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Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's Going Against Warped, Time-Released Propaganda, Filling our Minds, Making us Believe Dumb Things

Dear America,

some REPUBLICANS SUCK right now.

Stop cowering to the mass frenzy beating Mitt into the ground.  I'm not even talking to that "47%" today --

People like Bill Kristol need to put a cork in it; jumping on Mitt like that, calling him arrogant for what is considered pure rational thought.. It was simply unadulterated, with both eyes wide open, with no apologies required candid comments on the facts.   And Kristol crumbles -- overreacting to Mitt's comments on the electorate; Romney was merely deciphering what is 'mine, his, and ours'  and nothing more.  shut up already.

And then today -- the media with the help of a few on the right -- pouncing on the news about Tim Pawlenty leaving Mitt's campaign co-chair post to become the CEO of the Financial Services Roundtable.    And it starts all over again... there go the idiots sounding off like toucan uncle sams,  jumping on this as if the campaign is over.

Man up people.

They want us to think it's all falling down -- when it couldn't be any more untrue.

Do not pay attention to any of this.

Do not add ridiculousness to the ridiculous.

Do not feed the animals, for they are just cannibals.

This is exactly what the Left, and the president's campaign, wants us to do -- we are walking right into their trap.

It is neither here nor there regarding that "oooh secretly taped video"  out of the creative mind of the grand-brain-child of Jimmy Carter.  Play the whole tape, and then we can talk.

You wanna talk tape?  There is a mother load of bad feed out of the mouth of our very own president -- dating back twenty years at least. [and the good news, he is awfully consistent...and not in a good way]

Add that record of radicalized thought to that which we have heard out of the mouth of his "mentor" [Obama's reference, not mine] of more than twenty years, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and then we're really getting somewhere.

How about we tally up all of Barack's taped speeches to the Unions over the years -- any union, every union -- that should be pretty good pickings.

How about we just go back to listen to his recorded apologies to the Muslim world --  watch him stutter and pander, make promises (...until after the election) and plead for second chances with questionable alliances, like Russia, and radicals -- like the Muslim Brotherhood.

Let's  just run a blooper reel for awhile -- that day he called "corpsmen"  CORPSE man (twice over).

Watch him yuck it up over the "shovel ready jobs" being not so shovel ready.

Or how about we just tap into how many times during the last four years this president of ours has just changed his spots before our eyes, pandering to the audience like a chameleon on the prowl.   And you know exactly what I am talking about --  rolling a few r's when feelin' it with the Hispanic crowd, acting all "MLK" when getting down with the African-Americans, getting all blue collar with the union soldiers -- or going the other way....here is evidence of the president doing everything in his power not to bend.

If republicans could just get a grip and relax -- the reality of Pawlenty's move is a good one; it's a move that elevates the importance of a bigger picture and a plan -- a new deal, if you will;  it confirms the changes we are beginning to make on the home front.  It is welcoming in a new era, leading with the Executive Branch and setting us up for long term economic accountability.

This move says, the campaign is secure, Mitt is in the home stretch and there is bigger fish to fry -- and that would be the integrity of America's financial system.  And  Yes!  This move -- for Pawlenty --  is a pretty big deal...but in a pretty good way.

From the homepage of the Financial Services Roundtable, we get their "mission":

Statement of Core Values

  • Fairness: We will engage in practices that provide a benefit and promote fairness to our customers, employees or other partners.
  • Integrity: As an industry everything we do is built on trust. That trust is earned and renewed based on every customer relationship.
  • Respect: We will treat the people on whom our businesses depend with the respect they deserve in each and every interaction.
  • Responsibility: We have a responsibility not only to comply with all laws and regulations, but to set high standards for our behavior and to hold ourselves accountable to live up to those standards
  • Stability: We are committed to building long‐term stability for the financial system, and our actions will emphasize long‐term instead of short‐term gain.
  • Transparency: We will provide information in straightforward, accurate and understandable language
  • Community Involvement: We will make a positive contribution to our communities as individuals and through our companies. 
Isn't this a good thing for America in the long run?  In the bigger picture, isn't this the place a person like Tim Pawlenty should be?

Our current administration is being surrounded by their own lies, missteps and videotape.  They refuse to tell the truth about nearly everything.   And thank heaven, it is all on tape  -- every word, every correction, every misguided interpretation of madness and chaos around the  world, every insistence that there is nothing to fear but fear itself with regard to the Muslim Brotherhood.

And the reality is, the oval village is under stealth guard; this administration is being protected within and all around by way of the media jungle.

Just look at how many times the media has had to reshuffle the narrative on Libya's attack upon our ambassador alone; was it planned, was it spontaneous, were the marines armed with ammo, did the attackers use the very weapons we gave to "the rebels" -- was it planned, spontaneous, protected, armed, forewarned, duly noted, botched from start to finish?  The world may never know if this administration has it's way.

But make no mistake, the media is angling to save a presidency from a ferocious opponent -- and they will say and seek and find and lie and manipulate everything to convince everybody not to change, to stay the course.

Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?

If America re-elects Barack Obama shame on us.  Shame on us.

What is ridiculous is that we voted for this guy four years ago.  Let's talk about that.

Obama wants to reduce America's power to the level that is more fair and equitable with the rest of the world.   This will take destroying every single one of our power sectors....fiscal solvency (check)  cultural morals (check)  industry (check) patriotism (check)  self-reliance (check) -- leaving America in shambles and basically growing the people's dependency upon government, rather than build independence and liberty.

And what does the media want us to talk about -- oh, Pawlenty is leaving the camp -- that's a sign.  Sound the alarm, raise the white flag.

Here's something to concern yourselves with --

"I met with former head of Goldman Sachs, former head of federal reserve....as soon as we stop buying the debt, we're gonna have trouble [once we stop]...we are on borrowed time."

That's not  for just the top 10% -- that's not for just the top 1% of the greedy bastards lucky enough to be at the top and pay half the federal tax revenue -- it's not for just the bottom 47% who happen to not pay a dime in taxes.  It's gonna happen for journalists and the rich and famous alike.  It's gonna happen to all of us.

"we're just making it up....made up money...this is not gonna bode well for our economic future....bankruptcy usually concentrates the mind."

These foreboding words were on the same tape with the other 47%; this excerpt was captured off of Free Republic....go here for the full remarks.

So you all want something to talk about?  Let's talk about this:  "bankruptcy usually concentrates the mind."

The thing is:  Romney seems to be the only grown up elephant in the room.

And the rest of us have to buck up.  This is going to be one dart thrown and spit back out after another until the savages are finished with him.

This is not the time to buckle under the pressure or cave to the ignorance of the masses.

We just need to stick together, recognize we are at a tipping point as a nation, and stay put.

The structure is sound.  The foundation was laid two centuries ago.  The cornerstone is in it's proper place. We have nothing to fear at all.

Some republicans just need a little voodoo course correction; while for some republicans, the thin skinned and weak, should simply opt for hibernation until it's over;  leaving the remaining Romney reinforcements to counter attack with firm resolve and unwavering conviction.

Especially in politics -- MOST of what we hear is a manipulation of a moment -- and all of us are at liberty to pick and choose what we take away from it; all of us have a responsibility to unearth the whole story and make our own conclusions and clear away the bull.  

But shame on you if you just bend over to the prevailing sentiment that Mitt is going down and it's all but over.   Most of it is warped, time-released propaganda filling your mind with false-truths and mis-characterizations, making us believe dumb things -- dual campaigns running against both Romney and America.      It never fails to amaze me, the media just loves to mock rock.

Or hell, we can just continue to run the course; surely bankruptcy will finally concentrate the mind. 

Live for the truth.

Live to prevail through yet another time in America's history that tests us to our core.

Ignore the media green machine pumping out enough smoke and mirrors and make believe to make you sick,  smudging the boundaries of what is real and what is Memorex only to re-elect a total fraud [entire biography of the last twenty years, cut and re-distributed at liberty are on YouTube daily and ready for your review].

You know, arguing with idiots is never an easy task -- but when we are forced to go up against even some of our own -- it's a travesty of the worst kind.  Get a hold of yourselves out there --- for I never want to be put in this position again, little old g just can't take much more of it.

Make it a Good Day, G

And to help you get through 
this remarkable day in the life,
pack plenty of provisions with you:

*  Unbelievable News Coming out of Pakistan *
Apparently, on Pakistani TV -- we have "paid content" making further apologies to the Muslim world...Carrying the seal of the US Embassy and everything -- even using both Hillary and Obama to make amends -- we gravel for forgiveness.   See this from CBS.  Two questions come to mind 1) what the hell did that cost?  2) who the hell did we make the check out to?  Other than that, did we fall down a rabbit hole?   Have psychedelics been secretly added to my water?  Is there another realm I can slip into right about now?

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