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Friday, September 3, 2010

Dear America,

"It does not take a majority to prevail ...
but rather an irate, tireless minority,
keen on setting brushfires of freedom
in the minds of men."
Samuel Adams
just a wee bit of friendly fire
as featured in the Patriot Post earlier this week...
which, if you don't get, demand it...
fueling the minds of conservatives,
and independents alike, with abandon --
daily, freely, nurturing the little seedlings of tomorrow...

Let us couple the sentiment with a word or few from Glenn, from his Tuesday's show, when he looked straight into the camera all McBeckie-eyed and said,

"Don't think you know it yet...but you won...
There's not enough dirt to put out this fire."

Amen, brother Glenn, amen.

Can we get a alleluia?

Perhaps, we are living like Thelma and Louise, as in when Thelma has this epiphany while raging through a deserted and desolate dirt road, looking like somewhere in nowhere-land, Arizona, when she turns to her partner in crime and passion saying, "I feel so awake! It's like... never been this awake...you know what I mean?"

Of course, not to throw a bucket of water on her moment, this revelation came ringing in just before she had never been more dead.  (fear not, it's only a movie)

As a proud carrying member of the first fire sign of the zodiac, Aries, I know all about spontaneous combustion, jumping into uncharted territory with reckless abandon, making decisions on the fly -- based purely on how it makes me feel, of course, and living life from peak to peak, hardly having time to mess around in the valleys; these days, however, that little bit of fire that used to fuel my every move, and strangely enough, even be at times refreshing and rehabilitating -- a fire that would light my way, warm my spirit, and give creative license to my day to day without so much as a singed hair on my head, has jumped the road, leaving me in the dust of destruction.

Oh woe is me, G...what are you gonna do, cry?

All I'm saying is my life, and the fire that lives and breathes in me, has changed course so much so in the last 40 days, 40 nights -- scratch that, make that 40 weeks or so --  that I do not even recognize myself (Lord knows what my neighbor thinks...walking the dog in my jammies and all).

What happens to us when we no longer know who we are?

THIS; with the much larger than my life devastation upon Dear America, totally implied and intended.

This is what happens to us; we falter, we look like we might be crumbling under the pressure, we slip, we splinter from the tree, we say the wrong things, we do stupid things, and things just don't seem to flow like they used to, do they? 

Or, we might hide, hibernate, look for cover -- trying to get ourselves out of more harm's way so that we can just get by as best as we might possibly can without hurting someone, or everyone.

Or, we might light the fuse -- reposition the kindling, give time and space for the air to bring forth the much needed life force, tweak it, play with it, give whatever energy we have left TO it --  in order to rebuild -perhaps even stronger than from which we started.

Which one of these ideas do you think G wishes to dwell on, sit a spell on, relax and rejuvenate in the light of day and night on?

We must recognize the strengths of who we are first; we must be able to capture the spirit of what is inside us, purely and honorably bearing witness to both the good and the bad, so that we are better able to pull together every resource, come together to unite within the content of good character and a common goal, in order to better equip ourselves to wage forth in battle against the hazards that lie ahead and to those even left behind.  How do we do that?

The thing is, it will take a concerted effort; it calls for us to unite in the spirit of America, over and above the politics and ideology of attack.  It calls for us to join into the sentiment of "e pluribus unum" -- out of many, one; we must join hand in hand, with bucket brigade and all, wholly representative of the fighting spirit this country was made -- or we will be devoured by our very own bitterness, divisiveness, recklessness and abandon.

No matter how bad it gets, we cannot fail to keep showing up -- and not only show up, but to be on the same stage.

Let us ponder for a moment, upon the heart wrenching awakening featured in a recent George Will column, "TRAGIC NUMBER: 70% OF BLACK BIRTHS OUT OF WEDLOCK. 


I believe that if Dr. Martin Luther King were alive today, and preaching upon those very same steps of the Lincoln Memorial, he would turn to us and say,

"I have a dream...that my people and all people, live together in harmony and in peace...and give rise to the fire inside each and every one of us, to do the right thing, to be a good person, to stand for something worth standing for, and most of all, to live in harmony, in family, within the community we call America...And let us never forget, everything we do, everything we say, begins at home.  Stay home with your wives and husbands and children...stay home and live by example to the little eyes who dream of one day being just like you...stay home and teach the fundamental lessons all children need to know -- to be good to each other, to love one another, and treat your family with the highest honor, the utmost respect, and in exact proportion and to the same level that you would expect -- it's called the golden rule.  Stay home, and be a father, be a mother -- be a parent who guides, loves, fosters everything wonderful for your own children to embody and fully recognize in themselves, and hopefully one day on their own.  Stay home, my people, all people.  Stay home and cultivate your own family to grow big and strong and magnificent in the eyes of God and for all the world to see.  Stay home.
Frightful statistics rage within Will's words and review of the last several decades.  He references a study by Paul E. Barton and Richard J. Coley, "The Black-White Achievement Gap: When Progress Stopped", noting that "progress generally halted for those born around the mid-1960's, a time when landmark legislative victories heralded an end to racial discrimination."  Adding the observation, "it is very hard to imagine progress resuming in reducing the education attainment and achievement gap without turning these family trends around...it is similarly difficult to envision direct policy levers [to effect that]."

Public policy for a private pulpit only feeds a fire of deprivation and entitlement, starving out the fundamental fuel and renewable energy that builds lasting peace, leaving a legacy of self respect and honor, legitimacy and good character to the next generation.

I firmly believe that if we were fortunate enough to have Dr. King with us today, he would have his way with  us, maybe even hit us up-side the head and tell us to straighten up and fly right  -- but more important, he would not even recognize us, saddened by who we have become; matter of fact, he would probably cry. 

For THIS is not living his dream; THIS is not America's dream; nor is it the founders definition of "one"  -- one family, one community, one spirit, one birth.

So will this fire deep inside us grow into a blaze capable of destroying all things which no longer serve us and make way for the seedlings of America's rebirth, returning us to the days of "e pluribus unum"?  Or will we all pull a Thelma and Louise together?

You know, if they had just stayed home...

Make it a Good Day, G

Preaching the good news: we are sixty days away from fundamentally transforming America back!

AND A MUST SEE TV is as usual, on Dear America.  Watch it.  Listen to every word.  It is from our president before he was president...listen to his still, one voice raging a spirit in America like none before (except if you count a few of the founder's men...but I digress)...listen to him... and I ask you, is THIS the reflection of the President we see before us today?  It's a good question.  One worth fueling debate and conversation for decades, I'm certain.  But make no mistake, and let me be clear,  his vision -- for it was a good one indeed -- begins at home, no matter how rich or how poor.

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