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Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Good People Needing Good People Thing

Dear America,

Aren't we all people?

We may have wildly different ideas on how to run a country -- but honestly, at the very least, when it's all said and done, when we all come home at the end of the day, are we not all people in the pursuit of Happiness who just so happen to have something totally amazing in common -- being Americans?

Many of us have evolved in politics -- the Tea Party, itself, arose out of total disgust for The Establishment, both left and right.  While just the idea of it -- THE Establishment -- goes way back; and conjures images of simply THE Man sticking it to us, the little guy fighting against the power elite, whether the perceived oppression be politically. culturally, or socially driven.

Hence we return to the Democratic National Convention and one of the prime time speakers:  Elizabeth Warren, who said:  "Corporations are not people."  Oh and then merrily going on to add that the system is rigged against us.  Now talk about somebody operating from a paradigm out of the last century [remember when the president said we all might as well of watched the Republican convention on a black & white TV...].

McDonald's, STARBUCKS, 
United Airlines, American Airlines, Jet Blue
WHOLE FOODS, Sprouts, Vons, 
New York Times, Washington Times, USAToday, 
Wall Street Journal, 
FedEx, UPS
Nike, Tom's, Converse, 
APPLE, DELL, Yahoo!,
VISA, Mastercard, AMEX
SHELL, Texaco, Mobil, 76,
ANY company (large or small) with initials after it
 -- like LLC, INC..., 
every sports franchise under the sun, 
Harper & Row Publishing, 
Random House, 
Kellogg's, General Mills, Nabisco, 
Johnson & Johnson, 
Most Private Practice entities 
including but not limited to:
 LAW Firms, Dentistry, Medical, 
Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Accounting..., 
Revlon, AVON, Cover Girl,  
Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Co., 
HOSPITALS in General, 
local car dealers -- in the specific,  
MACY'S, Nordstrom's,  Vera Wang, 
Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile
Gas & Electric Companies far and wide, 
Home Depot, Lowe's, Dixieline, 
Kohls, Ross, TJ Maxx
HERTZ, Enterprise, 
National Railroad Passenger Corporation 
-- otherwise recognized as AMTRAK,  
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Chevy's, 
Denny's, DUNKIN DONUTS, Krispy Kreme, 
IN-N-OUT, Five Guys, Wendy's,
Buca Di Beppo, 
Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy
 PetCo, Pet Smart, Science Diet, Purina; 
every small business is incorporated 
to save personal assets from liability;
while even 501(c)3 protects organizations 
to operate as a Non-Profit entity, allowing tax exemptions;
Whirlpool, Viking, Maytag
Pardee Homes
Bank of America, CHASE, Navy Federal, Wells Fargo

Basically anything made, manufactured, to be sold,
begins at a CORPORATION,
and then it is brought to market and sold
at another corporation --
which it is then purchased
by individuals who have jobs at corporations and
sometimes acquired by other corporations alike.

In fact, some corporations BUY other corporations.
And even sometimes, the "little guy" buys into the idea 
through the buying and selling of stocks 
(oooh and for a profit!).

In fact,
Elizabeth Warren 
comes into contact with corporations, 
and real people who rely on corporations for JOBS,  
food, personal care, needs, wants, and must haves
nearly every minute of the day.

I mean, even if she isn't the type to plug in her "Mr.Coffee" --
even Celestial Seasonings tea company is 
and they give great tours, too, at their hub 
in beautiful Boulder, Colorado
AND noting on the back of their box:
"We're passionate about the people and places
that produce our ingredients.  We support fair wages and
sustainable harvests in more than 35 countries."
THIS IS ONE OF OUR OWN, Elizabeth...

And here's a Lemon Zinger for you --
THIS IS JUST ONE of the hundreds of THOUSANDS,
that you speak of so disrespectfully.

YOUR ignorance and arrogance simply AMAZES me.

and how about all those people
in her audience at the DNC applauding her --
um...I would be willing to bet some of those
people work at a, what?

Just as guns don't kill people -- people kill people; corporations are not resident evil unless the corporate culture and/or people representing the company are evil, reckless, immoral, malicious, corrupt, criminal, harmful, or just plain bad.   It's merely the difference between good intentions and bad; and let's face it, companies don't really make it if they grow a reputation screwing people (as word travels fast these days).

And you know, the Democratic National Convention spent a lot of time mentioning a successful corporation -- saved under Obama's watch -- touting the Auto Bailouts as a win for America.  What was that phrase Biden repeated... "Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive."  Of course, whether it's truly a win-win, we have yet to really see...What is it we, the tax payers, are still owed, something like 42 BILLION dollars....

I guess, Warren might actually be onto something in reference to Government Motors...but we digress.

Let's swing back to corporate benefits -- health care (which up until the passage of the Affordable Care Act was 'a given'; now however, small companies may be forced to opt out and pay the tax instead); then we have many companies who offer 401k's with company matching funds; many offer interest free loans to it's employees to help in cases of an emergency, while even some companies pay out of pocket on the spot just out of the goodness of their hearts.  [you see, it's a lot easier -- and cheaper too -- to keep employees.... and keep them reasonably happy  (especially if they are good at what they do).  Instead of losing them and having to replace them, everybody wins.].

And for the rest of the community -- if not the world -- CORPORATIONS fuel the economy, not only by offering a place of employment, but by giving back!   Corporate sponsorship of umpteen community fund-raisers goes on every day.  Be it for local charities or for organizations that work across America, where would we be, Elizabeth, without the large or small corporate sponsor?

Just think of all the funds raised -- through a 5K, a fun-walk, a carwash, a bake sale, a three-day weekend stroll covering 60 miles (thank you, AVON) -- and if not for company sponsorship of the event, as well as flooding the event with the foot soldiers, just regular people showing up to give something back, research, development and hands-on care for those in need would have an even greater hill to climb.

Who sponsored the London Olympics?  McDonald's.

Who sponsors the American Football League and simply going wherever you want to go?  VISA

While my head was spinning around Elizabeth Warren comments, I had the Sunday Night Football game on -- great game, by the way, my man Manning is back!  so excited. just gotta get used to a different color, but other than that, I am so happy.....anywho....back to the SNF  Post-Game Report -- it was sponsored by Wendy's.  [oooh, which leads me to add this notion -- nothing would be on TV without advertising....yes, purchased by what -- those evil corporations who are not real people.  and that only reminds me of a late night favorite, Mad Men, you go AMC]  Yes.  I am going to run on with that run-on sentence.

Speaking of football, locally in San Diego -- to go see a game, we go to Qualcomm Stadium.  If we are baseball fans, we go to PetCo Park.   For concerts, soccer, or Disney on Ice -- we go to the Valley View Center (Valley View is a Casino in the east county, operated by the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians.)

And speaking of the American Indian heritage -- it was this Elizabeth Warren who claimed to be of Indian descent during a campaign speech which, in turn, brought into question not only her honesty and credibility, but that of Harvard Law School as well.   GO here for more on that.

I just realized I am getting a wee bit carried away.   Too bad old G thing doesn't have that new Nissan technology to know when to stop.   [funny commercial]

so without further adieu, I must sign off my little blogspot, here in Google-land, and carry on to the rest of my day.   I gotta check up on Linda, a checker at the local grocer, Vons  (she has carpal tunnel and wears a brace)  and get some gas from Dave's Mobil station, drop my garbage out to have Javier, of Waste Management come get it, say hi to Octavio -- our gardener who works for Holmes Landscape, and cares for the entire condominium property...he's got two kids and we compare notes throughout the school year ---  let's see, what else, make a few phone calls on my LG phone that I got at a Verizon store -- yeah, it's an old flip phone, but I like it....

isn't it rich...

nearly the entire morning, sprinkled with a corporate community of one kind or another.

and all people.  just people helping other people; people supporting other people; people donating to other people; people financially supporting other people.

and all before lunch.

In America, we're the luckiest people in the world -- sprinkled with a few idiots.

Make it a Good Day,  G

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