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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear America,

Happy Fall everyone; but watch out, first step is always a doozy.

Somewhere between watching the premiere of Biggest Loser and catching in the corner of my eye a "YES WE CAN" bumper sticker, it came to me.

We've talked about America's exceptionalism before, and in more ways than one, to be sure; and I believe we will talk a trillion times more on the subject, as I don't see a time ever in our future when we could hang a banner of mission accomplished on this one.  WE must remind ourselves of our good and the good we do, as a people, or we will drift into some kind of foreign land, fall into some kind of valley, and perhaps never muster enough self-esteem to climb ourselves back up.

Velma is still with me, in spirit.  I can't shake her utter desperation and her genuine appeal to the president wondering if this is all there is, is this what we can expect from him, is this all he wrote via the teleprompter, for today, tomorrow and the kingdom come?  Her depression became an instant overnight sensation felt in the gut of every American -- and no one could have said it any better.  It lingers with us...

It's just that, call me funny now, our president, just turned his head and laughed.

Does anyone else find that reaction kind of troubling?  Has anyone else caught on that he finds things amusing at the most awkward times -- almost like a nervous twitch, he is quick to go to a little chuckle, as if he could just giggle himself out of answering any questions.

Mr. President, with all due respect, America is experiencing some serious sh** these days; it isn't that funny.

And there you are laughing, while the rest of us are wiping our tears and watching one more of your economic team give notice (oh, right, cuz you guys were planning on Larry Summers leaving by the end of the year, right). If we had a three stikes you're out policy, you would be getting the pink slip; that is if we add up Orzag and Romer who earlier beat Summers to the punch.  And then there is this, before long we will be watching Rahm leave -- you know, to go organize Chicago; I suppose, when an administration gets tough, the tough run for 'dem hills -- or outside the beltway if at all possible.

Anyway, back to where I was really heading this morning, all of a sudden...you know, sometime between Biggest Loser and the bumper sticker, I had this sense that YES WE CAN has been AMERICA's ideology since day one.  It has always been yes, we can; it has always been, whatever you need; it has always been, tell me what to do, and I'll do it. 

It was always, how can I serve; it was always, how much can I give for my country; it was always, where do I sign; it was always, don't need any thanks, I am obliged to be of help; it was always, let me give of my time and my talent without any need for attention. 

It has always been YES WE CAN and we will! And it will be good.

Somewhere along the way, our independence factor -- our ability to make a life on our own, under a limited government, sheltering our ingenuity and pursuit of happiness and individual liberties safely under the arm of America's Constitution -- has become our very own mental hurdle that just too many of us can't seem to break.

Now Velma, she is speaking for most of us because she gets it; she knows what she needs to do in order to build a life for herself and her family.  What has her perplexed and "quite frankly exhausted" is the mountain she must climb, now that our government is way too big for it's britches.  WE can't afford this kind of gluttony!  And she is wondering, like the rest of us, just how, Mr. President, are we gonna pay for all this -- and be able to eat something other than "beans and franks" or was it "franks and beans" -- either way, the combo sucks.

What has the left all in a tizzy, is watching the tea party patriots climbing the walls and crying out in agony, with sweat dripping off their brow, gasping for air, saying NO MORE! we aren't gonna take it anymore -- but in a good way.  WE, the Tea, see what we must do to overcome the hole that we are in; we are willing and able to do the work; so bring it. 

Yes WE can, as Americans and all together (making every attempt to blend red shirts with blue), get through this time in our lives and get over it, by golly -- and we have no time for messing around, as our blood glucose level is off the charts.

Do us all a favor, and stop over indulging, big government; start setting an example that the kids can be proud of, will ya?!

Oh, the level of emotion watching the Biggest Loser can be so overwhelming.  Just when you think you got it bad...bam!  Left hook smacking you in the face when we're not looking up, ka pow!  And we are on our knees. 

Between the story of the young mother who fell asleep with her three year old son, with cancer, no longer breathing when she awoke...between the mother of five, wife of a military officer, and never having time to take care of herself... between the woman who survived breast cancer, only to be up against the battle of  her real life, losing twenty years of bad weight... and the round of dads who just want to set a good example for their sons and daughters...every story, every issue, every feeling, we can't help but get sucked into their lives as if it's our own -- cuz that's just what we do here in America.

Velma and I are like sisters of a different color -- but of the same culture, the same country, the same dreams, and pretty much the same stress.  But what is most striking -- and this is the real kicker in the old behind -- is the level of understanding as to how much of this we brought on ourself -- in the MACRO sense, that is (not personally, as in little old me and Velma, for we are perfect in every way, but...).  The thing is, we let our country do this to us when we were not paying attention.  WE let ourselves go, and now we are paying the price.

The left wants you to believe that MORE government is the answer; when it is precisely the glut of government which got us here in the first place.  Wake up and smell the coffee growing on the hillsides of Columbia, people.  We can't keep doing this to ourselves.  Everyone needs to catch their own fish now, and more importantly, eat it, as it is way better for you than most things we snap, crackle and pop into our mouths.

Oh YES WE CAN overcome; yes we can climb the mountain and lose the excess weight -- but it will take a concerted effort and everyone's undying commitment.  Oh yeah, and it will hardly be a cake walk; "Obama's Money" is not opening up a cupcake factory coming to a neighborhood near you.  WE got no money; the cupcakes are bad for you; and we would be better off taking a spin around the park and coming home to a well balanced meal of living within our means with a side of double happiness, followed up with a good night's sleep instead of ding dongs and twinkies, that is after a long day at the fishing hole.  And then, for the icing on the cake, to wake up and do it all over again the next day.  It's gonna be so fun.

YES WE CAN is not a slogan -- it is a way of life, and Mr. President, you better not mess with it.

YES WE CAN, is right on the money and two for the show, and three to get ready now, go, go, go.

I am a conservative;
and even though I am virtually skinny girl from way back...
(and feel free to hate me on both infractions -- if it gets you through your day)
 ... but believe me when I say,
whether left or right, I am here for you --
to pump you up this morning!
Whatever number of pounds we have to lose, we will do it together!
WE can do this.
For I am woman, and we are AMERICA, hear me roar!

Time is now -- while time also happens to be real money, go figure --
and there is no going back.

Make it a GOOD Day, G

Found in The 5000 Year Leap:
"Life, Liberty, and the property do not exist
because men have made laws. 
On the contrary,
it was the fact that life, liberty, and the property
existed beforehand
that caused men to make laws
[for the protection of them]
in the first place."

Frederic Bastiat
The Law

From Benjamin Franklin:
"I am apprehensive, therefore -- perhaps too apprehensive --
that the government of these states
may in future times end in a monarchy.
But this catastrophe,  I think, may be long delayed,
if in our proposed system we do not sow the seeds
of contention, faction, and tumult,
by making our posts of honor
places of profit.
If we do, I fear,
though we employ at first number and
not a single person, the number will
in time be set aside;
it will only nourish the fetus of a king
(as the honorable gentleman from Virginia
very aptly expressed it),
and a king will the sooner be set over us."

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