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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's a Modern Spin on Commerce, Merchandising, and Write Off's Thing

Dear America,

isn't this rich.

[ooooh wait, but first, let me interrupt myself; you see, G's a bit hung over from the late night last night... so it may begin sounding a wee bit punchy; hopefully, things will mellow like a good whiskey over time; just don't write me off too soon that's all.   So continue, please]

isn't this rich.

Obama getting jiggie with David Letterman on the Late Show, talking smack about Romney:

"if you want to be president, 
you gotta work for everybody--not just for some."

no shit sherlock.

and guess what -- Romney wasn't speaking in the context of leading the nation, separating Americans from one another and delineating who he will represent once in office -- ONLY YOU do that.  He was breaking down the numbers on getting elected, and logically admitting that 47% are locked into the other side.

Besides the fact that he was speaking in front of  his donors, when candidates are simply more candid anyway, ergo a little more loose lipped --  aw, you know what I'm talking about, as you very well do the same thing -- it wasn't about how he would govern.

The truth of the matter is, Romney understands what he is up against.  Any rational mind would agree, 47% of the population IS spoken for and will not budge.  In simple terms, that 47% are those who believe in what Obama is selling: redistribution.  The other half -- believe not in a man -- but in America, and all that she stands for, without shame, regret, apologies, or anything having to do with fundamental transformation.

And what about you -- 
[the one who spoke with such disdain about the Tea Party? ?   
um calling all of us "teabaggers" -- 
a rather derogatory term, 
I might point out, but then, you knew that.
no matter, you wrote us all off anyway.]

But I guess you really don't listen to Romney very closely -- considering his entire message throughout his campaign has been one of lifting ALL of us up [not just Hispanics, not just Blacks, not just women wanting free contraception, not just single mothers, not just illegals, not just green energy environmentalists, not just the uninsured....].

Romney's goal is to get all of us working.   His vision is embarking America upon a new era -- one that encourages business to grow and expand and hire new people, one that sees America back from incredible unemployment, and one that returns America to a path of prosperity and exceptionalism and respect around the world in every way.   Unlike your ideas:

"I think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution,” he said, “because I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level, to make sure everybody’s got a shot.”   Barack Obama, 1998, just starting out in Chicago
and all just part of your master plan for fundamental transformation in America...

The taped comments made by Romney were from May, for  Pete's sake.  Mother Jones and your campaign must have had a field day figuring out when to drop this little tidbit into the laps of the American people.  Wow.  Would I have loved to have been a fly on that sleeve.  But here's you with the Davester--

[after I got elected, I said to all those who didn't vote for me] 
 "I hear your voices.  
I'm gonna work as hard as I can to be your president."

oh is that what this last four years was all about? that's funny.  cuz I'm not feelin' it.

So is this YOU honestly working for everybody?  Is that what you're calling this?

Cuz, here's YOU during the last campaign:

"And it's not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations," Obama said -- writing off over half the nation!
Sure, so I guess your "fundamental transformation" is coming a little bit slower than you imagined -- we're still clinging to our guns and religion, now aren't we.  But let's let that sleeping dog lie.

Mr. President, in one way or another, you have spent the last four years attacking the business creators -- those who put up the risk and leverage their entire lives until such time they might see a profit.  How many people is that?  Is it greater than or less than 47% of the country?  Whatever the number -- you unapologetically have written them off.

"if you got a business, you didn't get there on your own."

"you didn't build that."

During the health care law arguments in congress, the Chamber of Commerce was one of your largest opponents -- due to the adverse effects of your law becoming yet another bureaucratic entitlement small business owners had yet to deal with.  But let's keep going down that country road:

How did your administration decide to respond to religious liberty being taking away -- in order to fully implement provisions of the Affordable Care Act, specifically with regards to contraception and women's health mandates?  

Oh that's right.  You wrote them off. Religious institutions, colleges, hospitals --- all of a sudden nobody could keep their conscience.

Heck, these comments -- while having a good old time with Dave -- are such a joke.  I'm sure they will get into Dave's top ten shows just because you were there...

But there you are -- yucking it up with Dave -- ridiculing Romney's arrogance -- when in fact, the entire country knows that you turned down a meeting with Bibi Netanyahu, chosing Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Dave over tending to your foreign policy issues.  Israel is like two shades close to toast and you turn down our greatest ally?   Excuse me?

It's like you have already written off the entire nation of Israel, beginning with Bibi,  with, like, no regret.  

Romney's got nothing on you.

You have got some kind of b-balls.

And you're such a kidder...all laughin' and shhh

But let's keep going on this master list of "the top ten things you have written off" of your very own, shall we?

  • Congressional Due Process -- as you use Executive Order to fundamentally transform America
  • "the Good War" in Afghanistan -- don't hate, it's your words
  • Cutting the Deficit by half before the end of your first term -- the deficit when Bush left office was just shy of 500 Billion, you have tripled it instead.
  • Conservative Women -- you believe Sandra Fluke speaks for all of us....BIG mistake.
  • Following a BUDGET of any kind -- even going against the recommendations of your own Simpson/Bowles Debt Commission.
  • and just recently -- Free Speech -- well, some free speech, anyway...only when it hurts the feelings of Muslims; only when it's the Right rubbing you the wrong way.
  •  Off-shore Drilling off the United States -- these days, you only approve of drilling off Brazil -- walking back all that rhetoric about "all of the above."
  • Coal Mining -- simply too many regulations to make it work.
  • the 1% -- to you, those greedy bastards of the one percent should be hung in the town square. 
  • I can't even continue; it's making me ill as we speak.  Oh and speaking of as we speak, I am pounding out a few of these ideas while our president is at yet another fundraiser -- it followed Letterman for a little late late show appearance, flashing his smile and collecting donations. 
Don't let Romney's clarity regarding who's in and who's out in his quest to BEAT YOU get in the way of common sense.

When Romney gets elected come November -- he will be a  president that truly believes in America -- uniting all Americans to one cause:  bringing America back to the shining city upon a hill with a job at the foot of it.

After all,
"We are indeed, 
and we are today, 
the last best hope of man on earth." 
Ronald Reagan, 
January 25, 1974, 

You know, kinda sorta totally unrelated, I have a fascination with the early roman culture.  Thomas Moore, who wrote The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life, takes an entire chapter establishing the relationship we have with our work through the times.  And I'm feeling a sense of deja vu here, so if you have heard it before from me, mea culpa --

Beginning with a quick study on the Medici family of the fifteenth century Florence, Moore reminds us
"This was a brief period when money, work, civic life, the arts, and religion came together to vivify a community, and in spite of political upheaval, widespread disease, and other problems, the culture came close to establishing an enchanted, soul-centered way of life.."
Going on to explain words we use today, like "commerce" and "merchandise," he traces their meaning all the way back to the Latin merx -- which is linked to "the Roman god Mercury, who was widely known as the divine patron of commerce..."

get to the point G -- 

 "It may be difficult for a modern person to imagine a society in which business is considered a sacred endeavor, or that one could pray to a patron saint of commerce.  If it is difficult to do so, then maybe the problem is not with the audacity of some other culture to find business holy but with us, who have secularized most of life, including and especially anything having to do with money and goods."
So without any further adieu, sound the trumpets...

Romney believes in business; Romney believes in America; and if anyone can, he may very well embody this soul-centered connection between these two worlds.  And  -- now going out on a short limb up a tall tree --  perhaps he has prayed about it, too (probably not to Mercury though...that would just make one, or the both of us, sound nuts).

And yet Obama -- Obama seems to write-off big business, profit, Wall Street, Investment, at least every other day -- if not by the boot to the neck, but by nudge by nudge, to force us to replace capitalism and the free market with redistribution and the nanny state.  And while he may speak highly of the small business owner, he still doesn't understand what happens in the day and the life of the typical mom and pop organization (having really never worked a real job in his life) -- especially being on the receiving end of more regulations, tax changes, new health care mandates, overwhelming bureaucracy.   So much for the magic and enchantment of owning one's own business, right?

Money and profit, commerce and merchandise, is not evil; I mean, heaven's to Betsy, its what makes the world go round.  just look around you...

Put to good use, it can change the world, rebuild communities, and create real wealth.  This is nothing new.  But with regards to our country -- America is the first time it has worked for so long, and remains the "oldest continuing republic."

And continuing now with a thought from Reagan's 'Shining City Upon a Hill' speech:

"You can call it mysticism if you want to, but I have always believed that there was some divine plan that placed this great continent between two oceans to be sought out by those who were possessed of an abiding love of freedom and a special kind of courage."

What seems to be missing in America today seems to be the soul itself; living our lives from a place of reverence for whatever it may be -- our work, our family, our talent, our aspirations, our community, our faith.  We have perhaps secularized too much.

Pulling from Reagan's speech once more, it will take a man with true courage to stand up against "the atmosphere, the strain, the debate, and that as men for the first time face the consequences of such an irretrievable act, the walls resounded with the dread word of treason and its price -- the gallows and the headman's axe....sign the parchment..."  and poof...fifty-six men signed it: that would be our Declaration of Independence.  [read Reagan's entire speech today, if you will...it is just so good.  so good]

Reagan was spot on when he said this:  "We have distributed our wealth more widely among our people than any society known to man.  Americans work for less hours for a higher standard of living than any other people."   well, again, that was 1974.  And how about that, some parts of the world have caught up to us.

The thing is -- America has provided an atmosphere of wealth building and 'redistribution' through capitalism since our birth.  Only one man running for the office of the presidency sees this opportunity for what it truly is.  Only one man recognizes the kind of freedom and soul-centered connection and courage the American marketplace needs right now in order to prevail as a nation -- as a republic, no less.

That man is Romney.

Freedom for everybody only comes about under the true economic freedom from capitalism; for when combined with the Rule of Law, and equality under the law, we get to a place everybody can win.

One of the main points in Reagan's "shining city" speech, was to the glory of our Constitution, and what makes America all the wiser.  He notes, most countries have "constitutions" [they sprout up kinda like roads and bridges and Internet...badump ba]  But what sets us apart -- is that written within our Constitution -- our rights do not come down from the government on high, but from our Creator.  Thus considered unalienable; we become proud owners of such an honorable birth right right from the start.

It is up to all of us then to find our one true north, kindle the spirit of commerce and productivity that is within each and every one of us, equally and widely distributed.  Rich or poor, we all got it.  We need to connect to each other and into this pool of creativity and find our place in the world -- to work, to play, to earn a living and enjoy the fruits of OUR labor, much like the era of the Medici, and certainly not from the labor of somebody else.  This is what gives us a pure sense of who we are and what our purpose under heaven may be.

The business of being and living and prospering in America is alive and well as long as we tend to the daily maintenance protecting such freedoms, such opportunity, such abundance and not take it all for granted.

Final thought -- and it's from Reagan once again -- but it might as well be Romney:

"For the second time in this century, capitalism and the free enterprise are under assault.  Privately owned business is blamed for spoiling the environment, exploiting the worker and seducing, if not outright raping, the customer.  Those who make the charge have the solution, of course -- government regulation and control.  We may never get around to explaining how citizens who are so gullible that they can be suckered into buying cereal or soap that they don't need and would not be good for them, can at the same time be astute enough to choose representatives in government to which they would entrust the running of their lives."

At least Romney hasn't written off our founding principles and good judgment; at least Romney respects the mind-body-wealth connection between commerce and community; at least Romney hasn't written off the fact that this nation was founded upon rights endowed by our Creator -- not government.

Romney hasn't 'written off' anyone when it comes to leading this nation back into prosperity, Mr. President.

And for you, of all people, to vilify a simple comment taken out of context -- one that was clearly  and rationally separating the electorate as to 'what's mine, his and ours' -- with your track record?  Your audacity is certainly the eighth wonder of the world.  There is not a late show long enough to get through the list of slam-dunk write-off's coming out of your presidency.

You got on with Dave acting more partisan than ever.  Yeah right, Mr. I'm "going to work as hard as I can to be your president."    well you can stop that now.  take a load off.  after writing me, and many more things, completely 'off' for the last four years  -- let me speak for all of us when I say we have had enough; but tune in next time, when we review your top ten list of things you should NOT have said; you know, the things you have said, or contributed to, in the reckless divide of the people, spinning this country into further chaos and depression.
But you wanna know the really good news -- in about  fifty days we get to write you off.  Hope Beyonce and Jay-Z and Letterman were worth it.

Make it a Good Day, G

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