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Friday, November 5, 2010

Dear America,

You see, the sea has changed, big time; we all get that now...even the President will get it... eventually.  Things like that take time.

The thing is, as of about midnight, eastern time, Tuesday -- the GOP became the party of dominance; Obama and is merry band of socialist cohorts, pirating legislation in a sea of red ink, all of a sudden needs the GOP more than they need him.

And WE can wait.

We have all the time in the world; what we, the people, along with those who represent us in Washington, got on Tuesday with the good moon rising, was an oxygen tank -- with enough air to go, oh, I'd say, another couple of years -- maybe more, if we don't panic; as long as we think straight, and methodically, and take long deep breaths in between listening to our surroundings, observing the minute details hidden deep within the crevasses and rocks, looking out for what may bring further harm -- or better still, what might have the potential to change everything.

Yes, we've got time, and yet, we must get right on it; but the pressure is off.  The GOP has graciously accepted the challenge of taking on the resounding voice of redemption, holding tight to what we firmly believe is the power of the people (at least so we think); the sentiments of we the people rang out loud and clear across this nation Tuesday -- but only if you were really listening -- only if your senses were sharp -- only if you really wanted to hear what the people had to say...otherwise you would have missed it or missed out on getting re-elected.

The thing is, the people can breathe now; we know that the GOP has our back and his putting a halt to the wide sea of overreach, intrusive government action, wanton spending, and the sense that the sky's the limit while the oceans are bottomless after four years under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, compounded by the last  couple of years fully engaged under the Obama-Mao in good measure.  The changes were happening so "fast and furious" according to Obama, they had to act, they had to do it, they had to put America in harm's way over troubles waters -- "it was an emergency."

Nancy has "no regrets," espoused in all sincerity to Diane Sawyer.

And for Obama,

"as I said before, though, I think we’d be misreading the election if we thought that the American people want to see us for the next two years re-litigate arguments that we had over the last two years."
Oh my,  once an attorney, always an attorney, even if his license isn't up to date.

Wake up! Snap out of it! You are running on empty, Dude (we can call him that now, I capitalized it out of respect).   Hey, center of the earth to Big O, mayday, you will never make it back to the top if you don't turn back now...

The seas have changed, marking the GOP controller of the clear and present danger of the gulf in between -- but make no mistake, we and the GOP can sit it out for as long as it takes (kind of like the Taliban in Afghanistan, they can wait until July 2011...heck, that's like six months away really... you know, since we're nearly at the holidays and all... we all know how fast the time goes...but I digress).

Mitch McConnell said it best,

"But we can compel administration officials to defend this indefensible health spending bill and other costly, government-driven measures, like the stimulus and financial reform."
Brilliant.  Yes, we choose to "re-litigate" -- because we never liked it, all of it, in the first place.

The thing is, for Obama and his left wing zealots, ideological committed and connected to the same line of hot air and questionable substantive material inside and out -- they simply don't believe in the constant, tried and true principles of America for which She stands; the simple embodiment of that natural element, which sometimes fails, but more often triumphs, under a truly free market, clinging to our inherent faith and belief system, one that reigns in the Absolute and comes up from the depths of our souls in a spirit of constant revolution, for freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all -- for THAT, is simply not in their DNA.

At best, Pelosi is in denial;  Obama is in denial; or they don't really care, there is that. 

But if they think, that for one second, that this midterm election and all that it represents, is not a reflection of disgrace upon the faces of the American people, is not an absolute repudiation of the "fundamental transformation" of our dear United States of America -- then, I don't know what will -- do our mugs physically have to turn purple and puff up like a blow fish in order to get through?  really?  seriously?  are you people that dense?  are you for real, or have you come up, out of Atlantis, from another time and place?

The GOP knows deep down that the people will stand with them as long as they act according to what the people really, really want.  did you hear that?  that was a great big sigh of relief ventilating freely from the bottom of my heart, from the center of my being...ahhhhh yes. we can all take a step forward and breathe again.

Obama needs the GOP more than the GOP needs him -- everybody in Washington knows that now.  The GOP will take their time, methodically placing each and every official on the hot seat to simply answer a few questions; questions like, what on earth were you thinking?  how do you expect us to pay for that?  what logical explanation do you have to forfeit the future of our children in such a reprehensible way? did you really think you were gonna get away with this?  how could you lie and manipulate and force such fundamental changes through without care -- without thinking about how your words and your actions have consequences?  Have you no soul?  Questions like that, but I'm sure to have left a few out...

Take your time GOP -- the people will be sit back and watch, patiently, maybe with a bag of popcorn wishing you all looked like Johnny Depp, just knowing that we have added a couple years to our life just by re-calibrating the tank is enough for now.

It's a good feeling.  Almost euphoric. Probably something similar and familiar to how the left took it all in when they voted this fine specimen into office...

Oh my, it's just a sad day when a President misreads 67% of the population; what he should do, is brush up with just how much leverage the power of two-thirds really means -- or not, who am I to judge.

We the people, thanks to a shot of fresh air from the GOP joining forces with the Tea Party Movement, demonstrably placed the power back in the people's hot little hands, and now we've got all the time in the world (well, not exactly, but it's a start); the wind is at our back, it is morning in America, and we have set sail in a whole new direction, back on course with our foundation, to the great origins of our birth -- the President is welcome to come on board at any time -- join us, the water's fine.

But I would be remiss not to mention, that as long as the GOP understands the dynamics of this temporal, fluid relationship, we'll all get along just fine.  2012 looms large and deep.

For you, Mr. President, go ahead and continue to misread, miss the signs, miss that ever so slight hint of a sea change (hardly slight, but whatever) -- ignore the fact that the soft breeze at your back is telling you something, hoping you will change a wee bit, and quite possibly switch sides, to completely and purposefully come about. Go ahead.

Hmm that's funny...

You seem to be sticking to those worn out mechanisms found only in the gallows of some obscure realm, holding tight to some kind of collective social justice, a redistribution of wealth of all sorts, a mindset not normally associated with America;
it's as if your intention is to tap into the underworld of some kind of inferior process, linked to the lowest common denominator, or something;
it's strange, really;
clinging to a belief system untethered to anything of sound principle,
refusing to heed to the uncommon wealth of the learned men who have steadfastly come before,
recognizing the fundamental truths of a limited government,
and intrinsically connected to a natural law
divined by our Creator.

That's funny; cause you speak like you understand this core faith to God and Country, but really, your actions say something else; how it tears you up so; how you go about, every day, making this feeble attempt to truly BE this kind of president, the more twisted your passageway of free-flowing fresh air seems to turn.

It's only understandable, to cause this uncomfortable, yet notably, self-inflicted hyperventilation you seem to be experiencing; it appears to be manifesting out from the actual formidable thought of meeting somewhere in the middle, of making any kind overture whatsoever, to painstakingly overreach to the other side, that seems cause for what ails; the more you try to disguise it, manipulate it, control it, or try to appear to HAVE something that is clearly, inherently, not in you -- the more it seems to be messing you up. Perhaps it is just a bit of the bends; but perhaps it is something more, something hidden from view, something that lies deep inside you...that is uncommon to the common man.

What the people see, and most assuredly at this point you don't, is we refuse to go down with the ship; no -- correction, we refuse to go down period.  We refuse to go to the depths that you seem to gravitate to and revel in, while we know, the ship itself, is just fine.  We just will not follow you; that is not in our nature; where you wish to take us is simply a place where we will not go, at least, not without kicking and screaming.

But you go on ahead, go on your merry little way down ...down...down; we the people will catch up with you on the other side -- I mean, the other, other side, not to be confused with your other left;  and just maybe, if the good Lord willin', we'll all have a good laugh and a story to tell for years and years in the afterlife.

Jolly Roger and tally ho, 
Make it a Good Day, G

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