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Monday, September 20, 2010

Dear America,

Besides the obvious life of illusion reality this administration continues to revel in, Obama attending the Joe "Sleastak" fundraiser-by-townhall meeting this morning, seems to start the week off with yet more of the same, less of what we need, and missing the mark entirely...again.

Go ahead, Obummer, run with that, please.

What's more amazing?  The response time for an article posted this morning on yahoo! from the Associated Press journalist, Julie Pace, simply stating, "Obama: People still hurting despite recession end."

First, let me applaud the 87,000+ in less than an hour making their candid remarks. Needless to say, the comments are now closed. 


Was it something he said?

"Something that took ten years to create
is going to take a little more time to solve."
sometime between his first smoke and a PhillyCheeseSteak

You know, for guy who had all the answers and all the associations needed for creating fundamental transformation, beginning with a 2000+ page Health Care bill, cooked and ready to serve the minute he put his hand over the bible -- and the for the guy who spent nearly a trillion dollars on stimulus (pocket change for a couple of new Washingtonian's), promising unemployment never to go past eight percent, just a matter of days into his honeymoon phase -- one has to wonder, have we slipped into a remake of The Truman Show?

Ten years to create, he says.

Try seven times TEN!

Maybe calling this episode of the days of our lives all just a part of our seven year itch, with a twist, is more apropros.

It's not about making enough money; it's hardly ever about the money; and anyway,  the real culprit usually lies deeper than that which gleams upon the surface; and boy, can it take some time to realize, the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

And maybe, the stark reality that we never really know what goes on behind closed doors is what has us up in arms.  Inquiring minds wanna know -- while we are more awake now than ever; and surely no longer satisfied with canned, but empty responses; we aren't buying it; whatever it is you are peddling, we want nothing of it, completely discontent with what we are being told, as if "everything is fine"; no! we are not fine and we need to talk!

We want answers; real answers; answers that have meat on them; answers that sustain; answers, perhaps, very closely resembling things our mamas and papas may have told us, if only we paid closer attention; answers that, in the great scheme of life, just happened to be right under our nose the entire time.  Huh.  Go figure.

See the Morning Bell, via The Heritage Foundation, carrying us over the threshold with more logic behind the fact that, for most Americans, we have already paid (and dearly) for the federal free-for-all with our money; and expect to pay for it -- again  -- here on the flipside, that is, if the Obama Tax Hikes for only the lonely and the wealthy get through.

The thing is, we have been digging this ditch for seventy years -- all fully paid for, of course (see also, the lovely, ornate freeway signage, posted at every county line, all along the way).

We have burrowed in deep -- reaching suburbia, cityfolk, country bumpkins alike; we all ate it, by the loving spoonful, for decades -- never questioning the cook, never raising an eyebrow to the china.  We loved it, every minute of it.

We let the juices drip from our chins, and spent hours on the bone -- it was everything we ever wanted...

until NOW.

Yet, what is highly entertaining, seems to be the fine tuning of what we are witnessing now, is something that most outsiders can't even begin to explain -- as if it has all come out of left field or through stage door right.

But oh the beauty of it really; the cinematography is truly a work of art -- so good, maybe too good to be true.

What is alive and well and sipping the good old fashioned sweet tea by the barrel, is our inate ability to come together as Americans -- no longer simply engaged, but now humbly, united, and married to the principles and values we cherish.

It may not be all beef wellington and gravy these days, but what we are really famished for -- even within our piddly little lives we lead -- is reality;

while our president, young and unprepared, is all the more determined to transform the economics of our free market -- standing firm on refusing to budge from his Keynesian roots -- while keeping close fellowship with his father's collective ideology -- having also fallen victim to his own mother's open detachment of both America, as well as, his childhood --  struggles to get his groove back -- we all sit, watching anxiously and unglued to what happens; every day makes us all the more stunned to realize, it has all been a made-for-hollywood illusion this whole time.

Since the 40's, we have declined in meeting the demands of a new age through the darling we all know and love as only self-reliance -- that which is betrothed and beholdened to the principles that ring the bell of capitalism and liberty, for all who wish to make and partake. 

Sometime mid-century, we began to hook up with romantic notions and quick-fix potions we thought we knew well enough; whereas, today, we only wished we left Miss Well Enough alone -- for she was all bad news.

87,000 comments today on just a little, itty, bitty article about people still hurting; when in fact, we have been a long time coming to this kind of pain.

So, yes and no, Mr. President, it will take a "little more time to solve" --  or not; for oh oh say can you see, how it can be done with just a push of a button, a quick hit on the remote.  It may have taken us awhile to find the power, our voice -- as it was hiding under a couple of cushions, next to the rogue popcorn and loose change and gullibility; but now that we've found it, let us just say:

"In case I don't see you...
good afternoon, good evening and good night."
Truman Burbank

Oh and,
 Make it a Good Day, G

(alternate ending, split screen to camera spanning the new world, right outside the door -- returning to Truman's backside, skipping down the lane)

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