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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear America,

"Quite frankly, I'm exhausted."
Velma Hart


Hell's bells, what in tarnation is going on around here; and much like yesterday, and like the day before that, we never really get a real clear politics answer, do we?

But gotta love Velma, no?

She laid it right out for the president...she's plum exhausted defending him and his administration and the hopey changey thing going on; oh, how did she finish -- and coming from being a true lover, not a fighter --"deeply disappointed..."

He then went on to rattle off his talking points and circled back around with a firm reassurance that he's not done...hold up there, Velma, give me more time.

According to an ABC Poll, 47% of those polled said it "would not make a difference" -- responding to which party would have the greatest affect on changing the country's economic woes.

Where do they get these people is what I want to know.

The people I know, have no doubt about our future picture and can see it -- and maybe even through a crystal ball...say it isn't so; regime change is the nature of the beast this election season.

Thanks to Obama, we see the light.

Thanks to Obama, we realize, we took the turn south when we should have gone north.

Thanks to Obama, we went left when we should have veered right.

But how does our president respond to we the people, while addressing the Tea Party hidden agenda?

"ha ha ha...
...[you know, America, God love her cuz I sure don't -- has this]
nobel tradition of being healthily skeptical about government..."
he he he...

"ha ha ha...
...it's not enough just to say, to get control of spending..."
he he he...

challenging all tea party enthusiasts to basically spill it, I double dog dare you, tell me, then, you stupid, ignorant pack of fools, where would you cut? Where would you take from first? What do you mean control my spending? tell me.

Well okay, then, when you put it like that, how about we start with 10% across the board; but cut your administration by 20%; cut congressional staffers by half; cut dining out, or ordering in, for the late night behind closed doors sessions, writing and  manipulating legislation and votes, by 100% -- pack a lunch, or a midnight snack, like the rest of us.  How's that for starters?

Then, the next tier looks something like this:

  • Repeal the trillion dollar health care package -- you know, the one where your party followed blindly by party line, committing outright fraud on the American people, and who are unwilling and able to stand by it as they beg and plead to keep their jobs in the fall.
  • Stop "stimulating" the economy through government subsidies, grants for testing marijuana on monkeys and the like, and digging ditches; real jobs come only by way of the private sector; you are killing us with overhead and banking on too many of us being satisfied with performing hard labor and highway building for the rest of our lives (not my idea of doing what I love and loving what I do).
  • Keep the BUSH tax cuts for all Americans; the wealthy are the only one's with the ability to carry the liability of starting new ventures, the hiring of more people, and keeping the wheels of capitalism and the free market and prosperity for all turning in the same direction. Most Americans, have not a nickel to their name to create or save one job, let alone 3 million and counting; the people who do, make US (thank you, Jeep!).
  • FYI, your budget deficit is set to reach 1.3 Trillion!  (believe that's unprecedented, no?)

Velma is exhausted, like the rest of us, because she can't keep defending the path downunder with the legacy of debt this American President is sending with us merrily, merrily down the way.

The temperature is rising; and it has nothing to do with climate change; for we are feeling like the end is near.

Chris Coons, who made the switch from ignorance to so-called bliss in college, while far, far away, in another land, called Kenya, returned not in love with his America, but totally awestruck in his ability to change her and everything he loathes; Christine O'Donnell, throws off the dogs declaring, "it was in high school" -- let's get real, people. 

We age, we grow, we learn, we make mistakes and then one day down the road, we wake up and want to do something with our lives.  We all do it.  Some of us, even still. 

Which vote do we want to have in congress -- the one who has half a chance in changing us back into the America we know and love, who would say NO to wanton spending on the fly, and with the help of a little pixie dust, perhaps, honor America, reform our wrongdoings and wayward direction, and hold to our finer truths we recognize under the Constitution and our Declaration of Independence -- or, the guy who worships Black Liberation Theology, who came home from Kenya with an anti-establishment epiphany, a guy who hikes taxes to support liberal entitlements and "stimulus," and seems to profess a self-proclaimed lack of patriotism all the way around (lock step in line with the ideology of our president) ?  hmmmm

It's not like I could even make this stuff up -- and if you read what is linked with hmmmm you would know what I'm talking about.  Coons is left; Christine is right.  Absolutely cyrstal.

But make no mistake, it is more than ideology now -- this is about our future.

From Christianity and the American Commonwealth:

"Christian education is not narrow.  It does not fetter thought, but emancipates mind.  It does not impede investigation, but flings wide the doors of the largest mental hospitality, and gives the broadest commission to 'intermeddle with all knowledge.' For the small demagogue, whose cry is liberalism, and who has 'no language but a cry,' we ought to have the commiseration due to congenital innocence...

what you sow in your school you reap in the nation...Correct principles sown in the soil of the young mind, cultivated by wise, well-equipped teachers, and ripened by the sun of gracious Providence, will produce a manhood and womanhood that will sacredly preserve the past and guarantee the glory of the future."
Quite frankly, we are exhausted, as the liberal chorus of  'no language but a cry' has not only made us, but warped our minds -- it made us stop all forward, onward and upward, full ahead motion honoring one of our core principles -- our very independence. Our christian heart opened up so wide, we allowed for flagrant misgivings and transgressions against America's remarkable posturing, her true identity and the real McCoy happily living side by side.

Now I hasten to say I don't know much and certainly not everything, but this I do know: families will always feud; we will  probably take turns getting what we want for maybe another hundred years, if we are lucky; but I'm not willing to let America go to hell in a handbasket over it.  We only have good government, when we save our liberty; we only have independence, when we save ourselves.

Velma looked to just a man to save her -- and that was her first mistake (with about 55% of the vote along side her).

It's an easy mistake, anyone can do it (even president's forget a little line like, "endowed by our creator" from time to time...see speech Monday...I'm not going to find it for you).  Can't blame that one on high school, however -- more like the realm of being a college grad -- perhaps from places like Amherst, or  Harvard. 

You know, Mr. President, thanks to your stimulus, it's been confirmed that cocaine and pot can adversely affect what information we retain and the stupid things we do -- that, from a recent government funded study costing the lowly taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars; it's a good thing we had a study for that, for don't think we, simple minded, tea party kind of folk, could figure that one out on our own.

So, in closing then,
Ten Percent is the quick answer (that's easy to remember, as it is the same amount we the little people tithe)... once you do that, we can re-assess the damage and see where we go from there.

And if I may speak freely -- and I think I speak for all of us -- especially Velma, let us reaffirm that we are exhausted; we can't keep up with you; we dare you to cut spending (that's easy to remember, as you said it hundreds of times in your election campaign, you said you would go "line by line"...).  While blame Bush for the tax cuts if you must, but go ahead and stick to it; make it easier to make jobs, so that we can make our own way.

For we are really not afraid of what has to happen next -- and that is going by way of Europe, of all things; it's called austerity -- and albeit good, the reality is, this will only get us back to even.

But we recognize Divine Providence is on our side, the supply side, the more than enough side, the path to higher learning and robust abundance side -- govenment just needs to get out of the way -- setting us free to fly to the high heavens and beyond our wildest dreams --  bringing a whole new meaning to pyschedelic...

Polls have a way of missing the fine line in between; but that line is no purple haze no more, no more.  We are not confused; we are not divided; we are not unsure of what is at stake; we see it all, crystal clear.  The bad news, It was with us the whole time; the good news, It will be with us always -- now isn't that just divine.

Now somebody pass me the chips.

Make it a Good Day, G

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