephone ends, what began as "look forward to seeing  you in Germany on Sunday, and France on Tuesday" turns into "took Ireland to the cleaners on Monday -- and can we dance in Greece Wednesday?"...you know how it goes.

The thing is, the way this world is being re-engineered, once one line gets dropped, we all go. Game of Dominoes anyone?

Whatever ever happened to the cry of locals rule?  What ever happened to the hippies of yesteryear, who preached the gospel of buying local, making our own goods, community gardens and teaching our own children in the communal school of life and partnership and profit sharing?  Where are these people decreeing a sense of urgency, returning to, quite possibly, our agricultural roots?  Where are the anarchists who just want to be left alone, to live off the land and love one another, peacefully?

Realizing we manifested from Divine Providence, out from the inherent birthright endowed by our Creator, firmly grounded in the principles of freedom and liberty for all, rising out of necessity to liberate the common man from over taxation without representation, and surely a life of serfdom, according to the ties that bind dictated from the top down from Kings, Elitists, and Parliamentary rule -- domineered from the Church of England, no less -- I just have to wonder, HOW DID WE GET HERE?

I am just so mad.

I am just so mad... bullocks, piss-off, oh bloody hell, and away with you and this madness. 

this is simply not the way it was supposed to turn out...

there are things going on now in this world that do not make sense.

How can we logically and reasonably control what goes on in the backyard of China, when we don't even have a handle on our own?

How can we dictate a total world order, when in fact our local neighborhood elementary school is upside down and ass backwards, being told how to teach from the top down from  the principles office or 3500 miles away -- with some kids not even being able to hang a flag on the back of their bike?

How can we solve local traffic issues, building permits, city redevelopment, pension problems, bank loans from a bureaucracy that lives in a whole 'nother world, and in airy-fairy land where sky's the limit, money's no object?

How can we teach our children to be connected to something bigger than Facebook -- to Something greater than themselves -- a faith that inspires loving, honorable, gracious, joyous, continuous creation in every day life, connected to the Source of all things?

I believe (and again, what do I know...) the world needs to just get a hold of themselves right quick -- and it's not by linking arms, bank accounts, currency, and family share plans.

It's called having all the world get on their hands and knees in prayer -- I mean, look at it this way, Muslims are doing it right now, right?  They are all doing the Hajd thing right now, in Mecca, or the promised land, bowing in prayer...right now, as we speak.  What do you think they are praying for?  Do you think 'world peace' is up there? Do you wonder if they hope and pray Iran isn't really going to make a bomb, and make matters worse, use it?  Are they praying for a good poppy harvest? or the war in Afghanistan to come to an end, or if maybe the Cowboys have a chance in hell to bring their winning streak to two?  Do they pray for just Muslim children, or all kids?  In any event...

We all pray; some of us do it with a Christian God, others, not so much; some follow Mohammed, others follow Jesus, some don't believe in anyone but themselves -- and that is their prerogative -- to each their own, right.   But we are surrounded by belief systems, whether in place for centuries, or only in the last thirty days.

Some even turn over their faith to a bottle; in any case, we must bow our heads in prayer to whatever that is for you and call upon the Almighty One to save us, guide us, bring us back to the time when we were One with It, to the extent that every action we made, we aligned ourselves with It before ever making a single move...for our fallen human condition these days is, after all, of our own making.

But to think we can fix ourselves by simply trusting in each other, to ban together, holding onto each other for dear life, pulling everyone down in the process, gasping for air, impetuously turning one country's chance for a life raft into a global catastrophe of Titanic proportions...we will sadly be mistaken.

There is a way to have world cooperation; there is a path holding each other to a higher consciousness, in relationship to satisfying our needs on a global scale; there is a logical, orderly way of living with accountability, with just the right amount of impetus to do the right thing for all parties involved; there is way.

The bottom line, is that the golden rule is still golden.

We have done it before; and we can do it again.

"Mere morality is dwarfish
compared to the results of true faith.  
Morality as an answer to the pitiful state 
of the human condition
reveals a total misunderstanding 
of the enormous problem of the fallen human condition."

yes, my favorite Brit these days, William Wilberforce

We need to bring the conversation and our attention down a notch, or two.  

This is simply not our world to play with -- we are on loan; and if I may be so bold (say it like a Brit, it sounds better) we struggle with our every day totally, and absolutely, coming from the wrong perspective; primarily, we come up from the earth, from a lower vantage point, which over time, manifested into a rather feeble attempt to run the world according to man; at this juncture, I do believe there is no need to push the envelope any further... we should all get it by now; we have failed as human beings, thoroughly, and miserably.

Between our phony faith, that narrowly gets us by, over the last several decades... to the continuous days of reckoning from forces beyond our control through radical "jihad" against the heathens of the world...  to the return of tyranny, taking away our liberties, in epic proportion... to all the world grappling with the reality that we have done it to ourselves, all at the same time, for a myriad of reasons under a host of liabilities in each our own season -- we are linked in ways we never conceivably thought possible.

In light of what is happening the world over, a namby-pamby faith is simply not going to cut it, people.

Prince William was ready to take his faith, in Kate rather, to the next level; in front of the world he made his intentions known.  So sweet.

And just what, pray tell, do we do for God?   What have we done for Him come lately?

As a people of faith, WHAT DO WE DO in our every day, to show our thanksgiving, to sing His praise, to bow to our knees in humble prayer; it is not enough to simply say, I'm a believer (even if in song, and yes, of course it's playing on Dear America, duh!) -- we must take a leap of faith and show it, prove it, give it our highest honor and our deepest reverence.  We must live by it, walking in the image of God, whether a follower of Christ, Mohammed, the Buddha, Whatever you wanna call It, if only It be little old youIf that's the best that you got, then as long as you bring no harm, honor that, I'm not here to convince you of anything, not that I really could, right...

The thing is, in this day, this I know -- our world will fall to pieces without the proper foundation for goodness and charity and liberty and freedom to grow and prosper.  It's as simple as that. 

A spiritual re-birthing is what needs to happen; we need to be more fully engaged with that which really makes us tick; our marriage made in heaven begins with a commitment to principles and values worthy of a lifetime -- till death do us part -- and then not really, as for many of us, we believe in everlasting life...which is kind of a nice thought given where we are today, isn't it.  isn't it?

Cheerio and 
Make it a Good Day, G

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