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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear America,

One thing that is still lingering from yesterday's discussion on What Price Happiness? is something that was given little attention in Naomi's lamentations upon the spiraling effects of Western feminism -- that being, our connection to a Higher Power in our daily life; I am quite certain, those who partake and value being in relationship with a God of one's choosing -- daily, joyously, solemnly, respectfully -- without fail, and no matter what, would find happiness to come as the existential icing on the cake.

In my experience, watching and listening to the "Western Feminists" of our time, more often than not, there seems to be an unspoken rule that showing reverence to a small town God diminishes the intellect, shows ignorance rather than renaissance, and bestows upon It's followers a lifetime of restrictions and commandments -- surely a relationship without benefits to speak in a modern term we might all understand.

There was a moment in Naomi's article when she highlights a brief interlude with an Indian woman -- concerned that "Western feminism is coming," pointing to the wake of an even greater concern, "the loss of the deepest personal attachments...[saying] they want to be spared what appears to them to be the brutal transformation of roles and general damage to relationships."  ...good luck with that India...now that we're on the precipice to a better trade agreement and symbiotic working relationship, let us know when you figure that one out...

Needless to say, over there, harmony for the whole is a much greater influence upon how they live and operate, than the selfish creation of happiness for simply one's self.

A place that may provide another way of looking at this, may be found within an organization known as AS A MOM.org : a sisterhood of mommy patriots, as they call themselves.  Here, if I'm not mistaken, and I am most certain I am not, a plethora of happy mommies congregate, daily.

No, not saying they don't have issues; but the overall belief system, the one that binds the "sisterhood," is a firm faith in God and Family -- while some days, not necessarily in that order.

I would be willing to bet, the preponderance of happy mommy patriots outshines the not-so-happy, simply for one thing, and one thing only -- God; in times of triumph or tribulation, the faithful are stewards of the greater good, followers by God's grace, who humbly go wherever Spirit leads them; if aligned with the values and characteristics of Christ, Omniscience finds you -- and uses you, in harmony, for the good of the whole.  They have little time to argue, or question, what the Lord knows best, so they simply get on with life, living it, as best they can,  moving to effect others to do the same, and maybe even affect change.

In the same vein, having just received my 2011 Calendar Girls in the mailbox -- the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, founded in 1993, celebrates American Conservative Women each year, giving a powerful, hand-held tool for organizing the daily grind, while extending a complimentary nod to the twelve most notable and powerful women in the conservative movement.

It's nice to be surrounded with like-minded women -- and likewise, the Luce Policy Institute strives for the advancement of conservative women, traditional values, and all the economic freedoms and liberties that a life safely held under the arm of a limited government can muster; by reaching out to young women across America on college campuses -- the Institute leads the way in providing a real choice, one that offers a valuable and positive environment, along with leadership training, through daily efforts mounting an effective, conservative activism campaign -- all to combat the proliferation of the liberal bias normally associated to places of "higher learning," of course, with left wing intellectual elites at the podiums leading the charge, the Institute has their work cut out for them...

To find out more information, and ways you can get involved, go to the Luce Policy Institute, @ cblpi.org, or contact Michelle Easton, current president and honorable happy sender of my calendar (THANK YOU!), located in Virginia, at (888) 891-4288. 

The calendar reminded me of a famous quote of Clare Boothe Luce (1903 - 1987):
"No good deed goes unpunished."

Funny girl. 

Again, Luce is an example of one of my longtime held beliefs, epitomizing "Western Feminism" before there ever was such a thing; once again, another conservative woman proves, we don't have to wait for it to become popular, to become "a movement,"  we just go out and do it -- be it -- make it -- stand up for it.  There she is....Ms. America... wife, mother, and oh yes, congresswoman, U.S. Ambassador, editor of Vanity Fair, among other things in her happy little life, but all the while, a woman of great FAITH.

The quote on her page -- and she is Ms. July, by the way -- comes the call, "courage is the ladder on which all other virtues mount."  Indeed. Does she stand as a mom, and as a leading lady of courage, or what?! Wouldn't she be surprised to have been the inspiration behind the "Luce Ladies", at cblpi.org.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEoKR-WFaFc

We don't need a "Western Feminist Movement" to validate what we do, or lead the way in creating our own happiness -- being either a liberal or conservative woman, it should make no difference whatsoever; we just need the courage TO DO, all else, as a good dose of hardcore faith teaches us, shall be added unto you.

Make it a Good Day, G

Before I leave you today, here's another zinger from Clare:
"there are no hopeless situations, only men who have grown hopeless about them."  Is that a little "western feminism" at it's best, or what?!  ... and funny thing,  long before Woodstock, hmmmmmmmmmm...

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