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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear America,

Happy Wednesday.

This morning, I am sugar plum fairy wishing life came with a Burl Ives narration; something about his voice just brings a sense of calm, personifying a warm plate of cookies and cocoa accompanying us on our daily journey wherever we go.

What's with all the cryptic Christmas connection, you ask?

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was on last night; and even though my girl was at a softball practice into the night, I sat there watching it --  for probably the thirty-third time -- all by myself.  Comforted by the corny cartoon figurines, reminded me, in song no less, of a simple time long ago -- nostalgia filled this girl to the brim and overflowing. 

I am seconds from running out the door, a certain hiss and hum coming from a place that shouldn't be hissing and humming in my car, is requiring my immediate attention; however, heaven forbid I do so without a thought about the Christmas rush that seems to be adversely affecting congress again this year...yes, remember health care coming to us on Christmas Eve.  Talk about a lump of coal.

And just when we thought we would get a little rest-bit via the lame duck congress, this year finds us once again making no exception; they are plum making things go nutty fig-gy pudding on us, all over again...

As if...thinking they can finish off a laundry list of honey-do's before the end of the year chimes midnight...

They have had all year, like every year, and yet they always seem to create a state of emergency at the bitter end, as if we haven't watch them dicker and bicker the whole year through with excuses and abuses of power.  We can see you, congress; some might even say we can see you when you're sleeping, too.

And oh boy, all we have witnessed is naughty, naughty, naughty.

So let the season ring, you wish to draw upon your lame duck power to pack in a whole slew of change -- even before resolving serious issues; things like the Dream Act, repealing DADT, enacting the new START Treaty, throwing in a few trade agreements, responding with reasonable intelligence to the Wikileaks debacle, creating new business focus groups, voting down the ban on earmarks -- all this before signing off on a budget, months behind schedule (think you have until December 3rd fyi), and unconscionably allow the Bush Era tax rates languish by depreciation...because there are just so many other more important things to get to.

You had all year!...not sure what makes you think you have carte-blanche now...oooor...maybe it's because you will never have this self prescribed vantage point to push the liberal agenda on through again, at least not in this lifetime!

By the way, the mid-term "shellacking" occurred by and large as a response to the last time you pushed legislation through that we didn't take a liking to -- and now, you think,  it seems more than reasonable to force feed a roast beast worth of legislation down the pipe?  are you kidding me? hello...Whoville may still be singing, for these antics have no rhyme or reason for the season, but you better believe me when I say, we are making our list and checking it twice, already at the start for next year.

What's happening right now in Washington is a hot mess -- the cocoa has spilled, the marshmallows are sticky, and they are oozing down the capital steps in a sea of holiday hype and hoopla, knowing full and well we can't afford to buy whatever it is they are hocking in the stocking; the rhetoric is heaping into piles, but as the days of reckoning draw to the near, my heart is warmed by the coming of a savior  -- and in more ways than one.

This Obamanation, by design, is about to cave in.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and it's nickname this year is auld lang syne...

January cannot come soon enough.

In the meantime, I wonder how many old time Christmas specials I can squeeze in...

Hold up, Burl is telling me I must be on my way, otherwise, I may soon find myself getting around on some kind of imaginary sleigh.

Make it a Good Day, G

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