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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear America,

What is really in the heart and who, in fact, really knows?

If you believe in God, that would be the only answer.

What motivates, what inspires, what begins as the root intention and blossoms into the desired outcome is a possession of a man's heart and only truly known by God; everyone else, is just guessing.

Such is the case with Pat Cadell last night, when being persuaded to expand upon his years of political punditry and polling -- on behalf of the Democrats I might add -- with Neil Cavuto; Cavuto prodding into what he means exactly, when it comes to recommending our president only stick around for one term...

Well, simply this: if in fact he has America's best interests at heart, Cadell believes all partisan bickering and warfare should be swept aside for the good of the country; this is the time, this is the chance, to really change America for the better;  that this is a "unique moment in this country's history" when the president could put all politics aside and do something honorable, and bring the two parties together for the sake of our future -- AND if that requires this sitting president to only go one round, so be it.

Now I happen to like this guy, Cadell, very much.  I have enjoyed listening to his take on the mid-terms, and have opened my own heart to the liberal view, through Cadell's eyes, at a number of times, if only to be enlivened by an honest to goodness debate based upon the merits of an issue.  Anyone can have that kind of conversation with a guy like Cadell.  And I like that.

But this is where I find myself grappling with reality and Cadell's fantasy world -- there is not one bone in my body who recognizes this inherent, political will and spirit of public service within a certain someone who is this president of the United States.  This person does not exist.

But what do I really know.

Hmmmmm WWWD?

Let's venture back to 1797, in the year of the Wilberforce,

"The bottom line seems to be whether we are willing to give even when it really costs us.  In the same way, are we willing to do the right thing when doing so might actually result in the loss of personal prestige or human praise?  It again all boils down to what is happening in our hearts..."

"Authentic faith is not interested in being able to put on a virtuous mask.  It demands truth in the inner person.  The person of faith stand in the presence of the One who searched their hearts.  The true believer attempts to live in an atmosphere of benevolence and works to avoid any action or thought that would distort or diffuse its purity."

There is the root cause, the intention, back behind everything we say  or do in this world -- and only God, or the back of your mind, really knows what it is.

"when we keep our "minds on things above" (Col. 3:2), we have no reason to be envious or hostile toward those whose focus is on worldly fame and fortune."

"a good barometer of the authenticity of our faith is how we respond to the attacks of those who treat us as if they are above us.  True humility handles such treatment with grace.  When we do not retaliate against those who offend us, we open the door to reconciliation with our adversary."
We see the character of the man by his response; as we witnessed in the last thirty days leading up to the mid-terms, we watched a president go on the attack, belittling the opposition, ridiculing the policy, with every tactic from name calling to flat out lies and misrepresentation; he couldn't help himself. His insecurity was showing; his thin skin became unglued; the audacity to put his foot in mouth in retaliatory rhetoric diminished his true power.

The writing was on the wall -- and, since trouble never takes a holiday, he went into action;  the president lowered himself to the level of chief name caller, among other unrighteous things, forgetting -- or simply not caring -- that on the flip side, he would be facing his adversaries front and center on a brand new playing field when it was all said and done.

You know who is pretty secure with herself,  Sarah Palin; G has gone down this road many times before, but I can't help myself in this moment, to recognize that her inner Palin is aligned with her outer, while essentially acting as a conduit of faith in everything she touches.  She can no more separate the inside Sarah from the outside anymore than she could forget to breathe -- at least, from this girl's angle.

How do I know this?  By how she responds to the world -- how she reacts to the ridicule from both left and right -- how she doesn't ever let us see her sweat; she is a woman of faith,  and nothing else really matters.  She wears an armor of a special nature encapsulating an unconditional, authentic, everlasting faith -- and all else that may bring harm must filter through eyes of God first.  She is a servant of a higher purpose under Heaven, so there is no need to concern herself with the thoughts of man; she moves on, doing her own thing, unscathed and unharmed, in the realm of let this mama grizzly be, kind of way.

Strangely enough, you know who else seems to be having a second coming around, the Dubbya; get a load of this guy, masterfully putting himself out there but on the down low -- humble pie and all get out.  Talk about becoming a master of survival and example of true grit sincerity!

Bushie is having a field day -- he is speaking on behalf of his own intentions, long hidden from view from an unforgiving public, only to have a chance to possibly redeem himself, if only to explain why -- what brought him to the onslaught of "Decision Points" within his presidency? What stirred in the back of his head? What did he pray about before sending our troops into war?  What did this man truly believe to be right action and why?

How can we tell of his authenticity?  By his response.  Over the course of his presidency, and in light of the last couple of now, dropping by every news channel and daily talk show, every moment, the sincerity of a man shines through.  I am more proud of him now, I think, than when he was president.

His natural humility; his disarming affect on those of us watching and upon the few asking the baited questions (all, except possibly Matt Lauer) -- he is the picture of security and greater understanding; he calmly takes the hook, firmly answering without second guessing if he's saying the right thing -- he simply, genuinely, responds (whether with a laugh, or a tear in his eye).

For Obama, what we witness, is a mass of confusion and fumbling -- what we see, is a contradiction of actions and words -- what we experience, inside, is a prevailing doubt of a man we do not  recognize anymore.  The sad truth is, our president seems to be making his own troubled waters as he goes along; he does very little to align with the right thought, the right action, at the right time to bring a sense of calm and security for America.

While the international front continues to wreak havoc..... upon the areas of free trade -- having the audacity to upend even agreements already made.... along with the dawning of a new age of nuclear bombs in Iran.... along side President Karzai jeopardizing the war front by turning relations upside down (again)..... all awhile, annoying the global market by printing money (again)...... and not without showing stronger allegiances to the Muslim  community, even if that means trampling all over our own founding principles -- like in being unable to intelligently respond to a girl's question for his position on "jihad"....... and then after being renowned for discrediting American businesses outsourcing in places like India only to turn around to promote new business relations there as if you haven't said a word ..........all this and more .......brought to you by How to Lose a Country in Ten Days; having only narrowly escaped the damages from a mid-term "shellacking" it's time now to come home, joy to the world, and come clean in the midst of the aftermath.

But will you, Mr. President?

Will you apologize to republicans for lowering the office of the president to the level of chief name caller throughout months of campaigning, and really, really be the bridge for both sides of the aisle?

Will you apologize to the American people for pushing through, against their will, a nationalized corruption of the best health care system on earth?

Will you apologize to our children for the leveraging of their future through the recent 600 Billion dollar monetizing of our debt, the 865 Billion dollar no holds barred stimulus with no return, the trillion dollar health care bill that is yet to be paid for?

Will you apologize to all tax payers, that you had no idea what you were thinking, that you will permanently keep the Bush era tax cuts for all, large and small, for the betterment of the business community, knowing that it will bring the much needed confidences to invest, hire, advance, and create new businesses everywhere?

Pat Cadell is almost begging you to consider second thoughts about a second term -- in great hope for you to reach in and find the fortitude and conviction of a president who truly wants what is best for his country to show through, right now, as we haven't got time to waste.  But having said that, it's your call to make, dear president (this isn't necessarily a good time for rash decisions or jumping to conclusions either; take a minute, if you must).

But make no mistake, Cadell, Obama is doing, and saying, exactly what is in his heart -- every president goes through the agony of transferring what is on the inside, out; only a long wait, for the passage of time to be made and placed into the history books, will we ever truly come to know what is inside a man's heart...of course, God knows, right now.  But just so you know, what you are asking of him goes against everything he knows and loves.

For the rest of us -- if America succeeds, it sure would put a damper on the whole global market economy thing going on in the underpinnings of the underworld, seen and unseen.  And one thing is for certain -- there is no way for a sitting president to stand for both.  just sayin'

Make it a Good Day, G

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