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Friday, September 10, 2010

Dear America,

America's sincere and honorable sensitivity to all people is being held hostage on this day before the anniversary of the worst attack on American soil by a foreign entity -- of nine eleven.

The imam threatened America only a couple of days ago, saying, "if this is not handled correctly..." then it could lead to something really, really bad happening; not from his moderate Muslims he associates with, but by the fringe element of Islam, acting out in revenge and retaliation, of course.

While the president reiterated his appeal to the people, to allow for the true principles of our land to show through with flying colors, protecting the right that "if we can build a church or a synagogue", then surely we can build a mosque -- acting like what's the problem, people, and how in the world do you not get this...almost sounding thoroughly annoyed.

I am going to attempt to be short and sweet today; it's a challenge, so let's try to get this over with as fast as we can, shall we...

There are three things to consider; and all of which center around just one idea, one notion, if you will -- one of my new favorite words, and one that our dear president chooses to drop in, when offering up solutions and preceding a bucket list of principles and values this country was founded. And that notion being, something I like to call, the BUSHie principle.  It goes something like this:

 FIRST:  If BUSH was still Commander in Chief, the victory mosque referendum -- adding one more to a long line and thousands of years erecting such temples -- would have been a non-starter.  The tone in Washington, that sense of connectedness immediately following the horrific attack and lasting to this day, would be that of "you can't touch this" -- don't even try.

SECOND: If BUSH was still President, not only would this American spirit continue to permeate and renew our strength as a community, this natural inclination to stand up for the Judeo-Christian faith unmistakably now well under attack -- through a president who fully prescribes and is demonstrably favorable to it's teachings and beliefs -- would force the imam, and his merry band of wealthy Muslims, to respect the undeniable prevailing winds.  They wouldn't even try.

LAST, but not least:  If BUSH was still commanding, presiding, leading America with honor and humility, the arrogance of a green, wet behind the ears, wanting to please everyone but satisfying no one, community organizer elevated to immediate fame and fortune...

... the One having the audacity to overlook the 73% of Americans against the mosque at this particular location

... the One and only prince of peace, bowing to the Muslim world leaders within the first couple of months of office

... the One glorified with the Nobel Peace Prize based solely upon his "earning potential", having been nominated after only two weeks in office

...the One with no experience whatsoever in dealing with an international conundrum such as this, along with the radical Islamic extremists who perpetuate it, antagonize it, and fuel it

... the One who is lucky enough to defend the greatest nation in the free world -- would not have had to go on the defensive today (flat as he was but fully engaged in his first press conference since May) and all but tell Americans to take a hike (again)  -- go ahead and try as you might, but my position stands.

Make no mistake, if Bushie were here, the mosque, the imam, the preacher, and the Quran, never would have crossed our minds, let alone found it's way firmly planted and seated to the right hand of our one and only fearless leader -- elevating a conversation of what is right and sensible for all Americans, pitted against the selfish demands of an entire Muslim community.  All this never would have happened.

oooooh and now we have no choice in the matter....something really, really bad might happen....oooooh

Bush was the common denominator for eight years of no new attacks on American soil; and more importantly but seemingly overlooked, no attacks from within either.

We all know how the left made fun of his intellect, but in this moment, this may absurdly come to his defense, as commenting on the wisdom of building such a celebratory mosque would have been a no-brainer for Bush; while for Obama, the wisdom runs deep, determined, cold and moot.

Make it a Good Day, G

Oh and hey, don't forget, tomorrow is not just about a day of remembrance -- Organizing for America, the liberal arm of the Obama Adminstration, took command of the remaking the anniversary into a day of service, too...not to take anything away from it, though, so don't misconstrue the intention...it is a day of remembrance AND a day to spend in the service of others ...but now leaving no time to truly reflect or honor it, but carry on...perhaps you can set up the chairs or raise the flag before feeding the homeless...

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