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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear America,

"The need for urgent action
 to repair our economy and reclaim our government
 for the people cannot be overstated.
With this document,
we pledge
to dedicate ourselves to the task
of reconnecting our highest aspirations
to the permanent truths of our founding
 by keeping faith with the values our nation was founded on,
 the principles we stand for,
and the priorities of our people.
This is our Pledge to America."

Oh thank ya' Jesus, the troops have arrived.
More than likely, we are just going to be tarred and feathered and strung out to die; or simply called a bunch of names.  Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me...na na nana na
This pledge, comes to America at a crucial juncture -- at roughly 40 days and nights until the mid-term elections, it is just in the nick of time.  Somebody has a plan to get us out of the woods and into the clearing.
Coupled with the GOP Pledge to America, is another formidable organization -- acting like a super surge, if you will, and bringing the power of bipartisan support from intelligent sources across the board, and comes by way of The Heritage Foundation; go to www.heritageforamerica.org/ to link with inspiring ways to become actively involved with the next wave of congressional thrust, escalating our forces come November 3rd. 
61% of Americans believe that we are currently on the wrong track, and want change (again); nearly 70% want to repeal the health care legislation entirely.  And all this comes at a time when our economy and unemployment continues to suffer. Remember how it was the economy, namely jobs, that was supposed to have been this president's primary concern from day one --  as the thing that keeps him awake at night; so far, that has amounted to knee jerk stimulus plans and spending money we don't have, making promises he can't keep, attacking the private sector upon every turn, and all while thoroughly mismanaging the war on terror at nearly every level.
While just yesterday, the actions of the last two years, of a president we thought we knew, is out in the form of yet more damaging repartee amongst all the president's men -- oops, I mean, an unclassified report.
Oh, to be Bob Woodward right now.  Here's a good synopsis. (Thank you, Steve Luxenberg, from The Washington Post, for this little number...and to the papa who pointed it out )
Unlike the easy assumption made by reading the title, Obama's Wars, Woodward's tell all, captures the inside maneuvering of the Afghanistan war, through Obama's eyes of disdain and stubborn direction, and evidently makes no mind to Iraq at all;  it is more about the infighting -- the internal jousting between comrades and commanders, and unsparingly makes Obama appear more like our cartel leader, than commander in chief.
But what else can we expect, right, when dealing with crazy people and manic depressives, like Hamid Karzai -- ooooh burn.  Woodward quotes our U.S. Ambassador, Karl Eikenberry, as saying "he's on his meds, he's off his meds."  Ah right, so we have good days and bad days...Now that makes 'just a girl' feel secure.  
Be that as it may, the troubling notion about all this, thinking back to last fall -- is that there we were, in the midst of passing the worst legislation known to man on health care, and all the while we had that hullabaloo with General McCrystal and the Rolling Stone piece; it messed us up there for a bit, no? 
Remember how it was months between getting a clear idea as to how we were going to proceed with the war; remember how McCrystal put his boot in mouth, acknowledging to the world, he hadn't even talked to the president for nearly six months into his position; remember how they had that rushed meeting on the tarmac in France (between meetings with the Olympic board and a family vacation...); remember all that?
Then finally, we got our president addressing the troops and the nation at West Point (watching the troops fall asleep more like it...what an anti-revelry that turned out to be).  But the thing is, with this intimate disclosure of all that was seen and unseen to the outside world, we have once again entered into enemy territory.  
As much as I fully appreciate and laud the efforts by Mr. Woodward to bring us into the loop, as much as I love getting the inside scoop like a People magazine, as much as I like gossiping like the next girl, as much as my inquiring mind wants to know what's happening behind closed doors in the war room -- this book scares the living daylights out of me.  For what I fear, is what this president will do next.
For the book, paints the picture of the finality of it all, well within reach of Obama's every intention and exit strategy -- beginning with his pubescent determination to pull out in 2011 without concern for the long term... along with his natural audacity and arrogance unfurled -- having no experience in the realm of military strategy whatsoever -- to undermine our troop's efforts by trying to enforce a political agenda over might makes right.  All of this is just beyond my comprehension, really.  Yeah, and you're right, I don't know military strategy either, you got me! so shoot me; but what can I say, in every bit a smart mouth as I can muster, in my experience, a fifth grader is smarter than this.

AND even if you really, really want to make an exit in 2011 -- the first thing you would NOT do is say it outloud, you know what I'm sayin'.  You would not embolden the enemy with a sit tight time frame, as if pay dirt is comin', pay dirt is comin'.

AND if all that isn't enough, to realize that the enemy will never quit, will never falter, for even a minute is the reality we must face; it is the very prospect that the Taliban and al-Queda are after us and will not stop, that should have this president's attention.  The core of this very debate is that THEY ARE in a religious war against America and all that she stands; THEY DO believe in an ideology and a way of life and Sharia Law that is the anti-thesis of everything America is -- and they will keep fighting until the end, as there is no exit strategy to meet, greet and make friends with around the world to appease the base.

This book, as grateful as I am for it's findings, makes me more unnerved than ever.

Our country's military made America, defends America, and protects people of all nations honorably and steadfastly, anytime and anywhere, and requires a president to respect the heritage and history and the duty that comes with the territory of being president.  The nerve of this president messing with it -- and may God help us, for the timing of this 'made for tv moment' for all the world to read.  WOW.  We are talking some kind of transparency now, alright -- it's the kind of openness that makes people uncomfortable, you know; TMI!  TMI!

All in all, it sends a clear message, indeed, as we live in a land far beyond Revere, the telegraph, ship-to-shore and Ma Bell; this is the age of instant transmission, satellite and HD in a trillion channels, in an era where news travels too fast for it's own good.

This president, while in way over his head -- may continue to act like he is on top of the world, destroying the kingdom limb by limb, piece by piece, killing us with feats of redistribution of wealth policy, and polarizing the people with tactics using divisive measures and causing uncommon dissension amongst us, while taking the command of the war on terror in a land far, far away, but he is doing what he wants -- and ultimately finding a clear channel for creating the kind of global governance he really, really wants when it's over.  The truth is -- according to the world of Obama --  this is just the means to an end... just a means to an end.

Unbeknownst to most fair minded people, the distractions of late are keeping us from seeing that the brightest exit strategy is on America.

And that brings us full circle, thank goodness we have a few to continue The Pledge to fight back.  For united we stand; and oh boy, when arm in arm, we can be so bloody dangerous...gives a girl a thrill up the leg, I tell you, a thrill up the leg...

Make it a Good Day, G 

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