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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's Everybody Loves a Charade Thing

Dear America,

So happy tuesday. this week is going to be great.  we get to watch the spectacle on parade in Charlotte.

The response from the democrats following the Republican National Convention has been a continuous refrain revolving around the GOP being stuck in the past.  Which is awfully funny considering the entire platform from the Left disguises good old-fashioned Socialism with the new softer side of Statists, more commonly recognized as Progressives.

For what is Re-Distribution all about but going back through history repeating the path of failing societies left and right.

It is the Declaration of Independence, coupled with the Constitution of THESE United States of America that has set us apart from the rest of the world.   As we all know by now, every country has roads and bridges and in most cases, access to the Internet; infrastructure is not the difference a day makes along the road to prosperity.

The difference in America is found in the emphasis upon our Natural Rights, endowed by our Creator.

The difference in America is in the self-realization that we are self-reliant and perfectly able to pursue, and persevere, and prosper, in our own Happiness.

The difference in America is by design, featuring the very opportunity in what was intended to be a FREE Market supplied and fortified by a FREE people to FREELY express that which makes our heart sing --  multiplying its effects with each and every generation, without suppression, big government controls, suffocating regulations, or depreciation of the power of the people.   The INDIVIDUAL became king, and the collective power/personality of the individual State became our castle of protection.

Following the RNC, the Left immediately chimed in saying, there are no big ideas here...it might as well have been seen on a Black & White TV...

And just a girl has gotta wonder --

America -- and all of which she stands for -- IS new;  we are just a babe in the woods on the scale of world history.

The Left wants to convince all of us of an astounding backwards thought -- that our life, our success, comes from government; and more than that, that now is the time for the government to step in and redistribute one man's success and wealth to another --  in order to be fair.

THIS very concept has been proven time and time again NOT to work; while the more America has strayed from our first intentions, the more trouble we have made for ourselves [see also the federal budgets for all entitlement programs, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce....the 16 TRILLION dollars in National Debt, the on-going 1.3 Trillion dollars in yearly deficits, with no gold-standard ounce of federal self-control in sight].

Romney listed FIVE things at the tail-end of his speech as part of his plan:

  • Become Energy Independent by 2020
  • Implement SCHOOL CHOICE everywhere!
  • Make International Trade Agreements work in America's favor
  • Lock in Long Term Economic Security -- reinforcing the real job creators
  • Champion Small Business: lower taxes, less regulation, repeal/replace the Affordable Care Act
BIG ideas for small minds to get their heads around, I guess.

It's the difference of thinking like a successful entrepreneur and an unsuccessful one --  someone who has never really worked a real job a day in his life [aside from spooning ice cream into a sugar cone, that is].

Romney is a DOER, not a talker.

His track record does speak for itself and the Left knows it; otherwise, why would they all be marching to the beat of a broken record?

Obama's track record is one for the Guiness Book of World Records --
  • an unemployment rate of over 8%, 
  • adding 5.5 Trillion Dollars in four years to the National Debt, 
  • adding a brand spanking new entitlement program with 66% of the people wanting it either repealed in part or in its entirety, 
  • a presidency leading by Executive Order at every turn, 
  • a presidency controlling the mainstream/cable media lock, stock and barrel [airing last night:  on MSNBC, Barack Obama: Making History; on CNN, Obama Revealed: Man/President...
  • a presidency holding a boot to the neck of energy independence, 
  • a presidency swooned in with a promise and overall perception of changing the world, advancing world peace down from the heavens and gaining the Nobel Peace Prize before doing a thing -- and for what?  This?  Purposely creating an atmosphere of divide and conquer within America, pitting Americans against other Americans for political gain?
It's been four years -- are you better off?

Are you ready for four more ...of this?

Or is it time for a change America can believe in (again)?

Did you hear this one out of the DNC?    You gotta have a picture I.D. to get in.  Yes.  The party sponsoring the campaign promoting NO Voter I.D. required wants to make sure that YOU show identification before entering the clubhouse.

It's going to be a nauseating week, on deck is a conga-line of Leftists, Statists, bands of the collective brotherhood, Sandra Fluke, propaganda-on-parade, and this just in -- Betty White will be crowned Queen.  So be sure to eat your Wheaties and for extra kicks and giggles, go to The Daily Caller for a great spoof on Joe Biden's speech, HERE.

Make it a Good Day, G

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