Just Let Me -- G -- Indoctrinate You!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear America,


What's happening everybody?

Ah yeah, it's good to be here, so good to be here.

Alright now, c'mon. 
Alright now, let's settle down;
we gotta get down to some bidzness.

What were his fine words fit for the occasion?  Ah, that's right:

"they talk about me like a dog...
that's not in my prepared remarks, but it's true."

Oh really, Mr. President?

Thought it didn't matter what people say?

And besides, aren't you the President of the United States of America? 

Have you yet to figure out how to be secure in your own skin?  Or is this just the south side of Chicago politician showing his true colors --continuing to campaign for the disenfranchised, airing decades of oppression mentality held tenaciously high and tight, while stumbling over your own promises to bring bipartisanship and balance and brilliance to Washington?

It is hill air ree us to watch really; especially with those bright and shiny happy people standing up behind you all clapping and nodding their heads, that's right, ah huh...

Never mind that your party has had the lead in Washington, specifically congress, for over four years now; never mind, that your administration has reigned for nearly two.  This is your kind of Washington now -- and truth be told, it has been -- so much so, the progressive lean and mean have infiltrated and indoctrinated conservatives to bend over so much, we lost sight of where the line was drawn in the sand, where the turf meets the surf as they say in Del Mar.  Without so much as a sign of clear and present danger, a precise boundary, we never know when we cross it, do we -- until it's nearly too late.

Hence the turf warfare you have going on, within your own head and on display without edit by way of the running of the mouth on Monday; a lacking of pedigree, by chance, or is this just how the big dogs hunt?

Now I'm just wondering, when you say "they" are you referring to the right?  For you do realize, once you get that toothy grin and tail off the porch, you would discover that even your own are talking trash about you, if they are associating with you at all, I reckon. 

For just how is it that after passing landmark health care legislation, not one of your homey's are proud enough to call it their own -- hardly piggy backing on it's passage to get re-elected.  If so many of the old dog democrats hate it so much, as the latest fury of campaign pledges represent, why the distance, why the contempt, why is your hard core left deserting you in record numbers?

But no, you come out on Monday, barking out a new economic stimulus plan, ridiculing the right for the umpteenth time, and acting like some kind of a junkyard dawg, like all hopped up on rabies and sh** and foaming at the mouth, with no business in mind but show business, let alone pass muster to be the big dog in charge. Put a muzzle on that mouth and show a little dignity, dude.


When you speak, you are to speak and fully represent all of us -- not just those who sit at your feet, with big brown eyes beaming, and tongues hanging out -- lapping up your every word.

But the audacity, really, to fall off prepared remarks like that (entirely grateful for the clarification, of course, cuz you know, we wouldn't have been able to figure that out on our own); and then, to top it off with a "but it's true" there at the tail end -- truly a wonder dog maneuver, yes indeed --  and yes we can say anything and get away with it, having them eat out of the palm of my hand, howling for more.

Not so fast.

Not all of us.

Anymore, it's not just any one thing, or one bone to pick, that has you cornered in the alleged dog house with the entire town on your trail; it is nearly every little thing you have put your paws on.

The thing is, you have no idea where the truth starts and stops at all -- and unfortunately, the reality is, you are not alone; a whole pack of bureaucrats have been tracked, marked and are about to have their behinds handed to them -- for the real owner has had enough.

Washington is unruly, disgraceful, and out of line in every way; with your own arrogance clearly marking the territory as to the way it's always been, how dare you not know your place in the sun carries a great duty.  For you are in position to secure the boundaries, protect it's people, and uphold the principles and values of the common good inherent by lineage of the American pedigree; and boy, are we special.

We are one and one of a kind; some of us actually say, exceptional -- no matter which side of the fence you live.

And we know, the reason for the public address in Ohio over the dismal Labor Day holiday -- besides having another chance to bury the threatening and commanding competition knocking at your door -- was to announce another stimulus package; while this 350 billion dollars in "infrastructure, R & D, and tax breaks" is just another sign that the same old dog is up to the same old tricks...

Oh, what's this?

There appears to be another sign at the property line...

humm what's it say...
oh my, it might behoove you to take a gander down yonder...

for it reads:

Beware of Owner
the dog is just for show

Now sit, roll over and be a good dog;
thatta boy...now let's get you a treat.

Make it a Good Day, G

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