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Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear America,

Happy Friday.

The world is getting a wee bit heavier these days, isn't it.  isn't it?

It's kinda weird -- as the life as we know it keeps on changing, in leaps and bounds at times, almost overnight --  and yet, strangely enough,  it feels as if we are all stuck in slow motion, just watching it happen to us.  Sort of like being caught in the dark of night, when we believe the boogey-man is chasing us -- our scream can't find it's way out; our entire system goes into overload, we can't react, respond or even utter a word with any sense of timing, let alone with our energies matching the urgency of the moment.  We are in shock.

So, I could be thinking about the G20 disaster that's going on as we speak; or, I could be thinking about the fate of the Bush era tax cuts that are less than sixty days from expiring; or, I could be thinking of the trade agreement that was on the table and ready to go with South Korea, and other fabulous destinations, that have been churned up all over again, jeopardizing hopes of success; or, I could be thinking about the Fed and whatever they were thinking in pumping 600 billion dollars into the market, to the disappointment and concern of nations far and wide, as well as the little people here at home...

fearing unintended consequences at every turn.

All we need now is another natural disaster... or a shout out from a radical cleric to kill Americans from half way round the world -- oh wait, we got that.

If you really think about it, the initial reaction on board the Carnival Splendor Cruise must have been kind of like this  -- talk about the end of the world in a flash; just when you think it was safe, to let your guard down, to perhaps relax for the first time in many moons and splurge with pure decadence at sea, catastrophe happens.  And in a very big way.  Can you even imagine?

No, it's not like their life was ever in danger, but come on.  It was lights out in a manner of speaking upon nearly every facet of life; and on top of that, you were plum stuck; there was nothing to do but wait -- and very uncomfortably at that. 

So much for the escape from the world, no?  How sad is that, when a concerted effort to leave all your worries behind for six days, five nights, turns into your worst nightmare.  And to think of the people who were just getting their sea legs, finally excited about getting a whack at the midnight buffet, when bam! all systems alert! mayday, the unthinkable rocks the boat.  I guess, given that it occurred off the coast of Mexico, and not Iceland, is the good news -- but the bad news, it happened off the coast of Mexico.

What didn't surprise me was the turn out of support -- the U.S, Navy, the Coast Guard, the Port of San Diego -- all went to work without hesitation.  They heard the call out for help and were on it, in a heart beat. 

Doesn't that give us a sense of relief; no matter what, no matter where, help comes.  Something comes to the rescue to save the day -- or at least, try.  In the midst of the some of the greatest concerns and economic struggles, the lights are still on and somebody is still home within every level of emergency preparedness and management...I mean, our congress has yet to even approve a budget -- months behind -- and the guys in the proverbial cape still come!

They say in a storm, or when faced with apparent immediate danger, cool heads prevail; and how.  Especially cool heads in uniform, yummy.

But what surprised me most is what happened when I opened up the morning paper, two pages in was a full page thank you from Carnival, to all who came to their aid, with bold letters declaring,

"WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THAT'S WHEN WE SEE THE BEST IN PEOPLE...we see people rise to the occasion and come together as one...To the brave and dedicated members of the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Navy, and the Port of San Diego, and the good people of San Diego, we sincerely offer our deepest gratitude for your help and support...Thank you.   Thank you.  Thank you. "    CARNIVAL

These days, when the going is tough all the way around, a little bit of sincerity sure goes along way; it's not like the thanks needed to be spelled out; it's not like the Navy only comes to get a pat on the back -- we just act out of the goodness of our hearts, out of our duty to each other, that if we were in their shoes, we sure would love somebody coming to our rescue too.  But boy, does a full page spread work wonders, elevating the corporate world to heights of grace and class -- and from the embodiment of luxury and elitism, like a cruise line, wonders never cease.

I caught wind of the origination of how the "x" came to symbolize the kiss recently -- it something that piqued my interest as I use the x as punctuation frequently, in either a text or email.  It's become a habit where I almost don't even think about it anymore; sometimes, I have to catch myself, and remember who am replying to, as you can't just throw kisses around haphazardly, you know.

But anyway, via Yahoo.com, linked to an article on Match.com, Laura Schaefer took a moment to lay out "10 quirky facts about kissing" -- and the x spot was one of them.  As she says,  in the middle ages, people who couldn't actually read used the "x" as a signature -- and then, as a show of sincerity, they literally picked up the parchment and kissed it... over time, the "x" came to represent the kiss itself.  Fascinating isn't it.

Carnival Cruise Lines leaned over and kissed the boo boo, wrapping us up in their arms to help make us feel better, in words that screamed apology and gratitude after the unthinkable, an unimaginable fate of 5000 wayward sailors stuck on a ship of horror -- sure, hardly life or death, but it did take everything from everybody to survive the hardship and just get through it.

Sincerity goes a long, long way -- that, and the full reimbursement, along with a chance to cruise again -- of course, an idea that might come after a cheeseburger and a good night's rest -- at home...just need a moment to shake this one off...  the irony....kind of funny, huh.

But how's that for steering us a little off course on this happy friday...it's bright and sunny here today, not a cloud in the sky, while the water is deep blue, and I think, if I'm not mistaken, actually smiling back.

Make it a Good Day, G

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