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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dear America,

"what we do know about this man is that,
he's smart --  
he gets it --  
he wants this country to work."
Alexis Herman, Secretary of Labor, Clinton Administration

I guess, it's all in how you look at it. 

In context, Herman was speaking on behalf of our president and how he, according to her, is being perceived by most Americans -- her point, that he gets it, and he's with US all the way.

Well, with all due respect Ms. Herman, I don't think we do...you know, get that...about this man.

Time will tell now, won't it; and when I say "time," I mean in about two hours and twenty minutes.  At about that time, we will have heard from our dear one in the oval office in person.

But suffice it to say, we have awoken to a whole new meaning of D-day, haven't we?  What an invasion, and how -- oh how the day after can change everything, no?

I can't wait to hear it, though; while, I believe if I sit really quiet, I think I can almost hear the spin machine working overtime as we speak; but just how does he do it, really?   You know, Obama.

How does he come out acting all presidential after throwing republicans haphazardly under the bus for the last two years -- after the constant rebuking of the previous administration -- after calling conservatives marching everywhere, as teabaggers -- after allowing for the racial epithets from various organizations, and even within his party, to sound against anyone who opposes Obama-care, the stimulus, the bailouts, the rampant spending spree of 3.5 trillion dollars -- after basically telling republicans, "get to the back" just a couple of weeks ago -- after only just a few days ago, calling out to Latinos (in ghetto accent and all) to get out the vote "punish" our "enemies" --

so just how does he do it?

Just how stupid do you think we are?

How can a president who stormed the beaches of bi-partisanship, clinging to the belief "we're not a black America, we're not a white America" that the election of 2008 was about ALL of America and ALL that she stands, inclusive, united, and in a spirit of Yes We Can, and only turn around upending all possibility of creating that reality, really pull that off? 

It was this spirit of bi-partisanship that swept through the hearts and minds of all Americans that put you into office, marking -- I would have to assume -- one of the greatest  nights of your life, Mr. President  -- while, up until about yesterday, about 9:05 Pacific time, lay dormant, having all signs of life nearly snuffed out over the last two years.

What is funny, looking back, is that last night is nothing new; we've been chatting it up with our neighbor, we've been organizing in our community, we've been speaking loud and clear for many moons now -- and all along the way, we've been totally and unequivocally ignored!

And just how were we -- the people -- received, perceived and disbelieved?  Unprecedented by your own personal attacks, audaciously by your party's continuous and blatant attacks on the people's character, and basically going by way of your community organizing mentor, Saul Alinsky -- disparage, discredit, ridicule, disparage, discredit, ridiucule -- in order to make every attempt to divide and conquer, ALL of us; certainly behavior unbecoming of a president of the United States of America (the whole of America).

So besides having a awoken to a brand new D-day -- perhaps we are arising this morning to a brand new meaning of the word "frenemies," taking it to the depths of an awkward, uncomfortable chill.  The environment in Washington -- not to be confused with the atmosphere across the country for MONTHS now -- changed overnight, yes; but will it be enough for the president of cool to be able to turn this dialogue around, and more important, realize for real just what has happened in America, through and through.

It is hardly about last night -- but more like the course of all time, at least for the last hundred years or so; and clearly marked from day one of this administration -- beginning with a rather abrupt, and hardly necessary sorry to say, display of partisanship, when he declared his commitment to close Gitmo within his first year...and only unabashedly continue to fundamentally transform America onward and downward from there, every step of the way, knee deep in everything from healthcare to real, bonafide sand and sludge.

Watching this man and this administration has been utterly unbearable at times.

But make no mistake, what is most fascinating about last night, is not so much the sea of red in the House (although what a long overdue sigh of relief it is) -- but the MASSIVE turnover of Governorships from coast to coast; we have in place a huge mandate for change; what will save AMERICA, will be our governors; what will lead the way into reform, will be our states (as, financially, they have no other choice) -- and rightly so!  As it is intended, I am, I am.  However, to that end, just don't count on my state of California helping out...our fate may be sealed in what Brown will do, but never you worry that pretty little head about that...

WE are returning to a country where  individual liberty is king -- not man, of either left or right, red or blue -- no matter how cool you may try to be.  You see, it just doesn't matter if the president really "gets it" anymore.

The people get it -- and that is, in a word, priceless.

75% of we the people -- according to a CNN poll, just yesterday --  say that the country is NOT going well.

The mid-term elections complete that thought loud and clear; of course, we've been saying it for quite some time now -- only, just nobody important enough, seemed to have been listening.  Transparency is a bitch, isn't it, as we have watched Obama shut he republicans out of the health care conversation, over several months and beginning with our town hall meetings in August of 2009 and spiraling into episodes of Cavuto featuring the closed door escapades of the left  -- even after all that, ignoring the will of the people without cause or mandate culminating to a night to remember in Massachusetts with the election of Scott Brown. 

We will find out soon enough just how our president will respond (again) -- and even though I am still dizzy over last night's show of liberty rising, something else is catching me by surprise; as I am almost more excited to hear from my president this morning more than anything else.

THIS IS,  without a doubt, the biggest moment of his presidency coming up -- now, just maybe an hour away.  I mean, let me be clear -- THIS IS the time -- the president will either come out and shine a whole new light upon this brand new day -- or he won't.

But no matter what happens, what we do know, Ms. Herman, is that it will not be the people's fault -- for we have been more than clear; make no mistake, this is about Obama, this is about health care, this is about shifting the balance of power in order to protect a more perfect UNION (but not by the president's definition), and putting America back to work -- not for 'black america' or 'white america' or 'latino america' or 'young america' or 'liberal america only' -- it's about ALL AMERICA, every single one of us.

Are you listening Mr. President?

I can hardly wait.  joy joy happy happy day.

Make it a Good Day, G

a pick up of at least 63 seats in the house, not since WWII has this happened.  big day.  big day.

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