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Friday, September 21, 2012

It's an Inside Job Thing

Dear America,

happy friday.
we're gonna get right at it with some G TV, courtesy of youtube:

oh he is just so charming, isn't he now?

but let's take a look at one of the things he said here -- "Washington can't be changed from the inside."  We're all talking about that today.  Which is funny, considering ---

When he first got elected -- he carried the majority in the House, the Senate, and of course, the Executive Branch.  ALL THREE were all his and at his disposal for change for the first two years.

He could have reformed immigration if he wanted to; heck, he's on the road to ignoring congress altogether now, simply by bestowing a new executive order providing for immediate, although disconcerting, exemptions all on his own.

But let's disregard that little truth, and moveon.org...THIS PRESIDENT of ours cannot take ownership for anything.  

"Washington can't be changed from the inside."

But I thought you said you were ready for this.
I thought you said, you could change Washington.

Falling back on lamentations of the task at hand, it is difficult to follow the rules of good government, isn't it Mr. President?   Though quick to point out:

 -- the best changes came from the outside [so he says, don't you believe it for a minute].

Well, um Univision audience ....."I got elected"...that's a good thing, we can all hang our sombrero on that, right -- as if he's still an outsider -- and all while letting his narcissist freak flag fly.  masterfully done there, mr. president.

And then we go right into his biggest accomplishment:  the Health Care Law  [I guess this wouldn't be the week to gloat again about killing Osama bin Laden... like you did throughout the DNC]   anywho...

The president credits "the outside" -- not congress,  not even a mention -- for the "Affordable Care Act."

wow.  that might come as a surprise to many Americans who saw "congress" working behind closed doors for months, even shutting out some congressmen, before bearing witness to its rapturous unveiling.

SO if I am hearing you correctly, the Affordable Care Act must thank "the grassroots" -- the outside.  yeah okay. [wink wink]    But he couldn't have been any more truthful really; I gotta give him that.  For the majority of the law was penned by a liberal think tank and basically on the ready to lock and load.  It was merely waiting for "due process" to take over and bring it to fruition.  And even then, the people on the real outside had to wait for congress to "pass it to see what's in it" according to the former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

Oh and 'The tank':  it's the Center for American Progress.  Lead expert:  Donald Berwick.  But diving into the tank a bit deeper we get to it's rich beginnings:  George  "Schwartz" Soros and his Open Society Institute

No big deal there, I'm sure.

Berwick was placed into position to implement Medicare/Medicaid changes soon after the law passed --  when this observation was quickly made:

"Will the elderly be a favored subgroup? Not under the Obama health law. An April 22 report by Medicare and Medicaid chief actuary Richard Foster shows that the law nearly doubles Medicaid rolls at a cost of $410 billion over the next decade.

To pay for this, the law slashes future Medicare funding by $525 billion over the same period, when 30 percent more people will enter Medicare as baby boomers age. In short, boomers will get less care than today's seniors.

Less care is Berwick's vision. In a speech marking the 60th birthday of the British National Health Service, he praised the NHS for deliberately creating scarcity: 'You [the NHS] plan the supply; you aim a bit low; historically, you prefer slightly too little of a technology or service to much too much and then you search for care bottlenecks and try to relieve them.'"

Berwick confessed, 'I am a romantic about the NHS. I love it. All I have to do to rediscover the romance is to look at the health care in my own country.' He praised the NHS for its central planning, frugality, wealth redistribution and rationing.
And never mind that the majority of "the outside" despise the new law still today -- wanting to repeal or replace all or part of it.  Yes.  You are a good listener...You are my president, too.  Axe? Grind?  Have we met?

but about this business of "Washington can't be changed from the inside."

Are you serious?

Then why on God's great earth should we put you back in office again? 
  • clearly, you can't see the forest through the trees; 
  • clearly, you need to work inside the beltway a little more often -- in order to know what's in it; 
  • clearly, you sound like you have given up;
  • clearly, you can't seem to lead this merry band of misfits of congress to redistribute the wealth fast enough;
  • clearly, you are just itching to go back to being a community organizer, believing perhaps you can transform America into the Marxist state faster from the outside...
  • clearly, you must resent the fact that you resemble "the Inside" now that it's four years later -- 
you sound annoyed.

as we say around my house, are you feeling a smidge cranky?

Hey, Romney wants your job. Romney wants to live in the big white house.

Romney wants to change Washington from the inside out -- starting from the outside in.

You name it; he wants your management migraine.  Maybe you should just give peace a chance and wave the white flag -- just not that newfangled flag your campaign just came up with, for t-shirts and teen posters.  You approved of that message, right?

Going back on something I said at the start -- this president can't take ownership for anything.

Little does he realize that any good CEO worth his salt would never answer the question admitting his failures by pointing his finger elsewhere, outside of himself.  His finger would be pointing inward. like, the buck stops here, you know what I mean?

And about this Washington -- this is the Washington that you built, Mr. President.  Perhaps it's been awhile since you've spent quality time with each other, given the fierce campaign you are running and all.

And speaking of the house that Obama built, I was in the middle of making dinner when I overheard some comments made by John Sununu last night.  He was with Sean Hannity and discussing Obama's foreign policy of late...Sununu said something like "he's just incompetent!"  not to mention sounding totally flustered.

No Sununu ( I just wanna keep saying his name in a funny voice for awhile) -- no, Sununu, I think you got it all wrong.   You fall into the "Judeo-Christian--way too kind --and way too trusting --for our own good" category along with so many of the rest of this country...

THIS presidency is hardly incompetent -- nor is it blind, stupid, inexperienced, or unable to tell the story right to the American people -- nor is it lost in any way, out of control, suffering from inexplicable ignorance or naivet√©.  THIS presidency knows exactly what it is doing at all times.

It is just that sinister.  We, the people -- those of us on the outside -- are just way to trusting to want to see it.

But make no mistake, Obama truly wants to be a part of bringing America to her knees.  You might say, it's been a dream of his for quite some time -- influenced by a compilation of a master planned UNIvision from all his mentors over the years.  It's his one true north to make it so -- with the help of all the workers of the world, of course -- call'm the outsiders -- breaking through the 47 percentile as we speak.

The irony of course, is that he, himself, is virtually powerless -- whether he is in or out of the beltway.   He's just a puppet for the liberal elite power block.  He's being used just as he uses the American people. And it's a viscous cycle.

Fundamental Transformation takes time; Obama wants four more years to finish it off, even as he admits today  "Washington can't be changed from the inside."

Don't be fooled.  That's just code for vote for me again so I can keep at it from the inside.

and about this Washington, the one that can't be changed from the inside -- let's take a peek of a page from The Naked Communist, by W. Cleon Skousen [love love love this guy]:

"Political groups solve their problems by entering into negotiations, attending conferences, and working out their differences with bona fide compromises which all parties are expected to perform.  This has never worked with the Communists because they use deceit, disregard of laws, violation of treaties, intimidation, subversion and open insurrection as basic tools of conquest.  This make it a criminal conspiracy."

Recommendations, via Skousen, on dealing with a "criminal operation" --given that "negotiation and compromise" are considered far outside the solution domain.  Four steps:

  • immobilize the criminal
  • render him harmless
  • gain his confidence
  • rehabilitate him 
 and one more, if I may be so bold to amend... then send him packing.

This is it, folks.

This is the time, and these are the days, that America finds herself at a crossroad.

We are living in a perversion of America's true nature in every way; we are angling against the foothold of Divine Providence; we are counting on humanity to lead us out of the valley, when it takes a God.

Just imagine America only four years ago -- all of our hopes for change, inside and out, were wrapped up into one man.

In a many ways, we committed blaspheme way back then; but now look at us.  Just look at what we have turned into; just look at how broken and splintered we are, as this administration leads by splitting fractions of factions as a way to bring unity.   Is this what democracy looks like?  no thank you.

What more can we really expect from a man, who just so happens to be president, when his entire life has been unapologetically untethered from the very thing most Americans unify with -- that everything, seen and unseen, is a product of our Creator; that our founders were part and parcel of the Divine, that America was created from a Master Plan, all we had to do was keep it -- protect her, respect her, live in unity for the good of the whole.

Leading America requires the perspective of an inside job -- keeping aligned with the essential tools... the ideals, values, principles and strengthened by faith, virtues, duty, and just all-round good conduct.  It's like we're one big country club with everybody allowed.

The first thing communists attack is Nature's God, claiming: "There is no design.  There is no law.  There is no God.  There is only force, the force of nature."  --  with the help of human nature responding accordingly.

There are no accidents.  Everything happens for a reason -- even THIS.

No doubt, this is the time to make a change in Washington from the outside looking into our future.

Your life, my life, our life together, depends upon making the right decision come November.  And for the life of me and pete, just how hard can this be to figure out?

Romney should have 80% of the vote -- taking 20% out to account for the full-blown radicals and riff-raff out there. I have no idea where the media gets its numbers.

[that last part was just thrown in there to make you laugh...it is friday, after all].

Make it a Good Day, G


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