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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's a Day to Guard Your Loins and More Thing

Dear America,

happy Yom Kippur - a day which celebrates Atonement, reconciliation with God, in the Jewish faith

Imagine being Jewish in America on this day, considering Ahmadinejad was the guest speaker at the United Nations, doubling down on his vision for a New World Order.  As if.  As if America is leading in anything at the moment...but we digress.  But the audacity really:

"Now even elementary school kids throughout the world have understood that the United States government is following an international policy of bullying." Ahma-madman-dinjad

What is wrong with us that we would allow this guy on American soil to have the freedom to speak at all -- and on Yom Kippur of all days?  Did we let him pick this day?

You know, by funding the operations of the United Nations to the tune of 22%, we are masochists I tell you.  You, me, we paid for this atrocity of power and reckless disrespect of people of the Jewish faith.

This is not a good day for G.

I am already running behind schedule; I have too much on my plate to do today; but even that, doesn't convey the level of my frustration.  You know what it really is?   I'm just gonna come right out and say it. I am feeling rather punchy -- sensing that propaganda, politics and perverted polling is pissing all over us -- and the so-called new world order on the horizon doesn't help.

[ya see.  it is bad.    sorry father for I have sinned with thee potty mouth right off the blog-bat]

This is not a time for cowards, I give you that today; we must put on our all-weather gear and press on.

The mainstream polls are worthless pieces of doodoo.

Here's some proof -- from the National Journal.  Jim Geraghty confirms the deception and affirms the truth.  Let us give thanks and praise.

For further evidence, let's go to something fairly new under heaven, UnSkewed Polls.com.

Part of what screws up the minds of Americans these days, can be blamed on a little something I like to call  the Liberal Mind Meld.   They create their own polling results off of faulty data and then repeat it everywhere and often; eventually, the weak give up. [it works the same way with widespread propaganda] It's a form of torture on able-bodied, intelligent Americans even under normal circumstances, but when weakened through no fault of their own, the mind begins to bend, believing it has no other option but to accept it as the truth. 

Of course, those of us with strong constitution and firm conviction, never buckle.  

Given the cut-throat environment, everyday logic seems to have no place to congregate for very long.

Given the atmosphere, common sense must be searched out from underneath the rot and rubble.

In the spirit of this day of Atonement, let us not give in to the Liberal Mind Meld. For they are the real bullies in this day in the life of America.

And if I didn't feel the rush to keep going on with the rest of my day, I would stay to vent the day away without delay, okay...

So let me leave you with one thought:  Take extra vitamins and be on guard.  Guard your thoughts with your life; guard this next election as if it were the last; guard your future with Things not of this world.

Make it a Good Day, G

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